Hannity: Hunter Biden was peddling his influence
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Hannity: Hunter Biden was peddling his influence

November 30, 2019

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  1. I bet Hunter Biden was never on unemployment or his dad might have backed the unemployment extension when so many Americans needed it so much!  The Democrats created the recession that created unemployment for millions of Americans.

  2. A billion dollars would corrupt just about anybody. These traitors just do it on a daily basis. And think that they have immunity. Durham and Barr will get to the bottom of these crimes against the people. There are not two sets of laws no matter how rich they are.

  3. A rich crook who illegally obtained his wealth and can buy off the legal system gets less time in jail than a Jay Walker.

  4. The Biden conspiracy has been COMPLETELY DEBUNKED! You people are telling yourselves lies to make you feel better.

    You only accept the news that confirms your already held beliefs. But why? You know you are going to see the truth come out, right?

    Deny, lie, and justify, in the end, Trump will be exposed and remembered as a traitor to the USA.

    Oh yeah, why does Trump tell such stupid, easily proven lies? And why are you ok with that?

  5. nah… I'll change the channel and listen to some journalists instead….
    The Original Faux News —- Listed as "Entertainment" by the FCC

  6. Simple logic people. If Trump/FOX say one thing and EVERY OTHER NEWS SOURCE say something different, it is Trump/FOX that is lying.

    If the "DEEP STATE" wanted Trump stopped, they would slip arsenic in his Adderall. Why expose themselves by burning up valuable resources allowing operatives to testify before Congress?

    This convoluted conspiracy theory you all are pushing is funny. The lengths you have twisted logic to cover all the lies you are being told is beyond comprehension. You have to choose willful ignorance to support Trump.

  7. The Bidens are professional lobbyists for personal gain – lining their back pockets at America's expense. Now Trump must go because the cat is out of the bag. Bizzare, berserk !

  8. I don't see the problem with Biden's son earning lots of money, so what, big deal, get over it guys. President Trump and the GOP are all earning good money and so am I and that's all I'm interested in, like President Trump I only care about money and that's all that matters, nothing else and no one else.

  9. How in this world this people do not go to JAIL, when a man at Wall-Mart went to jail for taking a beer? What with the part " JUSTICE FOR ALL"

  10. Hannity should be worried about Sanders vs. Trump in the general election. All this biden stuff is a waste of time

  11. Let me tell you about dirty Joe. Why Obama was keeping America busy! Joe Biden was ripping off different countries. And then using African American so when they fail. The Democrats will throw them under the bus first and leave them to dry. But how's about Joe Biden is trying to put his crimes on the president. And that's wrong.

  12. Mr. Hannity, I am your newest fan and supporter you are the bomb of truth my friend…3 cheers for you! An American who still has his balls attached, thank you!

  13. I don't think it's right that
    Joe Biden and his son
    gets away with it.
    All DemondRATS are corrupt and they get away with it.

  14. Thank you, Sean. Amazing work. You are truly the best. You helped me see that fake news come from Fox, more than anyone else.

  15. And why was Don Jr. just paid $50,000 for a 20 minute speech at the U of Florida? Influence peddling. Who donated the money that Jr. got paid with? Maybe the RNC or some Trump Pac?

  16. If we have to imprison Biden, for using government resources for his personal purposes, then, we have to imprison Trump, for the same crime. They should both go to jail, right?

  17. Boom!!!! Sleepy Joe said call Obama! That tells me he was in on it also. Both should be investigated and held accountable.

  18. The Dems. are playing with fire they should come outside DC and listen to the Americans are trying to tell them but they are not hearing noting. U don't have as much power over us as u do the people u put in those rooms and grill till u get your way. you walk with someone like us only we would walk out u would just be a memory

  19. All statements about Hunter Biden should start off with "Hunter Biden, the dishonorably discharged drug dealer and son of Joe Biden" etc etc… Seems that get left out alot. Also if wouldn't hurt to mention that with this record he could not even get a security clearance let alone the lack of skills in the oil industry

  20. Maybe Hannity should confront fox news on why fox chooses what topics Subscribers are allowed to respond to , we are adults and can make decisions

  21. Lots of sons have jobs just like Hunter did. Pelosi's son has a deal like Hunter does same with a few others like Kerry's son in law.

  22. This dipshit, through his attorney bribery definition, just admitted what trump has absolutely done, is a crime. And nepotism? Ivanka, with no government experience, procured a high ranking job in the white house. Why? Because she has trump in her name. Does hannity understand the meaning of the word irony? It would appear that he doesn't.

  23. You guys are unbelievable the Ukrainian government came out and cleared Joe Biden’s son… you guys can also look up the reason why Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor is because he wasn’t prosecuting corruption that’s why those are the facts…

  24. This has been widely know since the State Dept Coup that overthrew the Ukrainian gov. That's the real big crime but these people are beyond the law.

  25. So why did Pompeo have to call cheap Fox commentator, Hannity-Insanity, to find out what the policy was on Ukraine? Watch out Hannity-Insanity, I think I see jail time in your future.

  26. Lets assume Biden is dirty. How does that excuse Trump using his position to get another country to investigate his pollical rival? So Trumps defense is Biden did it first. Who gives a crap. The laws Hannity quoted is exactly what Trump admitted to. But Trump is inocent and Biden is guilty? How can you not see this? It is either monumental stupidity or an act of agressive denial.

  27. The Whistle blower is only the guy who called the cops. Trump got caught red handed then admitted to it. Now all people can talk about is the whistle blower. Who cares? If Trump is innocent and has nothing to hide he should be happy to have it looked at.

  28. Fox comment section has disappeared from the website on my desktop and phone. I know Fox has been a bit anti free speech lately, often deleting posts that use words like "stupidity" but if they have turned full communist like CNN it's time to move to another venue.

  29. Chop, Chop the Little Orange Mushroom is going down! lol. Is anyone at Fox or in Trump's idiot base actually reading any of the testimony of the impeachment witnesses, including those hand picked by the Orange mushroom. Lock him up!. Lock him up! Hannity calling others corrupt lol. Nothing ever comes of Hannity's "breaking news'. ???

  30. HEY, maybe pedojoe can get me a JOB!
    Just pay me thousands for knowing nothing!
    Nothing to see here!
    ALL PRESIDENTS B4 TRUMP MADE MILLIONS OR BILLIONS WHILE PRESIDENT… even killing hundreds of thousands even millions of innocent civilians…but we heard nothing.

  31. Do all republican politicians intend to end their careers defending Trump? Jordan, Nunez, Scalize, and Gantz have. Why do they defend Trump even when he's guilty? Why are they not supporting our right to the truth? McConnell , Graham will retire and walk away with their money. the rest will carry their failure to protect America forever as cowards.

  32. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a Russian client whose regime teetered on the brink of collapse only to be saved definitively by Trump’s chaotic approach to the Middle East, recently said that “President Trump is the best type of president for a foe.” The Russians heartily agree. The Trump presidency has been wildly successful for Russia, which is eagerly stepping into every vacuum created by the retreat of the United States on the world stage.They say Trump is making Russia great. That’s basically accurate,” pointed out Karen Shakhnazarov, CEO of Mosfilm Studio and a prominent fixture on Russian state television. “The chaos brought by Trump into the American system of government is weakening the United States. America is getting weaker and now Russia is taking its place in the Middle East. Suddenly, Russia is starting to seriously penetrate Africa… So when they say that Trump is weakening the United States—yes, he is. And that’s why we love him… The more problems they have, the better it is for us.”

  33. Agreed no family member should take advantage of elected officials position Start now with Trumps kids but seems very unlikely

  34. Finally Fox stumbles onto the obvious criminal statute – The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Now let's watch our corrupt DOJ take no action. The Obama holdovers still control the surveillance agencies whose mission it is to terrorize America's citizens into silence and submission. Welcome to The United States of Soviet States.

  35. Just been listening to your radio show and listened to you go on and on giving your deposition to clear yourself of any wrong doing. Hilarious! Is it a coincidence that you and trump use same dumbass excuses. Trump "I take pictures with alot of people , you "I talk to alot of people". Nice try DUMBASS, The majority of Americans know exactly who you two are, FAKE NEWS AND OVER 10,000 LIES. Say hi to your attorney Cohen when your locked up with him. Bye Bye

  36. So Biden says fire this guy or you don't get this and thats just dropped by everyone and attack Trump?Fox should be all over this steady and if Biden gets away wit it how can you attack trump when NOTHING HAPPENED?

  37. who cares about biden?

    he has nothing for the American People.

    biden is the poster child for multi-national corporate
    bankster elitists and other government subversives.

  38. The only thing on the favor of Hunter Biden was he has honest in the interview, something that his father has no idea of what is the meaning of the word!

  39. Dude, you are missing the bigger picture here. The State Department offered to throw the Biden’s under the bus if Hungary would leave the State Department out of the investigation. This proves two things: 1. The State Department was covering up the Biden’s and other dealings of the State Depart.
    2. The State Depart is corrupt.
    Who was the head of the State Depart at this time???? HRC?‍♂️

  40. They're all corrupt, Democrats and Republicans are selling political influence and legislating policies for their corporate owners and donors at the expense of Americans. No regard for human life, profits before people. Corporate news spinning stories, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  41. When America finally gets justice for the Demon-crats and ALL their MANY, MANY scandals and treason, IT WILL BE WITH AMERICA'S OWN BLOODY HANDS!
    Bureaucracy has undermined the Constitution, which of course includes the MILLIONS of idiotic and nauseatingly corrupt "departments" with their Satanic regulations!
    Trump CAN'T drain the swamp all by himself, so America faces a Neo Revolutionary War!

  42. Stolen waters are sweet and bread eaten in secret is pleasant , But he knoweth not that the dead are there and that her guests are in the depths of hell.

  43. Wow! This is even bigger than World War Two and Benghazi ! We already have Bidens personal lawyer and campaign manger in prison! Whose next???

  44. Hmmm – what happened to Obama's 'scandal free' administration?! Untrue like so many other things from that administration!

  45. The bidens made money in ukraine.. and trumps making money off of licensing deals in saudi arabia! trumps making licensing deals in turkey, china, russia and all the enemies of the US over the world because, after all, He's for the average american, isn't he? yes, he's draining the swamp, and all those corporate lobbyists are there to protect the little guy. He's fighting for us.

  46. Hunter Biden was peddling his influence? How many deals has the Trump kids made with China, Russia, Turkey, the Ukraine and other countries using their father's Preidential position? They are still chasing Hillary over her use of servers and have yet to prove her guilty of any crime. Yet Donald Jr., Ivanka and the rest of the family used private cell phones to conduct Government business and the Republicans see nothing. A little two faced isnt it??

  47. Trump's rallies have to turn away thousands due to lack of people space, the damorates have problems filling a high school sized basketball arena.

  48. Hunter Biden is a good christian man. He is a war hero and saved many lives at the massacre at Bowling green. He had no quid pro quo no obstruction no collusion and so what if he got mad paid by a foreign country. That's no illegal. Even if there were all those things it's not illegal. Repubs are mad bc they got waxed in the 2018 midterms. So what if he didnt have experience it's not illegal.

  49. There is absolutely no proof that Biden broke the law in any way. It's fake made hoax by the lame stream media to win 2020 for trump.

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