H1Z1 – Starving Archers – LAN Party
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H1Z1 – Starving Archers – LAN Party

August 15, 2019

Yo, yo, yo, let’s all hang out
>>What’s up bro?>>What’s up guys?>>Zoom
>>What’s up? Let’s keep going. Oh, there’s a bunch of houses down there.>>Yeah
>>You guys want to check these places out?>>If you want to.>>Yeah, right. Yeah.
There’s no loot in this fucking game! [LAUGH]
>>This guy’s hilarious. What’s up guys?
We’re playing H1Z1 today. Semical are busy doing Semical things
right now. So, me and Brad are gonna be playing this. We’ve randomly thought a group of people
were hanging out right now. So, we’ll see how this goes.>>Ha!
>>You find something?>>I got a machete. Ha!
>>Nice!>>I got a machete. I can kill everybody.>>Dog, there’s so
>>I’m not like it. They’re so cool.>>Cool.
Alright. So, let’s head to the nearest, I guess
town or city. So we can find some loot.>>You guys want to see something sick? I found machete in one of the houses. I found a motherfucking machete. [SOUND] Nice. Strength in numbers, guys.>>So.
So we are not fully unarmed right now.>>Yeah, what’s that smoke? Yo, there’s something smoking. .
There’s a smoking car driving away.>>Yeah, there’s a car. That’s good. Unload fists on that sucker.>>He’s going up the bridge. He’s going on the upper pass. You see the smoke trail.>>I’m not seeing any>>The smoke trail>>[LAUGH]
>>Cut him off. Cut him off!>>Look at that crazy bastard. He’s gone man we can’t get him.>>Wait, car, stop. Going in the right, bro.>>Car stop, no. [LAUGH]
God dang it.>>Well, that was our first sign of
civilization today.>>There’s a man up there.>>Zombie.
>>I think he’s one of us. no, it looks like a zombo.>>Oh it is a zombie. Who wants to ace him in the head with an
arrow?>>I do!
>>Good team practice.>>I was, I was close.>>Good team practice.>>[LAUGHER]
>>Oh, that one was close, too. Do it! Nice!
Get him!>>Nice. Finish him!>>We got a guy up here.>>Yo, whazzup, brah?>>Yo, yo, yo.>>Wassup, guy?>>What’s up, do you wanna join our party?>>Where you heading?>>How’s it going, man?>>Heading towards the direction you’re
headed. Away from.>>Oh. Dude.
Guy coming down from the hills. Hey, dude. How’s it going?>>Sup bro? How you doing bro?>>What up?
>>Dude. This is amazing. All right.>>This is quite a group we got going on. [LAUGH]
>>All right. This is what I love most about these
games, like, when it. When it’s like, week one, day one. Nobody knows what’s going on yet, you
know? Everyone’s just cruising around. We got a, we got a posse. [CROSSTALK]
>>Yo, we got six people up in this clan.>>Boom.
>>Woah, woah, woah, woah! Someone on the roof shooting arrows. Someone on the roof.>>Someone’s, someone’s, someone’s->>Wait, is there someone trying to start
some shit? Some try to sniper us dude let’s take him
out.>>Where you at bitch?>>We’ll find you.>>Oh, no he’s on the other roof bro! .
He’s on the other roof! The other building. [LAUGH]
>>What other roof? Oh there’s a guy in that building. Third floor he’s running up. Oh shit he’s there.>>Dude.
I’m breaching. I’m breaching. This is like some straight up medieval
combat over here! [LAUGH]
>>Agh he hit me!>>[LAUGH]
>>Oh, there’s two of them up there! Yo, we’ve gotta breech and clear. You guys ready to breech and clear this
>>Lets breech and clear this [UNKNOWN]! Like SWAT team style! Lets do it. Someone stay outside and make sure they
don’t run out. Wait, go down.
Go down bro. Go down, go down.
This is me bro.>>The roof is clear. They’re not up here.>>Are you down now?>>No, no I am still upstairs.Yeah check
every room in this building.>>Think they logged?>>I think so.>>What a bunch of bitches.>>They heard the foot steps of an army
coming man and they were like ooh fuck let me [INAUDIBLE]
>>Yeah seriously. Hey who’s that sneaking around over there? Hey who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?>>Who am I?>>Wait wait. No no no no.
We’re friendly. We’re friendly.
We’re cool. We’re cool. We’re cool.
We’re cool. Don’t worry their is a bunch of us. Let me ask you were you up in an apartment
complex earlier? No I wasn’t.>>Yeah you were. Show us the bow, brah!>>Show us that bow, bro. Pull that bow out. [SOUND]
Get him! Get him!>>Where is he?>>He’s over here, get him! He’s got a backpack.>>D, man where are you? [CROSSTALK]
>>Man I’m starving to death.>>D, where are you then? D, some hint. Some hint as to where you are. What’s his name, D, at least?>>His name is like Australian something.>>His name is Australian something.>>We’re chasing him into the roof. Into the woods. Stop running, and fight. Dude, I want you to kill him.>>I know you’re one of those guys in that
room. I know you’re one of the guys who’re
shooting arrows at us.>>See Katniss?
>>Katniss.>>That is it.>>Katniss is trying so hard right now. [SOUND] That’s so one of Katniss’ people.>>He’s chasing down one of the guys on
the rooftop but he won’t tell me where he. There he is.>>Dude, this guy’s gonna run like, this
guy’s just gonna run like a little bitch.>>Just type his [CROSSTALK]
>>He ran. It’s too far, sorry, he was, he was
running.>>You coming back?>>Yeah, we’re coming back.>>All right.
>>Bro kill me.>>Yeah, why?
>>I’m, I’m about to die, so you are go ahead and do it.>>I gotta put you out of your misery, is
that what’s up?>>Yep. All right man. It was good knowing you man, it was good
hanging. .
>>He’s leaving? [SOUND]
>>You will be remembered.>>Thank you bro.
I love you.>>He said, he said he wanted me to kill
him.>>Love you too.>>Bye.
>>Yo, yo.>>Yo, yo. Okay, so. We saw a guy, we chased him down. Nits, hand to hand combative, and the guy
had a, a backpack and a hunting knife. So, he stabbed him. Nits was, kind of wounded, so he asked me
to put him out of his misery. So I did, so, and he told me he loved me.>>So.
>>Fairies? Berries, yeah.>>Haha berries.>>Fucking berries man, I’m so sick of
eating berries.>>Yeah, like, we have to draw straws.>>Oh nice, tomatoes. Eat.
Yes!>>No!>>Yes!>>Found diced tomatoes but he ate them,
no! Yum, yum, yum, yum. So good.>>Well guys, I’m at a 9% and fading fast. So, I’m gonna, I’m gonna go out like my
buddy Nitts did.>>You doing it, Dee?>>I gotta.>>Two, 2%. Dude, once you hit zero, you’ll still be alive, don’t worry, you
just start losing health then.>>Aah!>>I just, I just died by eating, tell him
I just died by drinking dirty water! No!
>>[LAUGH]>>No!>>Wait, really?>>Dude, I…>>[LAUGH]>>Dude, I, like, I was at 2%, and I ran into the, I ran into the water,
and I filled my bottle. And it’s a drink. Dirty water I go gulp, gulp, gulp.>>Yeah it does 5% damage to you. The dirty water.>>I just died instantly. No.
>>Mm. Dude there’s a plane here right now.>>I see it. I see with my eyes.>>You really you can see it right now?>>Yeah I see it.>>You respawned? You can see it?
>>Yeah I respawned. Oh, I saw it just drop it. I’m heading right towards it.>>[UNKNOWN] Where are you man? Negative 16, 90, and 3000 Z.>>Oh we’re close.>>My god it’s like right here, holy crap.>>Dude grab it and get the hell out of
there as fast as you can.>>But it’s dropping so slow I gotta wait
for it.>>I know, what’s it gets there, get the
heck out of there.>>I see it, I’m so close to it, there’s
definitely no one closer than I am. Oh.
I hear a lot of gun fire.>>Yeah. You better grab that fast.>>Actually, there’s a lot of guys here
with guns. I have no weapons.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Sneaking up.>>Takes like, 15 seconds to loop, by the
way, when you start doing it, it’ll. Feel like. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Alright. I’ll come as fast as I can.>>Oh friendly, stop shooting.>>Yeah.
[MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Oh God, this is, this is madness.>>Are they killing everybody?>>There are so many zombies on it. [MUSIC] [NOISE] I’m just laying down, looting it
right now.>>Get it, D.>>Do it again, I’m almost done. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Just had medical supplies. [MUSIC] I died so hard.>>Really?
>>I got sniped in the head, yeah but I took everything, it only had medical
supplies in it.>>So a lot of controversy around H1Z1 is
around, people have been claiming that it’s pay to
win, that is what D just demonstrated. Come to your own conclusion, but basically
you can pay money->>Oh, whoa, bitch.
>>Basically you can pay money for a loot drop, but it’s a free for all, and
it comes super slow.>>My spawn heal’s punching me in the
face.>>Coordinates bro.>>It’s, I can’t, I’m punching him in the
face, I died. He punched me to death.>>Damn it dude, well try again.>>[LAUGH]>>As soon as I spawned, I’m sliding down
the hill. I’m slipping and slide, oh. [INAUDIBLE]
>>Take that [INAUDIBLE] out. He’s-
>>Oh. Holy crap. [SOUND]. No! No! [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. You know, I really want to see the gang play Planetside 2. It's a fantastic game, and I want to see their reactions to the massive, constant 200v200 or even 300v300 battles that go on daily.
    Please, Node! Fulfill my wish! <:D

  2. I don't find it P2W at all! I think that you buy instant chaos really. BTW a pistol isn't much, it will give you an advantage, but you will run out of ammo.

  3. I was cheering D on through all of that epic music haha! He was like a war hero…. before he died lol! It would've been so cool if he had got away!!

  4. Lol at all the kids in the comments bitching about pay to win.

    Pay to win… U pay for something which no other player can get.

    I found an AR and two handguns in my first hour. Also i have 200+ hours on dayZ and i will tell u straight up this beats DayZ by a mile. Dayz is a 15 fps pile of shit because of that engine and infested with hackers. Its been in alpha for over a year but has gotten nowhere. This has had 4 updates in 3 days already. If you don't want to buy it, don't. Wait till its free. And those who thought its p2w all got refunded. So there goes your "dey robbed our moneys hurr durr"

    Swear down some people just love being pubescent bitches

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that the loot drop system is actually pretty clever? It makes the game more interesting for every player and adds to the gameplay.

  6. H1 = Half 1ife
    There are 26 letters in the alphabet
    Z = 26
    26 – 1 = 25
    25 backwards is 52
    5-2 = 3


    H1Z1 IS HALF LIFE 3ย 

    This theory makes sense because this is a YouTube comment, and only the chosen few get to make a comment. ย And this theory was also confirmed by the Illuminati.ย 

  7. Well, the one thing I definitely like about this game is the environment. Love the aesthetic the fog and those trees bring.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Anybody else pretty happy that the zombies are more…well, zombies! Unlike DayZ, where zombies will chase you across the entire map and kill you.ย 

  9. Yea this game is kinda crap, but so was dayz when it first launched. Bare things to do, lots of laggy servers and lots of death. Give it some time, I heard some great things from the developers as they're very understanding and listens to the community. The last review I've read made the developers did a 180 on pay to win thing and calm things down, somewhat. Now it's more like, pay to have a slight edge over others, but only if you're lucky or have a sizable party to claim the goods. One thing I like about h1z1 so far is how it's less clunky on the user interface as compared to dayz and I don't notice much lag.

    Basically this game has potential and needs more time, it's doing ok so far. P2W? Not that it matters seeing death means a restart unless you have your crew piggy backing each others loot incase of death.

  10. The real issue with these games is that all the servers are pvp, I would like to play a zombie mmo where I at least have the option for pve or even if pvp was the only option it's a stupid idea to lose all your gear for the sake of "realism"ย 

  11. u guys should do more of those rpg arma thing u guys were doin, tht vid was so much fun to watch and i want more of it ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. i never really noticed it before because D is so tactical and Brandon is a fun loving criminal … but they really work well together it seems.ย ย  PS would watch more Node with just Brandon and D.

  13. Haha that's so friggin weird! A dude in my video wanted me to kill him too because he was about to die, and the exchange went almost EXACTLY like yours did D. Both ended with "You will be remembered, I love you" haha

  14. You guys should play Arma 3 Zeus Mode. It is pretty much were there is one guy making a mission and the remained of people have to finish it. The Zeus has many abilities like placing items ( buildings, militia men, military vehicles, can control the militia men/vehicles, and also can use LIGHTNING! ). The others have to finish it military style and have to watch out from enemy patrols, tanks, snipers, and lightning.

    P.S. Their are many other game modes in Arma like Armagedon etc.

    I hope you enjoy this game and please have D be Zeus because I know he will be trolling every single one of you guys. If you ever want some more games I can always hook you up.

    GT: Mr.DragonGaming

  15. When H1Z1 was going to come out, it was supposed to be free to play. ย Like it was listed free to play on steam. ย But when it was released it costed $20. ย Like why have it listed as free, when you are going to add a price at launch?

  16. it'd be awesome if they find ster or jerma in games doing this. i thought that smoking car was jerma, cause in his video, his car was smoking and i swear it was the same road

  17. this is nothing like gta5 online if u say hi they kill u if u walk right past them the put a bullet in ur head. ps plz give timothy .P a birthday shout out on you next attack on titan video

  18. It's a good thing there isn't a real zombie apocalypse with your shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach. That guy may have just been spawned and all of a sudden there's a gang around him accusing him of stuff he didn't do. You're no Glenn, D.

  19. Still think you guys are awesome. But calling star wars battlefront two shit is a lie. The game you guys love so much battlefield was made by dice and they thought star wars battlefront was good or they would have never bought the title for the game guys. So please show more respect to the king who will dethrone all games and take its rightful place star wars battlefront three. I especially hate freddie good thing you kick him out for a awesome guy like D

  20. I love H1Z1 and I love DayZ, to me they don't feel like the same game. Hopefully Node will continue both series. I personally think that people who say H1Z1 is a copy of DayZ is the same stereotype of "any game with a block in it is a copy of mine craft" Thats personally how i feel. NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT, but people who just hate on H1Z1 because the fact that DayZ is around really pisses me off….

  21. this put me off even trying this game to me it looks very "gamey" name tags above heads etc, the world looks quite poor graphically when I compare it with dayz which I though looked good from the beginning, I realise they both will improve but I don't like the style of this game, its very much in the style of a type of cartoon to my mind, it looked like it could be fun but as for me theres very little point in looking for something I already found in dayz.

  22. Shitty arcade zombie game that they made P2W. Everyone who defends it as "oh but like people will be fighting for drops and stuff" are fucking blind retards. Enjoy your shitty pay to win game

  23. I dont think this game js bad, but if seems like everyone is hopping on the open-world zombie survival bandwagon. DayZ, Unturned, H1Z1, 7 Days to Die, etc. Its getting really annoying.

  24. Great videos, Keep it up! Hey guys, I am an indie YouTube film maker, I make video shorts up to 15 minutes. I do this all with my twin brother with editing, I film with my friends being the actors and helping me with filming scenes. We make comedy and action shorts. Just trying to get out there more. Just take a look at me and my brotherโ€™s videos. We post videos monthly to two months. Just take a look and let me know what you think thanks!

  25. I love H1Z1 the problem is i wabt a game thats pvp but consentrates more on survival, all i see is a fucking massacre, i kill other people easy but i wans people to think twice before wasting ammo

  26. You know what I love about zombie survival games? There are conveniently placed weapons in the most random places.

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