Gun Clubs – They’re Not Just For Conservatives
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Gun Clubs – They’re Not Just For Conservatives

August 16, 2019

generally when you think about gun nut
you think I’ve right-wingers I think with good reason but it turns out that there actually are
some liberals who are very interested in getting involved with shooting
collecting guns and things like that and the they don’t wanna hang out with
some other right-wingers in these clubs they they don’t wanna hear about Muslim socialist and stuff
like that and so now we have what’s been called the NPR gun clubs the liberal gun club the
nationwide movement it’s being run by Marlene Hobart and
here a couple a couple the reason she says she felt
like she had to create this we need to make ourselves a special place well we don’t have to hear about the
Kenyan Muslim socialist in the white house but one of the members in california
actually says if I walk into a gun store with Obama t-shirt which I wouldn’t wear
because he’s too conservative I don’t fit and Marlene also says they
think gun people are people they want nothing to do with and so I thought that this is very
interesting because I recently and when shooting in Vegas and when I came back I was interested in
possibly doing it here but then the more I read about the gun
clubs the less I actually wanted to associate with some other people not because they’re not good people in
general terms but it seems to require a level of political insanity yeah and and extremity the I don’t wanna
be around like that happen to me I was in bed Las
Vegas and I went to a gay bashing bar and then when I came back to california
was like I just didn’t feel right to deal with the budget republicans you know what I mean themselves back to
where you at I just wanted to say I look I think the gun club like this
make sense right because obviously and the NRA attracts a very specific demographic I
mean they have gone way past just got rights now they’re basically
political advocacy they’re doing political advocacy in in areas that doesn’t even involve
guns so I’m I’m not necessarily gets as I think that it’s a good idea I know that there are saying people out
there that love their guns they’re obsessed with that and as long as you’re doing so order
your practicing your sex its economic and practicing your sexist amendment as
I said I enjoy it just the physical active shooting the
same way I enjoy doing archery when I was a kid it’s a skill a skill that you
can develop that combined with I admire as a nerd
almost any form of Technology firearms technology is one of those areas but the way that I would want to be like
even if I was a gun owner I’m sure entering heads will explode like I I
theoretically would like to own a gun but if they by law made me keep it at
the firing range I wouldn’t care one bit or if you can
only rent the guns I just want to be on the go shooting every once in a while the same way and leadership for you
rosemarie your group in an argument what are you gonna do but I got a run
back to got called a huge boner yet your neck aborted by
minute building a drug test yeah and working relationship but I what other is I went to a guided
computing at one time in my life right so my friend about
twenty years old so he says I got some company with good club i’m ok sounds like a great idea right so
we get the principal bullets are expensive and secondly I had a 38 right so I had
it cockney pulled the hammer back so I
didn’t know that makes it a hair-trigger argued that the touch it anecdote I did
now but pull a back way I bet and I want to say something my friends like took
off the actor got the air things by Tammy
Webber okay I’m a shot myself in the head you
shot right yet so I’ve done a lot lot hearing loss
right here because the pic is that yet and I was
like I got done shooting for the rest of my life but about where you should check the weather
sealing all like goal went off the rails a lot out there her she is I was
shooting for the first time a few months ago and I didn’t like the experience I
don’t think everyone I did it for documentary I don’t think I’ll ever do
it again I I totally understand people that like
it I mean you get like a rush like an adrenaline rush and I realize I don’t
like adrenaline rushes I 5 I’ll idle I don’t think I like it for
anything having to do with adrenaline lot like in the same way that I like
going to a driving range or like you know trying to shoot a
three-pointer it’s a skill that can be honed that’s enjoyable to become better
and I see it I think very much like batting cage you
better think we’ll get right back to the couple 3s I’m going to do that the same way I
don’t there during lunch or a little bowl and you don’t feel power searched
your arm you don’t feel this intense power I don’t intend to shoot anyone inside
what they do I don’t do anything but a as a weapon at a given as a tool I own
the whole government but actually let me know what we can do it by Sharon one of those assault weapons and that
guy brought me a cafe ole my balls but like cock great okay lol yet but I don’t get the wrong
idea though I’ve been expressing what I think about kansas governor I would be here illegally but the
liberal gun club is not like me in most respects their more liberal than Obama
yes but when it comes to gun regulations they’re actually very close
to the NRA at least in that regard that have a cut-out they were the
liberal gun club that would be able to buy it on their gums yet more regulations on lawful gun
owners are over prescribed political placebos the failed to cure the root
cause the violence the look I don’t agree with them in that area but I do I do I have
sympathy for them wanting to be around people that are more like them
politically II did I i give a couple times gone per to do stories where I Paragon and at Notre horrible could hit anything at
our point of view got but I went viral I media regular a pearl oppressive yeah I’ll and but I’ll shoot without prior to
my CrackBerry backers now sports anchor important he was she was that care manager of and
he should know story and I’ll shoot the gun and I had
to get my hand and I broke you know like you you forget that you
have a gun in your hand and it wasn’t like cop like yours but I turn toward Greg right and crazy go and I realize I like that
and that guy who’s doing the thing company called your head out like huge
blast when it or be this guy can look a like he like movie
and like I was I mean I still remember that I was
bright 28 years old and I remember that David Lee like I was scared I thought
she’s a cookbook and killed Craig like we’re going to get killed yesterday
to pull the trigger he might have died you know I’d love to imagine evolved
forgetting that what I’m holding company radically lectured like I drew the ire I never
would even point it remotely I just right now but I mean it’s like
you know illegal you do it you text you look at their like never will we don’t do it like that you know we’re
supposed to throw it and everything exactly out another but that’s all I got
a whole have my family’s you’ve got the whole want to be with my family really
get well all my mom’s side and you know i i
love them and they’re great but they’d like they go out in the woods %uh that
Yucca Valley in Newton never did you know it well now
they didn’t live there now they look better and they go issue I’ll a chimichanga get home and they let me go to their
house about the farm into the issue yeah when I had my doubts yes you sure access job with the great
day love shooting her house and with my aunt she passed away now but the last
two years does use still shoots yeah does not feel pretty
good too bothered me but you hold the gun and I think there’s
a feeling power I think your kid yourself when you say it like shoot the
3-pointer without getting exact same thing but I’m
saying that I believe in love at first but we have you ever made a 3-pointer
but I hold you mean and yeah i get if you don’t like it
was the chocolate that there are plenty of hot chocolate I’ll up late at a buddies or chocolate I

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  1. both the left and right want to take our rights away, we as Americans should be able to do whatever we want within the parameters of the law, not change the law to take away constitutional rights to make us less free.

  2. Just stop for a moment and step back folks.  What is the end result of this thought experiment?

    Liberals all think conservatives are so vile and evil.

    Conservatives think liberals are all so vile and evil.

    Both sides have some positions that are well defended in reason.  Both sides have positions that are extremely fucking retarded.

    What are we left with after that?

  3. Brainwashed liberals are just like the conservatives. A gun is a tool. If you feel powerful from holding a weapon then you are weak. 

  4. So they one guy doesn't like guns because he shot a gun by accident at a range and is scared him because of the loud bang, because he was being a fucking idiot with it? Fuck him.

  5. And, TYT throws their own anti-private gun ownership zealots under the bus, because they know it's a lost cause, capped off just recently w/ the Supreme Court holding the ridiculously strict gun laws of places like Chicago unconstitutional. But, they're not going down w/o a few last sorry and pathetic shots at those who secured their Constitutionally-protected rights for them. And, "You Stay Classy, TYT! Stay Classy!" ROTFLMAO!

  6. What a bunch of blathering dumb-assed fools who are funded and given airtime by idiots who are even more ideologically dumb-assed than they are. They'll hold up a place like Chicago as an example of strict gun laws working because the homicide by gun rate is down, but what they'll conveniently NOT tell you that it's still one of the murder capitals of the country, and that those who are doing the killing AREN'T legal gun owners. This crew doesn't even care that every time they open their mouths they don't make any common sense fact based arguments, they'll simply and endlessly yak mindlessly for the pure pleasure they derive from hearing their own heads rattle. They'll screw w/ any and every issue for "clicks", "likes", "favorites" and eyeballs, as long as at the end of it all, they can spew their hatred for anyone who dares to disagree w/ those they see as their political heroes.

  7. Jesus Christ, I nearly vomited when I heard that mongoloid say he almost shot himself in the head with a revolver. These people should have the good grace not to talk about firearms.

  8. the young turks show was narrow-minded, one-sided bigots they are. rooting for a nanny state and fascism all in the name of their idioic party that, not ironically, leans fucking right.

  9. Chicago needs stop and frisk. Stronger gun legislation will not deter those who bought guns on the streets or stole them because those people are not subjected to background checks. Libs object to stop and frisk because it's racist, but they can't come up with a better solution to gun violence, which is generally  perpetrated by people who don't have a permit to own a gun or are convicted felons who can't own a firearm, therefore they steal them or buy them on the street.  And p.s.  FUCK THE YOUNG TURDS!

  10. The funny thing is that if you were to try and get onto that stage there would be armed guards dragging you out the door at gunpoint.

  11. Alot of liberals are just afraid of guns… so they want to stay away from them. Fine, don't buy one. But don't infringe on my right to protect myself and my family just because your scared of them.

  12. You don't have to join a gun club, just find a range and go target shooting. Just be safe and aware of your surroundings, but most importantly… Have fun! I don't get this paranoia about guns, yes guns kill people, though it depends on who is using it. So please do yourself a favor, try to go shooting and have fun, or don't, it all depends on you ūüėČ

  13. I learned to shot a firearm at 12 years old. I enjoy shooting. I also like that I can get food by being able to shoot it. Does not mean that I would shoot a person. With learning to shoot I also learnt how dangerous a gun can be. It is a tool to kill. I find that these people dont really understand guns, they are a tool to kill, yes. It's how you use the tool is what it should be about, not 'I'm so scared of guns".

  14. I'd love you guys to actually read this, in New Zealand aprox 40% of the people here know how to shoot a gun properly, and I would guess about 70% of the people know the dangers of a firearm. I feel a bit sorry for you, you are good people but you can't dis guns like that until you know what your talking about

  15. Adrenalin rush? They are idiots. The dude on the left is the only one close to fair. And clearly not interested in gins, nor do they have the brains to properly handle a gun.

  16. Come on Ana, don't tell me you don't like an adrenaline rush every once in a while, you just need a good fuck and I promise.. you will be converted.

  17. I don't care about anything, I own a gun and a tazer and I always reach for my tazer first but I find comfort in owning a gun.

  18. Some of the comments in this video sounded really ignorant. It seemed like two particular hosts were generalizing gun owners, which is something I thought this channel supposedly hated.

  19. "…and you forget.. you have a gun in your hands, you know." No sir, I don't fucking know. I always know what's in my hands, specially if it's a firearm. Please no one give these Libs a gun, please.

  20. This is why you, "the young turks" are too liberal to understand guns and gun issues all together. Two of you almost fucking killed someone because of your poor safety awareness at the range, which is not something to joke about by the way, and you failed to truly understand and take guns seriously. How can you expect anyone to be interested in your political views on guns? 

  21. weird maybe it is because I grew up with guns but I don't get this rush it is just fun to go shooting. Now oh course the first time I ever shot or anytime I got to shoot something new to me there was a bit of fear but that passes. Of course I have a lot of respect (caution) for things that can hurt someone if you aren't paying attention or know what you are doing so that helps I'm sure.

  22. Unfortunately a lot of these so called "liberal" gun clubs are populated with people that are more than willing to accept gun control laws.They also often are okay with keeping their favorite types of guns but are perfectly happy to see the ones they don't like be banned. We call these type of people "fudds" and they are not respected whether they have liberal political views or not.

  23. These TYT fools are so out of touch with gun advocates that they don’t understand it is a love for freedom, not the gun itself that make gun advocates passionate about their right. They don’t even understand that keeping a gun only at the gun range is like saying you can only have freedom of speech at a certain location. It’s not the speech itself that empowers those who love free speech. It’s the freedom to do so in s republic that allows it that brings out peoples passion for it.

  24. The stories of the two guys in the middle, about their epic firearms-safety fails, are perfect illustrations of why basic gun safety (not, at first, involving any actual firearms) should be part of the regular public school curriculum – probably as part of "health" class or whatever they're calling it now.

    Because whether you're "pro-" or"anti-" gun, the fact remains that guns exist and so there is a non-zero chance you'll find yourself in the same room as one sometime in your life, and so it behooves you to at least know not to do the stupid things these guys did. And since we're not born knowing how to safely handle (or at least not unsafely handle) a firearm, we need to be taught. The earlier, the better.

    And those who gasp in shock and horror over this suggestion do so in precisely the same way, and for precisely the same reasons, that religious fundies oppose sex education. Just take their arguments, substitute "guns" for "sex", and you'll see a remarkable parallel. It boils down to "x is bad, mmkay? so teaching kids about it is bad, mmkay?"

  25. I just heard about this club from the article in the San Francisco Chronicle's website "SFGate" last week. I've hesitated joining, because I'm not a "Liberal" – I'm a hard-left Marxist – and squick at joining anything with that label on it. But my attempts at organizing a socialist gun club over the past 3 years have come to naught. There's plenty of abstract interest, but when it comes time to go to the range, everyone's busy (everyone with a car anyway). So if I want to go shooting with non-rednecks, this looks like my best option. And from some of the quotes in the article, I gather there's more than a couple of hard-leftists there to keep me company as well.

  26. It's easy for people to be confused about the "Leftist" attitude toward guns in the hands of civilians, since the Left have become confused about it ourselves. But for those of us who identify as Marxists – who agree with Marx's analysis of history and political economy – it's pretty clear; Marx was far from silent on the issue.

    The closest thing to an official Marxist party political program – the "Erfurt Program" of the German Social Democratic Party (1891) – included this plank:

    3. Education of all to bear arms. Militia in the place of the standing army. Determination by the popular assembly on questions of war and peace. Settlement of all international disputes by arbitration.

    Unfortunately, the party and the 2nd International it led shoved this demand (along with the rest of the revolutionary content of its program) under the carpet, to disastrous effect. It's got so bad that the official 2nd International Socialist party in Switzerland – the last capitalist republic that still has a universal militia consistent with this plank – has been working to replace the militia by a "volunteer" professional army!

    So like I said, it's easy for people to get confused about what's "Left". Unless, that is, one takes the trouble to look at the history.

  27. I enjoy having my guns, I don't get to shoot them as much as I would like because there are no shooting ranges around here. It's also a pain in the ass to ask all the neighbors if they don't mind me shooting in my back yard. But some of the stories here just goes to show why people should maybe be trained how to handle a firearm. I mean for fucks sakes the first thing my father ever told me before he let me even look at an unloaded gun, was "Never point it at people and always act as if it's loaded". I am shocked at how many people do not know this. Sadly a gun club like this wouldn't be something I could do as I am too far right for those on the left and too far left for those on the right. 

  28. Ah damn, People always drag "something" to their recreational activities.
    Someone starts to talk about politics, sports, religion and it gets uncomfortable…

  29. To be fair, the open niche for a "liberal gun club" was also a consequence of the anti-gun left, who have been just as off-color as the extreme right. I can definitely relate to Marlene. If progressiveness is defined as being aware of the facts and then pushing for the obvious implications of the facts, then Marlene is the true progressive when it comes to the gun issue. 

  30. I'm not sure how you can't agree with that statement because removing the guns really doesn't remove the underlining cause of violence. Yes you limit the violence done with guns but I'd much rather limit the violence all together. It's like treating the symptoms of cancer instead of the cancer you still fucking have cancer.  It's not a subjective statement it's a factual one. 

  31. Fuck let's just hang out and shoot because guns are awesome at blowing shit up. Also fun. Why is that so hard to do.

  32. I learned to shoot as a child in grade 2,gun safety has always been paramount. I taught my daughter to shoot pistols and long guns when she was in grade 4.I am a member of the "loony left", and proud of it, I also am a Canadian gun owner and shooter who obeys all storage and transportation laws pertaining to firearms.

  33. Well I'm liberal and I shoot guns all the¬†ti…oh hang on no i'm British…I've never even seen a real gun :-/

  34. I'm calling bullshit on the guy that accidentally shot the ceiling. The blast from the cylinder gap would have left a scar on his face.

  35. They love the thrill of having the power of god or any of the deities over the life of human beings…! For a Majorities of gun owners the thrill goes up 10 folds…! Some even can't resist it that one day as we see often in the news, these gun nuts do shoot someone either any strangers or any member of their families…!

  36. You don't have to be conservative. I am slightly left of center, except I support gun rights. So don't sweat it. We will take all the Liberal Gun owners we can get.

    I just got my license to Carry. Good in 27 states.

  37. I'm a liberal and I carry a 40s&w everywhere I go. I can't use it to intimidate my also liberal girlfriend, she carries a 357 magnum.

  38. Every day a carry my .40S&W sidearm, and Obama is too conservative for my tastes. I don't feel any sense of intense power when I shoot. 

  39. I live in the UK and me and my dad both own shotguns to go hunting be it rabbits, ducks etc but I personally don't see the appeal of going to a shooting range to hit some random targets just my 2 cents.

  40. OMG!! ROFL. These guys are something else. I will admit that if your first shooting experience is a bad one the chances of shooting again and developing that hobby drop drastically.

  41.  I suppose I don't appreciate what I see as a false dichotomy or even a polarity in comparing pro-gun to anti-gun or either of those to the conservative/liberal political dichotomy. A classic "conservative" would be pro-gun for the reason that they don't want to deal with change, don't want to believe there is a problem, and will argue tooth and nail that any solution is a fool's errand without doing any sensible research outside of their favorite tertiary media sources. The "liberal" is anyone who diverges from being pro- anything just for the sake of tradition, but believes what they do because of reason and research. As I define it, a liberal thinker is not constrained to party lines in terms of their belief system. It should not be intellectually difficult to understand that even when a large population of well-educated people are presented with a complicated problem, that their solutions and reactions vary. Actually, it is when people act more like a collective, though the levels of reasoning skills and information known vary, that one should be more surprised. There are many reasons to be pro-gun, anti-gun, in the middle, or otherwise inappropriately categorized between the two extremes.

  42. Arrogant collection of jerks is how I'd describe the young turks.  I'm so glad they feel it's okay for us to exercise our rights.  Listening to them here they sound like a bunch of elitists.  The place I go to has a diverse group of people, and frankly I don't bother to talk to them about politics.  There are a large number of liberals who own guns some say as high as 40% identify themselves as liberals.  

    If I would see members of the liberal gun club I'd be polite, and treat them much better then I would if I ran into these morons.  Don't want a gun fine don't buy one, but don't be shocked when people push back when you try to enforce laws on them that don't make sense.

  43. LoL… these guys are funny to watch… I went shooting, and I almost blew my head off… Really?¬† You probably should have had an instructor, or taken some type of training before shooting…

  44. Its morons like you that should never own a gun! Shooting a hole in the roof someone could of been there you fucking moron!

  45. these people obviously don't know how to handle guns. It's people like them that are ignorant on how to use guys that shoot themselves or other people accidentally. I have heard the story over and over about how shooting guns make people feel macho. Not me, when ever I hold a firearm i imagine the history and where its been over the years, even if its a brand new "assault weapon".

  46. Why does that surprise you!? You are basically telling the world you are unarmed. I am a liberal but this show makes us look bad sometimes…¬†

  47. Liberal means 'accepting with broad interpretations of rights'.
    I'm a liberal. Voted for Obama twice, but I voted straight GOP last midterm.
    I'll vote D again when they can stop promising me they will take away innocent American's rights if I will vote for them.

  48. I don't know what I am. I don't like liberals and I don't like conservatives, I think they are both bad. I guess I am a sort libertarian liberal I suppose. I have been to NRA events and I saw first hand that they are masters (I mean true geniuses) at fund raising. They know how to fill buckets with cash fast. But I do love guns, I'm not going to kid anyone. I belong to the NRA, the liberal gun club and also pink pistols (an LGBT shooter group). Before anyone makes a comment, I am willing to bet that some of the people in pink pistols could probably embarrass the abilities of seal team 6.

  49. its true that guns are not the root cause of violence, guns just make carrying out that violence exponentially easier.

  50. Im mostly liberal on most things. I own many guns. And I agree with this video. I don't agree with the NRA and most the people that agree with them. I like my guns though, I just don't like crazy religious nuts. Which seems to be most the people that are part of gun clubs. When I go shooting I take people I know and trust to not shoot me by mistake because they were to busy saying all that crazy Christian nonsence, and not busy training on their gun. Guns isn't a republican and democrat thing. Although republicans THINK it is. And just because I think people should have alil training at the very least to own a gun doesn't mean I want the government to TAKE ALL MY GUNS AWAY… That's politics for you though. Our 2 party system has brainwashed many into thinking there's only 2 answers¬†for everything, and that my party has the right answer on every issue. HASHTAG# Mindless sheep…….

  51. Leftist with guns is unusual? I guess you guys have never heard of Castro (your social justice hero and world-class murderer). Rule #1 of the Communist doctrine has been ‚Äúgovern with the point of a gun‚Ä̂Ķsince its very conception.

  52. What if the right wing becomes the authoritarian state then what. I think liberals should get guns you never know. Right

  53. "transgender, a self-described feminist, a queer activist"

    so many words, and they all mean the same – mentally retarded.

  54. Have you ever watched most of these club members actually shoot? Most of them couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from inside. If you want to see pure comedy gold, just go watch the video of the Phoenix John Brown gun club range day. None of them could hit the target from 15 meters away

  55. The NRA has to do political advocacy because they were forced to do so by the Democrats that want to take all rights away and don't tell me no s*** that's what they want to do so we could be like uk and the rest of the European Union

  56. 'People convicted of VIOLENT crimes and CRAZIES shouldn't have guns!' gets turned into 'Leftists want to ban guns!' by certain low IQ types. Then when a leftist goes 'Shooting is fun!' low IQ heads explode.

  57. Most (if not all) of these "gun clubs" are nothing more than an Airsoft militia….these little Trotskyites would melt like butter as soon as the real shooting begins….nice try though.

  58. I cant believe the stupid thing the guy in the red tie say. He makes it seem like all people who support the 2nd amendment are dangerous and are killers. Also noticed that the last guy on the left is try to be understood to gun owner, while everyone else are looking at he like he just said that he going to supports Isis

  59. Young Turds , die for your beliefs . White Man is waking and he's the best killing machine this world has ever produced ! ?‚ú°?‚ú°?‚ú°?‚ú°?‚ú°?

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