“Harbhajan Singh Taught me How to Bowl” says Shoaib Akhtar | Pakistan vs India | World Cup 2019
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“Harbhajan Singh Taught me How to Bowl” says Shoaib Akhtar | Pakistan vs India | World Cup 2019

October 8, 2019

Welcome to Shoaib Akhtar’s YouTube channel Today we have a very famous cricketer with us. A match winner. A veteran Indian off-spinner. A good human being. My younger brother as well. He used to fight a lot with me. But at the same time a very good cricketer as well. Thank you so much Harbhajan Singh for joining us. How are you? Thanks to Allah Almighty, I’m fine too! You’ve seen Pakistan’s match, you’ve seen the chase. Last time, Pakistan chased 264 against New Zealand in 1999. In 2011 we couldn’t chase the required score Now Harbhajan Singh will enlighten us, what exactly should Pakistan do to win the upcoming match against India? I think Pakistan needs to bring back Younus Khan, Inzi Bhai, Saeed Anwar. The current batting line up of Pakistan is not able to handle pressure. They give away their wickets on flimsy shots. But why is that? I want to understand this from Harbhajan Singh’s point of view. Harbhajan Singh played against us in 1998. You played against us in 2003. That team was very different. From the batting pointing of view I want to know, why is the art of chasing runs missing in our team. What does India think about this? What does the Indian team think about this? Why don’t we possess the art of chasing runs? My perspective is very simple about this. They don’t play risk-free cricket. They play risky cricket. They play a lot of high risk shots. If you have to hit a four, it’s not necessary that you play it from above you can play that shot from below as well. I think only Babur is a very good player. Imam is also a very good player. But somewhere along, the rest of the players who are playing in the team, are playing good shots but occasionally will hit a bad shot leaving the spectators in confusion. Yonus bhai Inzi bhai didn’t do this. They have immense talent, but they don’t believe in themselves. No one takes responsibility of the game. They don’t prolong the game. Don’t take it forward. They need to play with more responsibility. This stand needs to be taken by the players that I want to be the person who can be there in the middle and finish that game. Unless they realize this they won’t be able to make a break through. They do not lack talent. If you’re asking me why Virat Kohli is different from others or any other Indian players If Rohit Sharma finds momentum. How is he able to make 100 runs? The underlying reason is that they play risk-free cricket. They try to find the gaps and then hit a four. They play sensible shots. So if you avoid silly mistakes and prolong the game. Pakistan has talent, that’s not an issue. They’ve made 350. Right? But please tell the viewers that a bowler, who has taken wickets of 400 batsmen, knows exactly about the batsman Harbhajan please make the viewer’s understand this. We proofread the batsman and then take wickets. You’re not able to get 1 wicket how can you get 400? You’re not able to get 1 wicket how can you get 400? For e.g. if I’m bowling in front of Inzi Bhai or the current generation’s batsmen Babar so I know about their wagon wheel. Where do they make their runs? Yes Absolutely On other hand when they experiment with their shots then I enter in the game. I enter with proper planning. Every bowler does. If every time you bowl them with a certain shot. Harbhajan let me tell people something. A lot of people don’t know this. You taught me how to bowl. Harbhajan told me that why don’t you guys bowl from the front. Sehwag keeps his momentum and you don’t bowl from the front. And he keeps beating you. No your case was.
I’ll scare the batsmen.
Somebody else can take the wickets. Shoaib Akhtar bowled from the front and stumped the wickets. Shoaib akhtar played well and became a star. In the beginning people used to say that Shoaib Akhtar is running and will hit the batsmen. The bowlers of your team were also happy that he will scare the batsmen and I will take the wickets. Someone with a speed of 120 used to come. Asif came. Or somebody else. Took the wickets Whether it’s a spinner or a fast bowler you get the wickets from the front. The basis is the same. No matter how famous the batsman is. Virat Kohli or Inzi bhai Any powerful batsmen. You need to force him on the front to dismiss him.. How does Virat Kohli manage to put up a huge sum of runs. What can Babur Azam learn from him? First, He is very sure about his game. Second he is very confident. His will is bigger than his skill. I always say this if you have bigger will then your skill won’t matter. A boy used to play with me.
We started playing test cricket together. Im diverting from our conversation. I just want to tell you this that I might not possess the same skills that he had but my will was very strong. There is no doubt about this. We’ve witnessed this. That boy used to say that I just want to play one test match and I will be good to go. And he played only one. I said that I will play test 100 matches. Because I had the will. This was my dream to play 100 matches. No matter what I will put my everything in this sport. Similarly,Virat Kohli is stubborn. To achieve something you need to be stubborn. And need to believe this that nobody can bowl me out. This is very important. Virat kohli was strong from here that’s why he is where he is now. What I’ve seen about Virat Kohli is that in the initial 25 runs he has at least 2 3 fours Or 12 singles. And you’ve seen his running between the wickets As soon as he arrives. He makes runs. Maintains rotation of the strike. Whenever he faces a bad ball, he hits a massive four. Once he has 40 50 runs on his plate then he hits Starc as well on cover. Hits sixes on pull as well. So need to learn these things. Harbhajan tell me now. You yourself have been a great bowler. A great spinner as well. I want the world to understand this that a fast bowler comes on the field with a lot planning. You don’t become a great spinner overnight Can’t take 400 wickets just like Harbhajan did. Please make me understand this Harbhajan Singh. If Pakistan wins the toss. What option does Pakistan have? If Pakistan wins the toss on 16th June As a cricketer what does Harbhajan think about Pakistan’s options? I know what the answer will be. I think Pakistan should bat first. This way they won’t be under pressure. If there is no pressure they can play freely. And while playing freely they can put up a good score, because there won’t be any pressure of chasing runs or the scoreboard. Pakistan team needs to keep this thing in their mid. They should aim for a target of 270 runs. If they’re able to make 270 runs they can reach the target of 300 350. Then the opponent team can be dismissed on 280 or 240. Formula of the Indian team is that they try to put up a target of 270 280 runs. If at that time you have wickets in hand. You end up with a high score. So this is Indian teams formula. Pakistan can also do the same. If they aim for 300. I’m in England for quite some time now. People are claiming that a lot of runs are being made in the current matches That’s all in your heads.The pitch is absolutely fine! If the bowlers go in the game with this strategy they won’t be able to play well! All of this is in the head. Inform the viewers that Punjabis are great thinkers. We think a lot about cricket. What are they talking about us? Punjabi’s have a lot of brain. Look at the film industry. Ruling by Punjabi’s. Look at the Punjabi cricketers Kapil Dev Tell me Harbhajan, now your team is the favorite team. You have a Punjabi captain,Virat Kohli He fought for his captaincy. He made runs.
Became a great player. This is the specialty of people from Delhi, Punjab. They fight for their spot. Are great team players as well. It’s very important to be rigid. It’s important to be stubborn. You have to be firm about being the best. Correct. You’re right! Because I have to win the match. Even if we’ve fought in the past it was because we wanted to win for the sake of our countries. You have to win for Pakistan. I have to win for India. How we interact after the match, is up to us.
We’ve been friends. But Punjabis are stubborn. When they pick up a task they fulfill it till their last breath. There is no doubt about this. You are a passionate cricketer. If India loses its first 3 wickets. I don’t find India’s middle order batting so strong. Fine. Dhoni is a big player. And he has served well. But I find a tiny gap where you can be exposed. If you look at the previous matches wherever India loses its first 3 wickets. Or their three big players are not able to score. India gets stuck. So over here Pakistan has a chance. Right? Absolutely. This happened in the champions trophy as well. Amir took the first 3 wickets. The batting line up stumbled badly. Even though Hardikh Pandya played a very strong knock. He felt alone. Yes you’re right. Somewhere along the line. Shikhar Dhawan isn’t playing, Injured. He’s not available for the next few matches. If you’re able to take 2 3 wickets with a new ball. Then you can put a stop on India’s score. If you win the toss what will you do? What do you see? Will there be a fresh wicket in Manchester? Spongy bounce?
The wicket can play tricks on your mind! It depends on the wicket.
If the wicket is good. Sun is out Wicket is fresh. If the weather is gloomy. Rain. Cold breeze. Tell me Harbhajan. I have seen people fight over it from both sides. We respect Indian players.
Even Pakistan’s media does the same thing. We cricketers respect each other’s abilities and recognize the talent, appreciate their efforts. Why do we not mention such things on the TV? There is no doubt in that, I say while I had cricketing heroes in Indian at the same time I had heroes in Pakistan too, even in Australia The political thing should be kept aside. Why can’t we have such calm conversations on media? It is our responsibility as a cricketer to create such an atmosphere of respecting each other. Media has sensationalized it so much, that they do not see India vs Pakistan as a game. It should be fun. It should be that both the countries should sit together when you look and speak similarly too. Cricket should be the winner. Lets celebrate cricket. Whoever plays better should win. Tell children, to become a good spinner, What were the 3 things that Harbhajan did? Firstly, I took the blessings of my parents. Secondly, it is important to become stubborn to achieve something. Thirdly, you have to become someone with a big heart. You have an opportunity on every ball to do something new. We have come from villages where there were no grounds or pitches. The only thing we had was a will and a dream. You know they say, keep a faith in God Start thinking about it seriously. He is a philosopher too. Thankyou so much Harbhajan for taking out time. The whole of Pakistan loves you alot. Even my fans in India, love you a lot and respect your opinion. We will take your feedback again after the match. You have given such a good advice to the kids. I’ll say one more thing before leaving which is on the current conditions of India, Pakistan.

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