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Heian Godan Bunkai – Karate

November 19, 2019

hello and welcome in karate Thursday
today debut of heian godan bunkai. What is important is to have this block Immediately I recover the arm, from there
I’m going under Think to be close to him to manage his center of gravity And now it is about rhythm. You must absolutely put rhythm to the bunkai. You must have hit blocking and after the projection but first you have to think about a something. Hitting him if you
strike you may be able to project after. If you put too much
time to hit him it is him who will hit you. So he strikes: 1 2. And now … I can go on. Another application. We take exactly the same start so instead of, I just block when
same time I strike him on the ribs I am on the sequence Ushi Uke Gyaku Zuki. I go out the axis Then at this moment… I’ve done my technique. So, I can stand with my Kagi Zuki. I went thought to strangle him. Then I can go down to perform my Morote Uke. And he will fall down on my knee. So I will pay attention to my partner that he doesn’t get hurt. Let’s do it faster. Let’s start. For his safety, I pull him down on the side so he doesn’t’ fall on my knee. Thanks for watching, I hope you liked it. If you’ve got question, pop it under. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to get notified of my upcoming videos. Thanks and see you soon. Ciao.

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