Gummy Gang Beasts!? A Gummy’s Life Family Battle! KIDCITY GAMING
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Gummy Gang Beasts!? A Gummy’s Life Family Battle! KIDCITY GAMING

August 21, 2019

hey what’s up everybody it’s kid city
family we are about to play a gummy sour challenge while we play gummy life and
the way this is gonna work is the nice life gummies live the way this is gonna
work is we’re gonna play four rounds winner of each round is going to get a
shot of sour candy so like round one is this sour slime and
it is actually the consistency of slime route two is gonna be slime licker you
don’t have to lick this thing no dude well route three is going to be this
quick blast air horn to the mouth so that’s a nasty one
and Ralph four is gonna be the ultimate hazard toxic waste sour candy you gonna
have to pick a candy out of this what are you what are you flash down there
bottom right is the blue Cola hey what are you okay I’m trying to pick mine
I’ve got the angry something the the marshmallow – gotta soccer field yeah
soccer field soccer field you wanna do zombie for zombie farm bombard I wish
you the robot wars this one spins well I look like I’m yelling oh my goodness knock out to the bear so you’re losing
you’re losing flavor right so your flavor is your yelling in my ear what
you’re supposed to have these on sir yeah okay now now we’re good Ava flew
off like I did for this whole thing is the match yeah oh oh
slide into the soccer ball oh where are you how’d you get out of the arena she’s
at her she’s caught about the score
nah I should have been restored after because I don’t know where my friend is
or my back you got no face I’m going to kick it I’m
going what are you trying to get a score yeah big self what happened why I went
through the daddy go back in no go back in okay I’m sorry we took the wrong turn
come back in how do we get back in there I went bad got sucked up by the Loom oh
my goodness scar again that’s one again oh my some
bar some barn I know kinda just look what are those get out of here I’ll go out of here I
don’t get on those zombies so can they not climb on the tractor I don’t think
so so y’all gonna just look at each other
or what I’m gonna jump off instead oh here comes a gummy a zombie gummy
zombies they’re trying to push them what are they look at all the zombies waiting
on a bee to get out there you go that’s the way you treat me
gummy zombie lead them away they’re too smart are you driving just drive the
tractor run that’s in silver here we go Robot
Wars remember trick Ava is already outside the arena hey someone coming
from me Oh go get him Joe I don’t think he’s
interested in making a deal labor I don’t owe you get locked out that ass is
some kind of drill or so oh it’s a gummy brawl Oh did you win points okay uh yeah green
gummy slime does it miss sour candy ever baked before rats ooh gonna make me cry
I’d luck with my guy I’m gonna keep him I’m gonna do banana boy I’ll be twister
ladies so we’re gonna be high we’re gonna do the giant block we’re gonna do
the grow box oh and we’re gonna do frogs life
what’s what’s about this one I don’t know I bet you some of those those
honeycombs fall off oh okay if you stand there too long they’re gonna they’re
gonna fall yeah fine headbutt Oh No get up
oh he’s dominating I have two parts a frog City you just avoid the traffic
people how do you know where the trap my guys not working there it is now get off
the road what are you doing what are you doing
what are you doing even perfect that ain’t Beckett that’s your father
you’re my father why what are you trying to do what are
you doing I still okay I’m still in get in the road Ken I’m not gonna get in the
road bend yourself you’re right two defenders coming after
you come here Oh Ava wins Oh oh no you’re still alive
no right there you’re right there your allergy strategy yes Jenny wait books
not your allergy your strategy was just a sip my allergy was just a sin there
okay so do not be a victim of time and going easy on you this time do we need
to get on a number pick a number everybody yeah we do why Oh Shh I’m
getting pinkeye I live it’s way too drop the draw
odo um I think I’m about to have to do this hour work after this I need to get
to my four oh I might fight for Haven went into the conveyor belt oh I think
she got turned into him she got turned into a block daughter come here
oh she’s feeling good she’s no I don’t want to be a block how do we beat the
block she’s a little box oh my goodness
wouldn’t wipe out did you do that look at that dead banana I’m already
dead I don’t know what there’s a there’s backing up there ah I don’t get in one
of these oh I still have to do this our life you got another second route –
winner is liquor yeah Oh yuck so we got this slime liquor no it’s like a it’s
like a deodorant ball yeah no hey would do it first no no no you don’t that’s
the rules lick that’s good good yeah all right round three going up so the slime
licker wasn’t that bad okay I’m gonna do sour gummy tape you want to be the
the Shamu I’m gonna be a war mode Bob City is the red watermelon for this one
we’ll do the growl ski we will do the hoodie
pretty puddi will do the de Congo come I will do PAP CIL’s round three begins oh
you’re trying to stay on the ones that have yellow around them okay I’m the I’m
the tape boy liquor stick boy and is a them the whale yes
Ava’s the bull Shamu the sour shimmer what’s happening stay on the ones of the
yellow okay stay on the yellow ones good Ava’s on the cliff went flying what
happened to you know that gonna love it oh there I am oh she bounces weird a t-shirt oh it
goes Ava again shoe off come here Eva sole I know you are no look down there
somewhere get all the sour candy jungle level what’s what’s gonna happen face
play that I don’t know what I’m hanging off of it swim oh oh my goodness look at
all that gummy – easy okay so what happens on this one
this is the cannon shoots out cannons okay I’m gonna get shot Oh Oh got a
bowling ball oh it knocked me off I don’t look out
everybody yay bowling balls are crazy y’all better
be careful what happens to pudding pudding hot what did you do that for you
don’t want to get sprayed and it’s like it rises let’s get er you’re so good
yeah here you ready kinda sour
last round here we go so mob city is the licorice ages the bear I’m blue you’re
blue licorice she’s strawberry licorice and I am the so we’re gonna train the
rolling I’ll ring it to the water final winner everybody hold on I’m gonna go
right over here and I’m gonna hold on to the edge
shaky-shaky help me so this round is the toxic waste right yeah yeah I don’t want
to lose my I don’t know I’m better get up I better get up before it throws me toxic waste I’m sliding
you got lucky that time Wow Oh No hey hey someone’s gonna the
back of that and splatter Ava wins okay this is it you don’t want to win look at
this few more all the roller I’m gonna try to
get hit but you better walk I think I’m gonna yeah what is what’s what’s a
family I’m gonna save you I will get hit damn quit it I’ll save you I’ll save you come here
let’s save you Ava okay okay what is my daughter just
disappeared right there person okay is the water lethal oh here’s a black oh I
just got electrocuted these guys are whaling on me here comes
a triangle that’s a watermelon it was just sitting these who’s all alive um I
decided to jump in the water what did I go so I would the last one I guess so
now I have to pick from the toxic waste this is called toxic waste ready this is
what mystery is that something else try to keep it in for one minute nasty if
you want to see more family battles on kiss city gaming give us a thumbs up and
remember to subscribe ring the bells and you get notified
every time we upload we think you’ll love these videos these gang beast
videos will give you playlist right here and we will see you next time yeah

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