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August 31, 2019

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina!
>>It’s Ronald and we are from Sis versus Bro! I hurt myself.>>And today we’re doing Gummy versus
>>Marshmallows Slime Challenge!>>Yeah, so basically,
one slime is going to be made
out of gummies, of course. And the other is gonna be made
out of marshmallows and it’s gonna be edible. I’m so excited.>>So one of these papers
are gummy slime and the other one
is marshmallow slime.>>So, I don’t know
what kind of slime I’m going to be making,
and you guys, comment down below
which slime you think is better. And today, we’re announcing
the winners to our Fidget Spinner number two
give away! Here are the winners. And here are
the winners to our– To our
Toys R Us giveaway. Thank you all
for commenting. Congratulations,
to the lucky winners!>>Alrighty, so let’s
just get right in to this. Oh yeah! Rock, paper,
scissors, who picks?>>Okay.>>Cause I don’t want it
to go for too long.>>Okay, three, two, one.>>Yeah!
>>No, you get to pick first.>>This one. It is the… It is the… You got marshmallow, right?
>>I don’t know. Gummy!
>>I got marshmallow.>>I wanted the marshmallow.>>Tradesies?
>>Yeah. Yay.>>I didn’t know you’re
gonna say yeah so quickly. Okay.>>Yay!
So, let’s begin. I’m gonna need
some marshmallows.>>And I’m gonna need
some gummy bears. Ooh yeah!
Ooh! Ooh! Okay, now, let’s dump all
of these things in this bowl.>>I wanna eat one so badly. [shouting in joy] So tempting to eat them! The gummy bears smells delicious.
>>We’re gonna– we’re gonna eat the slime,
anyway.>>Yeah, we’re gonna
eat the slime, which is going to
taste even better. So, the next step is
to microwave the marshmallows and the gummy bears.>>But where is
the microwave?>>Right here. Ooh!
The microwave is here.>>Alrighty.>>Who’s gonna microwave
their slime first?>>Me.
>>Me.>>No, me.>>Okay, let’s rock,
paper, scissors. Rock, paper,
scissors, shoot!>>Alrighty.
Okay. Have you ever
microwaved marshmallows?>>Not really. There you go.
>>Alrighty.>>Now we just need
to chill and wait.>>My gummy bears
looks delicious.>>Marshmallow!>>Ooh!
Their done! What?
Is it hot? Is it hot? [laughing]>>Attempt two.>>Yup.>>Marshmallow!>>Smell like poo.>>Marshmallow!
>>Are like smells like pee.>>Marshmallows!
>>Are slimy like boogers.>>Marshmallows!
>>Smell like farts.>>Marshmallow!
>>Go to the bathroom every second.>>10 more seconds. Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five– Five seconds.>>Okay.
Is it done? Is it done? Yes. Uhm. That doesn’t look done.>>Maybe we should bake it
for another 30 seconds. Okay. So,
while it’s cooking you can look at
my beautiful face.>>And mine.>>Yeah, and Ronald’s. But mostly mine.
>>No, mine.>>Mine.
No, just joking. Look at our ugly faces. Ooh!
>>Ooh! Look what’s finished? It’s the Poo-mallows.>>Oh my god.
They’re so hot. Help! Oh my god, guys,
it overflows the bowl. Let’s mix it now.>>Should I bake mine
for two minutes?>>Mine was done
for like five minutes. Actually, no. Do like two minutes
because yours are gummy bears.>>I’m gonna do mine
for three minutes. Okay. Alright. One, two, three,
four, five, six. Alright, three minutes. Gummy bears, gummy bears,
come out of microwave. I wanna eat you all up so I have diabetes. Oh, 30 more seconds.>>Gummy bears,
gummy bears are finished!>>Oh, yeah.
Oh my. Wait, what? They don’t look good.>>I think we need another
more than three minutes. Gummy bears!>>I want to eat you
all day long.>>Gummy bears, gummy bears,
I think they’re almost finished.>>Gummy bears! Two more minutes. Oh, oh!
Oh, oh! Gummy bears, gummy
bears, we love you.>>I’m gonna poop some
gummy bears tonight. Poop, poop, poop. Look at my gummy bear.>>Alright, so my gummy
bears look ready.>>Let’s get rid
of this microwave now.>>We will use
our magical powers.>>Oh!
It’s gone!>>Oh my god, it’s gone!>>So the next step is to mix
the marshmallows and gummies, and then we’re
gonna add cornstarch to both of them
to make the slime.>>Alrighty. [gasps] It’s so good. Mix it up.
>>Look at my marshmallows.>>Mix it up, up, up. Mix it up, up, up.>>Mine’s already kind
of sticking together.>>Oh my god,
look at mine.>>Whoa! Alright,
I think I’m ready.>>Mixing, mixing, mix.>>Alright, I just added
1 spoon of corn starch. Now, I’m mixing it.>>I’m gonna add
one spoon too. One spoon,
there we go.>>Alright, second spoon
of corn starch. Here it goes.>>This is hard.>>I’m gonna add
some more of cornstarch, my third spoon. Mine smells so good
and it looks super sticky. I think soon I’ll be able
to mix with my hands.>>Wow. Ooh, yeah! Looks awesome.
Look at it! Ooh, whoa!>>Can I have
a try mixing it?>>Alrighty.>>Feels super cool to mix.>>I know.
>>And it makes lots of swirls.>>Okay, let’s add lots
of corn starch.>>Woah, look at mine,
It is like falling from my spoon.>>Should I add
another spoon?>>Yeah, of course.
>>I’m gonna add another spoon. Alrighty. This– my slime looks amazing. I cannot wait to try it.>>Mine is sticking together super quickly.
>>Oh my god. Oh, it’s already
sticking on me.>>I know, my hands are–
>>Get off me! I don’t want to spoil
my trial on eating it. I want to eat when it’s
the perfect time.>>Let’s add one more
spoon of corn starch.>>Oh, yeah, baby. Look at my slime! It looks awesome.>>This looks super delicious.
I just want to eat it.>>I know, right? Let’s add two more spoons
of corn starch. Number one spoon, and number 2 spoon. This is so sticky,
so sticky, so sticky.>>So, let’s add three more spoons
of cornstarch and then after,
we’re going to add some oil and mix with our hands.>>Oh my god.>>There we go.>>So sticky.>>I know right,
super hard to mix now.>>If you have muscles you
could do this like, easy peasy.>>Alright. I think now it’s
time to add the oil.>>Alrighty.>>Alright, I don’t know how much
we need to add, we need a lot or a little. I’m just gonna add
like a little bit and see if I need
more after.>>Okay. Yeah, add a little bit.>>Alright, mix it with my spoon
for a little bit. Whoa, it’s becoming the slime
super quickly.>>Alrighty. Okay, I’m gonna add
more cornstarch. I shall add
two more spoons. Whoa!>>I’m gonna add
a little more of this. That should be good. Okay, so now let’s start
mixing with our hands. Finally.>>Oh! That’s hot! That’s hot! I can make it! No,
no I can’t make it. Oh, that’s hot… Is yours hot.?
>>Whoa, feels super cool.>>I’m gonna wait a little
because mine is still hot.>>Mine is warm
like the laundry when it comes
right out of the dryer. Alright. I think I didn’t need
to knead it a little and then it will be like,
less sticky because it’s super hard to move
my fingers in this.>>I think I should mix
with the spoon more because I still have lots
of cornstarch to mix in.>>Ronald, can you put 1 spoon
of corn starch in my bowl because as you can see
my hands are sticky.>>Alrighty.
Oh, I’m sorry.>>It’s okay.
I’m messy already.>>So, now, start mixing
like a beast. Oh, yeah.
this is the beast So hard. Oh yeah,
oh yeah! Cornstarch go in. Go inside,
sink inside.>>Mine looks so delicious.
I cannot wait to eat this. Guys, do you like
making slime? I love it. I think it’s super fun.>>Comment in
the comments section down below.>>Making this slime is
a serious workout. I’m gonna have like muscles
on my fingers, literally.>>Ugh! Ugh! Oh yeah my pee
is wiggling!>>Oh, this so hard to mix! Ugh!>>Yeah, me too. That’s why I’m doing
this.>>My fingers!>>Watch this.>>Ronald, it’s falling
out of the bowl. Ronald, look at my
mini punching gloves, they look so funny.
>>Wow.>>It looks like I
never even had fingers.>>No! It’s getting on me! I’m definitely gonna need to
take a bath or something after this.>>Yep.
Definitely. I’m all sweaty already
just from mixing.>>Okay, let’s just add five
more spoons of corn starch. Yeah? Oh, one, that’s a two,
that’s a three, that’s a four and that’s a five. Alrighty, Karina
ready for your 5?>>Okay, fine.>>One, two, three,
four, five and a bit more
because a bit fell out.>>It’s gonna be so hard.>>It’s already so hard. I’m so corny up. So now, let’s put
this slime on the table so we can mix easier. Ugh! Mix! Alrighty, let’s mix
more, shall we.>>Alright, I think
I got it off enough. Now, I’m gonna do what
Ronald’s doing folding, because I should have
done that before. I’m got to put this
on the table so it’s easier. Dump that.>>Look at my hands. Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. [grunting]>>Mine is coming
together actually.>>So heavy!>>So after hours of mixing. We finally got something
what looks like slime. Mine is white,
Ronald’s is pink! I thought it was gonna be red,
yellow, green, but really, it’s just pink.>>Yeah.
>>It’s just pink. So this is
how mine stretches. And this is how
mine stretches.>>It’s quite hard to stretch it
but still slimy, though.>>It’s not that sticky at all. Look, watch this. Nothing.
So now it’s time to try it. Are you ready, Karina?>>Three, two, one. Oh my god,
that’s so good.>>Mmm!
>>Mmm!>>Mmm! It tastes like– cornstarch
and gummy bears.>>Mine tastes like
marshmallows.>>Now, let’s try each others.
>>But this time, tiny bites.>>Okay, yeah. Yours are still warm.>>I know. Okay.
Three, two, one.>>Taste like a gummy bear. Oh my god.>>This tastes amazing!>>Which one do you like better?>>I don’t know.>>I actually like– Personally,
I like mine better.>>I like yours better. It’s too good.>>I know. You cannot beat up marshmallows
unless you have an Oreo or chocolate,
but marshmallows is the king of this round.>>It’s too good.
>>Mmm.>>So, what
do you guys think? I like marshmallow,
Karina likes marshmallow, but you guys
could decide too in the comment section
down below.>>Mine is so good,
I’m gonna take another bite.>>Wow.>>Mmm.>>So good! Even though it was harder to mix it’s totally worth it
in the end. So guys, make sure you
make marshmallow slime. It’s so fun play with
and so delicious.>>Good! I’m gonna have dreams
of eating it.>>And you can use this
as battle weapon too. Guys, it’s really hard
not to eat this slime, but now let’s play with it.
Ronald, grab on.>>Let’s go!>>To mars!>>Never mind.>>So guys, we hope
you like this video.>>If you did,
smash that like button!>>Like a slime,
boom, boom!>>And we’ll see you
all next time. Goodbye! Good bye.

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