Harry Potter Theory: Why Harry Had To Compete In The Tri-Wizard Tournament
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Harry Potter Theory: Why Harry Had To Compete In The Tri-Wizard Tournament

August 30, 2019

Hey, brother! J, have you ever wondered why Harry had to compete in the triwizard tournament? Like obviously. Obviously it is not fair for Hogwarts to have two entries in the game and yes, I know binding magical contract, but what does that even mean? It’s a contract between you and a cup, what could possibly happen? Today we get to the bottom of it. Hey Brother! Okay, so magical contracts overall are kind of a weird thing like take house elves for example their like enslavement is actually magically enforced They must obey a direct order from their master. So when Harry commands Kreacher to not insult Hermione, his mouth continues to keep moving but no sound comes out. It makes it sound like he would gladly break this command but he magically and physically cannot produce the sounds. Actually the same is also true of the Fidelius Charm – if you are not the secret keeper, you are actually unable to speak the words of a location to another. But go back to house elves. We know they can break the rules. Dobby does it all the time. *Gasp* [Hysterical grunts and yelps] But not without consequence, every time Dobby breaks a rule he has to punish himself But it’s not entirely clear if the magic contract is making him do this or if he is just doing it to himself. Because even after Dobby is free it seems like he has to really fight the impulse to punish himself if he speaks poorly of the Malfoy’s. Sidenote, I have always wondered, is laundry like the one thing that house elves can’t do for their masters?
Wouldn’t that like technically be giving them clothes?
Because the intention definitely doesn’t matter I mean obviously Lucius didn’t mean it to give Dobby a sock and it wasn’t even his sock to begin with. Honestly I can see why he was so annoyed. You lost me my servant! But rules of enslavement aside It seems like in the case of house elves magic will actually intervene when necessary to prevent an action from happening if it goes against the contract. The question is how far does that magic go? Like if Dobby misbehaved enough times would he eventually just like have to kill himself? Is that the ultimate punishment? Dang it, now I’m thinkin’ about Dobby dying again Honestly I could see that being the case because probably the most clear magical contract is the unbreakable vow. The unbreakable vow of course binds a wizard to a promise And if they break it they will die. We see Snape make such a deal with Narcissa Malfoy who promises to help kill Dumbledore in the event that Draco is unable. A poorly worded vow by the way, Narcissa. There isn’t really a clear amount of time that Snape needs to attempt to kill Dumbledore within. Oh, Draco failed! Don’t worry, I will try eventually. Totally still keeping my promise.
Do you think there’s such a thing as like Wizard lawyers and if it was determined that there was like an agreed-upon amount of time or in the Opportunity Clause that Snape would just like die on the spot But back to the Triwizard tournament and the magical contract that Harry unwittingly agrees to with a cup of fire. If he doesn’t compete like does he get slapped with a hefty fine? Does he die? I mean the very reason why they’re worried about him competing is that he could die. Here is the actual verbage: once a champion has been selected by the Goblet of Fire, he or she is obliged to see the tournament through to the end. The placing of your name in the Goblet constitutes a binding magical contract What does it even mean by “through to the end”? I feel like almost by design the tournament is supposed to be so difficult that many might not be able to complete it. For example the second task – Fleur is unable to complete it. Could Harry have just like Treaded water for an hour, and then the third task like just stood outside the maze until someone won? Why didn’t they just have him do that anyway? That way Hogwarts only has one person competing May have been hard to just stand idly by in front of a dragon though. But for that matter, they’re not even supposed to know where or what the second task is so like What if they don’t figure out the riddle? What do they wake up that morning and just like have a compulsion to go towards the lake? Are they breaking the contract if they can’t figure it out? Or like if he had overslept for that matter would he just like, wake up dead? How you gonna wake up dead? Also second task like worst spectator sport ever by the way, What’s the matter with ‘im I don’t know I can’t see ’em And they dive! Now… we wait… Gosh staring at surface of the water sure is… Oh is that?! No, no, that was just a light breeze rippling the surface of the water. But at least a third task took full advantage of the existing gigantically tall quidditch stands, so they could look down in on the maze! Or wait, yeah, no, they didn’t do that! Why do that when staring at the side of a hedge maze is so interesting. Oh is that one of them? No, no, that was just that light breeze again. But you see the problem right? Like the contract makes no sense, like would the judges have found it just impossible to give scores for anybody else until Harry competed? Was competing and trying to win – part of this agreement? Which makes me believe that the punishment for not competing must be death. Because the very thing they are afraid of with him competing is that he might die. And yet they make him do it anyway, which almost means that by default the alternative must also be death. Maybe death is better than definite death. Is a fact. Seriously, why does everyone think this school is so safe? If death is the other option, the real irony is that Voldemort’s better plan would have been somehow getting him submitted into it and then not letting him compete. But no instead he goes out of his way to make sure that he wins in a tournament where death is basically eminent anyway. Voldemort has got to be the worst at making plans of anyone ever. I guess he needed his blood but not really, he only needed his blood in order to touch him, and if he’s dead you don’t need to touch him anyway And why do you want to touch him to begin with? You have a wand! And Dumbledore says he thinks that the reason Harry was able to return from the dead is because Voldemort has Harry’s blood inside of him which also carries his mother’s protection. Voldemort, you really screwed up, man! Literally any other wizard would have been fine, all other wizards are apparently your enemy..ish kind of. Come on! So in summary: breezes make water and hedge mazes more interesting, never hire Voldemort to plan your wedding or anything for that matter. Never enter into a deal with a cup because it might kill you. Kill you because you didn’t play its game, a game that could kill you if you do play it, but will definitely kill you if you don’t. Cups and their evil games. Guys, for my question of the day: what do you think? What would have happened to Harry if he didn’t compete in the tournament. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the towel section down below. Also join us over on Twitter where today we have been pretending the color ‘orange’ and the ‘fruit’ don’t exist. Guys. thanks for watching as always be sure to like this video and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already if you’d like to see some more wizarding stuff that just doesn’t make sense, you can click right here to see about how Quidditch can be fixed or right here to see How rich Harry is. But, J, that’s all I’ve got for you today, man. I will see you on Tuesday.

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  1. as for house elves and clothes – in Hogwarts, they did the laundry. It has to be specifically a piece of clothing given from masters hand. He can tell him "pick up those clothes and wash them" but he cannot hand them to him, unless he wants to release a house elf

  2. Could you guys find out what happens when the secret keeper dies without telling anyone the secret

  3. The goblet of Fire is even worse then Saw if you play his game, one of you will survive, if you don't, you die.

  4. The audience seemed to know where to go during Tri-Wizard Tournament. And what´s wrong with dying? Unless you´re Dobby.

    If Harry didn´t take part in the tournament, he would have had to use Voldemort as a manicyrist.

  5. Well, Barty Crouch Jr. took polyjuice potion to become Mad-eye Moody because of the plan of Voldemort. He makes Harry join the Tri-wizard tournament, then makes the trophy become a portkey that takes it the a graveyard where Voldemort is and gets his blood and VOLDEMORT IS BACK

  6. "i looked into your future and i saw death!" "but there is also life" "and i saw death" but there is al" "death" "bu" "death"

  7. It seems like with Dobbie he isn’t breaking the rules directly just disobeying his master’s implicit wishes.

  8. I think if he didn’t compete he would then not die, but suffer something similar to tsukiomi from naruto. Increased suffering that only happens in your head

  9. I always thought that it would be something like the imperious curse. If you tried to avoid competing it would force you to against your will.

  10. Technically, if one thinks about it, Harry was a cheater to a lot of the students because of him taking part in the Tri-Wizard events even though he didn't actually go near the cup when his name came out…

  11. 7:06 was it just me or did he say leave your answer in the TOWEL section below,instead of saying comment section below

  12. Regarding house elves, I think that there is no contract/spell which has been forced upon them. It is purely their conditioning from birth, which prevents them from doing stuff against their masters. I think that house elves can leave their masters any time (because as you said, Lucius Malfoy's intent was not to free Dobby), but they do not do so because of their brainwashing. This brainwashing is so simple yet extremely efficient; we see in the Deathly Hallows that Kreacher COULD have come out of the Inferi attack alone, but it never struck him until his master called him back.

  13. I never understood this book at all it has never made any sense to me it's like she was just fishing for fluff right then it's a crew and she wasn't cuz she had way more than that but I just don't get the point of this book I really don't

  14. Just thought about the laundry dilemma: I think maybe the master physically has to give clothing TO the house elf, so putting a pile on the floor and saying "Wash these" wouldn't count. But if you threw a shirt and the elf caught it, that would free him. The not wearing clothes bit might just be symbolic to remind everyone of the rule. Maybe?

  15. Voldemort would have never come back bc, Harry is a horcrux and that is why he needed Harry’s blood

  16. Nothing would happen to harry it would happen to barty crouch jr since he put the name in which would prove who put his name in the cup

  17. But with the second task if Harry didn’t save the sister would she just stay down there and drowned.

  18. Watches and reads dobbys death
    crys a week
    Rip dobby a free elf
    Has a grave in her backyard for dobby and fred

  19. But Harry has a hocrux inside him
    So he cannot die if he doesn't compete and would the magical contract be over because something like the hocrux paid the death price? And what if voldemort competet with his seven hocruxes would he die if the punishment for not competing was death or would that destroy all the hocruxes at once and himself?

  20. So basically, if Harry doesn't compete then he definitely dies, but if he does compete then there's a possibility that he might live.


  21. In the third challenge Harry could've stayed in there for about 10 minutes then shot up a red flare to quit

  22. Im on the 4th book and I watch videos like these. All of the book series is dead to me by now. I know lots of people, if people even reply, are gonna spoil.

  23. u wanna know how i know harry didn't put his name in??

    cuz the handwriting on his parchment was too neat

  24. Also when Hermione leaves hats going hoping to free elves…I thought they were supposed to be given clothes by their masters

  25. There's one thing I don't really get about house elves, It's made clear in CoS that Molly Weasley would like one but that the Weasleys are poor and all they have is a ghoul in the attic. It's often said that only very rich families have house elves. But, house elves don't ask wages. They work for free. From Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them I know that there is a house elf relocation agency at the ministry of magic, but it's never made clear if asking for a house elf costs money or not. It seems odd to me that an old, pure-blood wizarding family wouldn't be able to afford a free elf.

  26. There is no feasible reason as to why, even assuming Harry “had to” compete, he couldn’t just give up immediately in each challenge. They’re told before the maze to send sparks up with their wand if they want to forfeit. Just do it immediately then. No danger.

  27. I still wonder, why one couldn't disqualify at any task, that surely couldn't count as breaching the contract??!!

  28. what about the fact that barty crouch jr. who was doing all he could to get Harry to win the tournament in the form of mad eye moody was able to manipulate dumbledore and barty crouch seniorwhile they decided whether harry could compete or not

  29. The second task reminds me of fishing honestly while the last one would have been made more interesting with cameras. I mean they gave been using cameras on blimps for football both international and amarican since like the fifty's so what give come up dombledor you can over pay a house elf and offord a massive maze grown for one evening but not done security cameras.

  30. If you remember the incantation Pettigrew spoke, Harry's blood had to be 'forcefully taken' meaning against Harry's will. Which means Harry cannot give up his blood willingly. So if Harry were dead, because he refused to compete in the tournament, Voldemort cannot return. Therefore, Harry must get to the triwizard cup first to be transported to the graveyard where Wormtail and Voldemort are waiting. Cedric Duggery was not meant to be there.

  31. Like year the 3rd challenge he could have immediately sent up red sparks right as he entered the maze and before it closed up.Dumbledoor would of pulled harry out himself.

  32. The family would never give the clothes. They'd just drop it on the floor. And the elves would pick up when cleaning.

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