Gumbino: Video Game Competition (S01E03) Freddy’s Pizzeria
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Gumbino: Video Game Competition (S01E03) Freddy’s Pizzeria

September 9, 2019

[Music] Video game characters from all over the world compete for a chance to win the grand prize. The winner? He gets a special surprise chosen by YOU guys, the viewers! And the losers? Well, let’s just say things don’t work out very well for the losers… Welcome everyone, to the Video Game Competition! [Epic Music] Welcome back everyone! Last week, we asked you viewers to decide who will be eliminated out of Mario and Red… And the decision has been made. [Le epic drumroll] I am sorry to say that the viewers have decided, the one that will be eliminated today is… Mario! With a whopping 75% vote to be eliminated over Red! Are you serious?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You guys think you can eliminate me for no reason? Well, guess what? This isn’t the last you’ve heard of me. I promise you! I’ll get even with ALL of you for this! Especially that the red hat-wearing dimwit with the pokémon! Actually, now that I think about it… He could have literally used a pokémon to fly up the mountain, and secure the win! Oh, definitely he’s getting it now… You’ve had a good run Mario. Guards, please take him to the elimination room. Luigi: Hey, Mario! You suck! [Mario gets pissed] Alright guys, we are now down to 9 contestants! Today’s challenge will have you split into two teams, and the captains are the winners of the last competition. Kirby, and… Donkey Kong. Come right up boys. All right, you will both choose who you’d like to join your team for the next challenge. Choose carefully, because whoever you pick may be the difference between you staying, or getting eliminated! Wow, I think I’ll have to go against Kirby next round. I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship… *krshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* Donkey Kong was a really friendly partner last challenge… No offense to the guy, but I’m gonna make sure he bites the dust on this one… I’ll have to use his kindness to my advantage. Go right ahead guys! You go first, Kirby. All right. Sonic, I choose you on my team. Good choice, pink man. Luigi, hop over buddy! Alright! Okay, uhh… Wario, I’m gonna need your strengths! Only if I’m the captain. Oh, you’re right. Uhh… Bowser! I need your strengths as well! You work like you’ll just be able to boss me around… I’ll tell you right now: It’s not happening. Okay… Link. Great, I don’t even get to decide what team I want to be on. Uhh… Come on man pick me! I’ll help you win. Just pick me! Over here, man! Red! Come on, dude. All right, here are the teams! Kirby, you and your team are Team A! Donkey Kong, your team will be Team B. There’s two buses waiting for both teams outside for the next challenge. Hey, um… What about me? I have a special challenge for you Mega Man. You’ll be coming with me. We don’t have much time, so let’s get going everyone! [Door opens] Welcome to the A Team buses! When you get in, choose a seat, sit down, I don’t really care! Just stay out of my way! All right? And you guys must be Team B! I’ll be your designated bus driver to take you to where you’d like to travel! [Bus stops] [Door opens] Whoa! What is this place? [Thunder and lighting] Good luck on the funeral guys! So what do we do now? Is anyone opposed to just calling it a day and going home? I mean, I personally wouldn’t complain if we did- Step aside you big baby! Toughen up Luigi, this is a competition. [Door creaks] Hello? Anybody home? *Static* Welcome, to Freddy’s Pizzeria! Each and every one of you were sent here to begin working for our pizzeria for the night. Your team captains will decide your job in this pizzeria. If any of you would like to escape this pizzeria, the door is unlocked You’re completely free to leave. Alright guys, it’s been great but don’t mind if I- But if anyone does decide to leave, then their ENTIRE team will lose the challenge. You better get back here, you green stick! One night is all you’ll need to survive! If you all survive, everyone gets to move on to the next challenge tomorrow! But if you lose… The entire team will be subject to be eliminated by the viewers. Good luck to everyone here! You’ll need it… [Static] I see… so this is a survival challenge. Alright Wario and Link, you’ll be the two janitors. And Sonic, you’ll be the phone receptionist. Sounds good to me. So, Red and Bowser will make the pizzas and Luigi, you’ll be the cashier. What?! Does that mean I have to stay by myself?! You’ll be fine Luigi. You probably have the easiest position. There’s no customers at night, so you’ll pretty much be standing there all night until the challenge is over. Alright! Is everyone ready? Yeah! No… Everyone ready? Yeah… Whatever. So, let’s get in position and survive this night! (Let’s see what is in store for Wario and Link!) Of course I had to get stuck with cleaning duties! Are you even cleaning or are you just leaving everything to me? Just shut up and do what you gotta do before I punch your face in. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and try it buddy, I’ve slain monsters ten times your size. Hey, is it just me or do you feel like we’re not alone in here? Don’t tell me you’re already starting to lose your screws? We’ve only been in here for an hour tops… Yeah, you’re right and it’s probably all just in my head… Plus, you shouldn’t be so scared anyways… If anyone tries something I’ll knock them up with my fists! [Lightbulbs flickering] *Luigi’s moan of nervousness* I don’t like this! Focus Luigi, you can’t let your team down now! This is going to be such an easy challenge! They’re amateurish tricks at scaring might work on the rest of my contestants, but me I see right through it. Time to relax and maybe have a little nap. [Phone rings] Hello? You’re gonna have to do better than a simple prank call. What are you looking at? I need to eat at least 6 meals a day to keep this beach body! You should probably try it with that frail body of yours. … ….. ……. Do you not speak or something? Whatever. More pizzas for me! [Door slowly creaks open] Hello? Donkey Kong, is that you? All right, you stay here. I’ll go look. [Door slams shut] (And now we go back to Wario and Link…) Hey, kid. You missed a spot. *Sigh* You know, I really hate people like you! You’re just a big dumb bully who bosses everyone around and just sits on his ass! *Laughs* Please! Your insults are music to my ears. What the? I don’t even know why Kirby picked you! I would’ve been fine with Bowser instead! Wario? Uh oh… [Door creak] Hey is everything fine in here? I’m just going around checking on everyone. Uh, where’s Bowser? Woah! Oh, this is bad… Uh… Hello little girl. Are you here to order a pizza? Uh… You can go away now… (Well that was frightening…) (Let’s see how Link is doing to change the mood!) Who’s there?! Go away! I’m warning you. I may not look like it, but I can put up a good fight! Link is that you? Kirby? Yeah, I just came here to check up on you and see if everything was all right… Weird things have been happening! I was minding my business and cleaning up and Wario just vanished all of the sudden! Vanished? Yeah, I started looking for him, but I haven’t been able to find him anywhere! Uh, Link? You might want to turn around… *Foxy screams* *Kirby and Link scream* [Music] *Panting* I think we lost him! Kirby! You’re doing this, aren’t you? What? You’re trying to scare us so we leave and lose the challenge! No, I- I’m not I swear! Oh, yeah? Well why is Wario missing all of the sudden? He’s missing? Yeah, and I’m sure you guys had something to do with it! You guys should have a look at this… Link: I don’t like this at all… (Almost halfway there!) (I wonder how Sonic is holding up…) [Phone rings] Hello? *Creepy robotic noises* All right, I’ve had enough of this! [Unplugs] This should stop these weird phone calls from happening now… [Phone rings] All right, that’s a nope from me… We need to form a plan! Two of our teammates are missing, and there’s these weird animatronics around the entire place. Those animatronics are alive! Yeah, a few of them started chasing both me and Link! At first we thought you guys were playing a prank on us, but with Bowser missing, it’s got to be more than that! [Door knocking] What was that? [Door opens] What? Who was it? It’s the animatronics! I think I saw a Luigi animatronic out there too! Quick! We need something to barricade the door! [Door banging/breaking] What are we gonna do?! [Door bursts open] [Music] Red! [Music] We’re all gonna die! Keep it together Link! Donkey Kong, I’ll take the animatronics on the left! And you take the ones on the right! All right! ARGH! Link help us! [Music] Wait, I think I see a door over there! Link! Don’t! [Music] Yes, I’m almost free! [Music] [Buzzer] [Static] Well, it looks like Team A has lost the challenge! What? Wait! Link didn’t leave the door yet. He’s technically still inside! Yeah! I thought you only get disqualified if you actually leave? Link didn’t leave, someone else on Team A did… It’s Wario, isn’t it? Why don’t you guys open the door and see who it is for yourself? [Door creaks] Taxi! Sonic?! What? You couldn’t pay me enough to have to deal with that GhostBuster bull crap I had to deal with in there! You did a great job scaring them off Mega Man! Ha ha! Thanks Toad! Mega Man? Yep! While you guys had to survive, my challenge was to scare all of you into chickening out by using these animatronics! Then how do you explain what happened to Luigi, Red, Bowser, and Wario? Bowser and Wario both ran and hid in a closet when they saw the animatronics… You think they’re out there? I don’t know, go out there and check. I’m not going out there! You go check! Wow, and they’re ironically supposed to be the toughest guys of our teams… And Red is sitting on that chair over there. Wait… so if this was all fake, how do you explain the phone ringing after I unplugged it? All right, it looks like Team A has lost the challenge! Which means… Someone on their team will be eliminated next episode! So I want YOU guys, the viewers, to vote or comment down below who you’d like to be eliminated from Team A! Leave a like if you’re enjoying the season so far! Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you guys Saturday… on the Video Game Competition! [Epic Music] [Beep] [Music from Gumbino’s amazing outro] (If you haven’t already, you guys should seriously consider subscribing to Gumbino!) (They produce great and hilarious content consistently!) (And no I was not paid or asked to put this in here) (Remember to like and subscribe!) (Bye!)

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  1. No I'm not dead guys, I've been dealing with personal matters these past couple of weeks, I am sorry for leaving you guys in the dark for so long, I will be back this saturday with the new episode

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