HD Cricket Coaching Batting Tips How to Play Fast Bowling
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HD Cricket Coaching Batting Tips How to Play Fast Bowling

September 15, 2019

Hi guys Jemile of The Cricket School here
cricket batting tips how to adjust your mind to fast bowling This is one of the main questions
i get asked in the comments on youtube , Facebook Twitter etc – How can i play fast
bowling ? better or how can i concrete on fast
bowling or Basically how can i not get out on fast bowling, funny enough the biggest drill, the biggest tip for this kind of thing it is not about having a bat or a ball in your hand, this is about telling yourself that he is slow and you can do it, it’s a mental thing if
you get yourself into frenzy – you just don’t think straight and
that bowler will become quicker than he actually is if you tell yourself he’s slow then he will become slow – if you tell yourself you can do this then there’s no problem and
come back to your basics whilst doing that and your basics are – Watching the ball and
getting in line and you’ll be just fine drills and tips and all that stuff, with some specialist drills for playing it will follow but this is a big tip if you tell yourself
there slow and come back-to-basics that you need to
watch the ball play straight – Get in line – that is the best advice i can give you. thanks for watching please feel free to
leave comments for tutorials or areas that you would like
us to cover and we’ll see you soon – Thanks Bye

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