Halo 2 In 2019 – Revisited Before the MCC Hits PC
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Halo 2 In 2019 – Revisited Before the MCC Hits PC

September 9, 2019

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  1. Admittedly the title was pretty clickbaity, but the content is genuinely good. Me and my friends are hyped to play MCC on PC when it comes out, Co-Op campaign has alway's been my favorite part of the Halo games.

  2. i don't agree with halo 2 having the best rendition of the flood halo 3 has the most organic flood in a halo game

  3. Nice, and very well done video, you gained my sub. Nostalgia is coursing through my veins right now. Admittedly the title was pretty clickbaity, but the content is genuinely good. However, I don't agree Halo 2 has the best rendition of the flood… Halo 3, in my opinion, has the most organic flood in a Halo game. My friends and I are hyped to play MCC on PC when it comes out, Co-Op campaign has alway's been my favourite part of the Halo games.

  4. I like your way of making videos (with red) but I would recommend you should get another voice for red. Just my opinion😁

    But great video anyways👌

  5. Hey guys! Hope you liked this one, I had a great time making it. If you enjoyed, watch our first Halo: 3 video here!
    I'm also here to have conversations if you disagree with any of my opinions. Thanks for watching!

  6. I think halo 2 not only looks good,but better then anniversary. Also 343 didn't do halo 2A. Certain affinity did the multiplayer,blur did the cutscenes. I think c.a. did the campaign too? Might be wrong on that though,maybe 343 did that part. But halo 2 being less detailed isn't making it inferior,it looks better,but it's also subjective. Blur made halo 2 anniversary look gorgeous.

  7. I think the criticisms seem very,very nitpicky,but the video was high quality. I'm not even half way through ,but so far it's good. Probably gonna sub after the video 😀

  8. Not a bad retrospective. I like your presentation, and you go over everything you need to, and then some, however, I think Red needs some adjustments, or he needs to be removed entirely. I don't mind the idea, and I think the voice is fine, but him constantly interjecting with a "oh my God, who cares?!" attitude gets old fast. Maybe don't cut him from videos, but I think he for sure needs to be toned down a bit. Anyways, good video. I can't wait to see future videos on the other Halo games.

  9. Halo 5 is a great game and it is the first game we get to ride in an orbital elevator and we get to go to sangheilios. Please don't just blindly hate on a game for no reason. I have been a fan since CE and 5 truly captures how badass spartans are. We also get to see John's family Blue Team.

  10. Very great video. I grew up this game. One of the best Halo games to date. We'll have to see what Infinite brings to us

  11. 15:44 I found this notion so odd, the fact that so many halo players I've spoken to have always told me they were upset that they were not the chief and that they were mad they were the arbiter. I was also a kid at the time around 12 years old and I had the exact opposite reaction. I was immensely interested in the arbiter it was so alien and bizarre to follow the covenant and see how they operated that I was transfixed on this plot line. Hearing that people hated it made me feel like I wasn't like the rest of the fans and that they just didn't get it. Luckily over time the consensus seemed to come to my line of thinking. I love the chief, but I also love the arbiter and I think he got unfairly pushed aside for halo 3.

  12. I think you have a good style in regards to your comedy and analysis (maybe a little too much in criticizing yourself from Red), but I think you are, overall, a little too vague in your explanations. Good attempt and I'm interested to see where your series goes from here. I also strongly disagree on the 343 art style criticism, but that's for another time.

    I think you misattributed the update, as Saber Interactive is credited for Halo 2's campaign remastering. Halo 2 Anniversary's art design could have been very easily screwed up in translation so I think a little more credit should be given to them updating the look. It also seems like Halo 2 Anniversary is a marriage between the 343 and Bungie styles. The updated soundtrack was also great (and a improvement in areas).

    I hated how much they removed so much personality from Chief going from Combat Evolved to Halo 2. It was tiring how much of the dialog in the game revolves around one-liners rather than much more natural conversations. There's more depth from Mendoza as a tertiary character from Combat Evolved than from Miranda and Lord Hood in Halo 2 and 3.

    "How your tools work and how to traverse your environments"

    Okay, but isn't that applicable to every single game? This isn't telling me why Halo 2 does it well.

    I think the Flood are only good as "palette cleansers" from the main gameplay engagements with the Covenant. Most of their behaviors are just charging at the player with less complexity than the Covenant and certainly much less "contextual interaction" when combined with other flood; they have different forms, but not different "mentalities". For instance, the grunts will react to their Elite leader being killed, or Hunters will get angry if you kill their partner. But you don't really have anything like that for the Flood except for reanimating corpses. The Flood are bullet sponges which is why levels like The Library, Quarantine Zone, or Floodgate are the most dull because you're just mowing down waves of enemies with little in terms of variety of combat (even having "separate AI groups", like enemies or friendlies, fighting them). And the level design doesn't really matter for the Flood because all they do is charge at you, which is why to make it "dynamic" these levels are usually less "open expanses" for you to run around and more like tight corridors to force you into fights with the Flood.

    The less said about how awful the Halo 2 brutes are the better.

    The story is fairly bad. Truth's reasoning for betraying the Elites makes absolutely zero sense in this game or the next. Chief just launching himself with a bomb, detonating it successfully, and landing on another vessel is so insane that I have no understanding as to what the thought process was for including it besides delivering on the process of including it (roughly) from the original Halo 2 trailer. The Gravemind's plan makes no sense especially since he's both willing to send the Chief AND slipspace In Amber Clad directly into High Charity at the same time; like…why? If Gravemind has the ability to teleport people, why doesn't he do that for the Flood? If the Elites are stepping down from power in the Covenant, why are they suddenly MORE of a threat to the Prophets? Except for killing Regret and leaving Cortana in High Charity, Chief basically does nothing to actually influences this story in a meaningful way, which is just sad. Why do none of the Prophets or Brutes question the fact that their sworn enemies, who they see as demons that need to be killed, are the only ones capable of activating the technology of their gods? That seems to be quite a contradiction in their religion.

    I think Halo 5 is a mess, but good God, I will take that game's story over how astoundingly awful the plot is in Halo 2 and 3. And it's even worse given that Halo: CE was an example in telling a good story with a solid cast.

  13. Never played Halo (except odst that appeared years ago among my games for some reason😅) so even if I don't know nothing on the game I enjoyed this video a lot. I subscribed 😁

  14. This video was a fun listen for work. Fantastic work. Very well done and crafted.

    Its funny hearing any dialogue or sound i knew what was happening. I played the campaign for far too long because halo 2 was my only game. And it was so much fun to play as a kid and a teen. But as a nerdy weeby ass adult, the story, the dialogue, guns, everything…its great…brings tears to my eyes.

    I played halo 3 a few months ago for the first time since i was 12…and seeing johnson die even made me cry.

    Halo is great. Hopefully infinite will blow us away.

    Get it..
    Because blow me away was a song in halo 2…but making it us as a community…ha.

    Ill leave

  15. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HALO 2 over any game, next would be halo 3, but Halo 2 has a special place in my heart. I practiced and practiced, watched montages on halo pro website, downloaded them so I could watch and watch them over and over. Way before YouTube was big. Thank you!

  16. Halo Canon gang!
    This is so well-done, I’d expect this from a channel of a million subs at least! Please don’t hurt me for sucking up, Red. 🥵

  17. Halo 2 has the best. And I mean the best music in all Halos. The menu music is so recognizable lol. The cinematic view of New Mombasa along with the orchestra and gregorian voices is something you simply can't explain with words. Marty is a legend.

  18. I'm glad you had this many positive things to say about my favorite Halo game lmao. It was said before, but Red needs to be reworked. He's a tad annoying.

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