Guess That YouTuber And Fortnite Skin – Akinator #2 (React: Gaming)

October 6, 2019

– “Is she a dancer?”
Oh, oh. “Does she use a bow?”
Oh my God. – How did he know that? ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – Akinator.
I used to play this all the time in middle school. – I have had this app,
the app of this. – It’s like 21 Questions,
but it’s based off of a real person
or fictional character. – (FBE) Akinator is a game
that guesses who you’re thinking about
by asking you a series of questions.
Now, we had a blast trying it out last time,
so we wanted you to try a few more rounds today.
– Oh, okay. Interesting. – I haven’t done this
since middle school, so I wonder if the program
is changed at all. – Might throw in some lowballs
and then I’m definitely gonna throw some curves
and see what happens. – (FBE) Let’s start by picking
one of your favorite YouTubers. – Okay, my favorite YouTuber
has always been Shane Dawson, so I’ll go with him. – I wanna see if Akinator
can guess Jacksfilms. – Swoozie.
He’s a really good storyteller. – Jess Conte.
She’s Australian. She talks about stuff
that I love like fashion and beauty. – I follow ScrewAttack
and there’s these couple of guys that just do narration,
Wiz and Boomstick. Let’s do Boomstick,
’cause he’s more entertaining. – I do enjoy watching
the memes of her, but it’s Jojo Siwa.
She’s from Dance Moms. She’s that blonde girl
with the super tight ponytail. – “Does your character
have a guitar?” No, he doesn’t have a guitar. – “Is your character a girl?”
Do they listen to you when you’re talking?
Okay, yes. She’s a girl. – “Is your character a female?”
No. See, I also like his
face changes, so he gets really smug and then
he finds out he’s wrong and he’s just like, “Oh, fine.” – “Is your character a YouTuber?”
Technically, she does make YouTube videos, like vlogs. – “Does your character have
a gaming channel?” I mean, it’s not–
no? I don’t know. – “Is your character a gamer?”
No. That narrows down
half of YouTube. – “Does your character always
wear an orange t-shirt?” That’s a fun way to live life,
but no. – “Is your character famous
on Vine?” I hope not.
“Is your character a member of Dude Perfect?”
No, but that’s a random jump. – “Has your character ever
been pregnant?” No.
“Is your character in a relationship?”
Yes. – “Is your character a singer?”
No. – WWE, definitely not.
Could you imagine Jojo Siwa just in the ring? – “Is your character
a Disney princess?” No. – “Does you character
have a dog?” Why yes he does.
“Is your character from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?”
All right, I don’t think it has a firm grasp on where
I’m going with this. – Does she have a driver’s license?
If she’s fifteen, then no. – “Is your character
from Serbia?” I don’t know.
“I think of Akinator’s creator.” Well if your creator’s
a monkey, that’s a pretty smart monkey. – “Is your character gay?”
He’s bisexual. Maybe I’ll just say yes
to not make it a complicated question. – “Has your character ever
created a song?” Yes.
“Is your character on Team 10?” No.
I wouldn’t follow her if she was. – “Does your character know
Markiplier?” I don’t know.
I’m doing horribly. I’m sorry, but you should know
regardless of that. Your future husband?
I don’t think so. – “Has your character
written a book?” I don’t think so.
James Westbrook. Whoa, that was
all of a sudden. I don’t even know who that is. – “Is your character
a conspiracy theorist?” Yes, he is.
That is what he’s super known for. “Does your character like
conspiracy theories?” Yes, he does.
Shane Dawson. I like how they use
a really old picture of him. – “Is your character married?”
Yes, she is. It says, “Is your character
Australian?” She is.
He’s gonna guess it. He’s gonna guess it.
Okay. Yes!
How did he know that? – Is she blonde?
She is. Oh my God, wait.
He’s getting closer. Has she gone on tour?
I’m pretty sure she has. That totally seems like
something– yeah.
Is she a dancer? Does she use a bow?
Oh my God, he’s gonna– oh my God!
It went from literally just girl and YouTuber
to her branding. From zero to one hundred
so fast. – “Is your character from
Planet Dolan Crew?” I’m gonna put “I don’t know.”
‘Cause I didn’t know they had a planet.
“I think of PewDuckPie.” What?
Continue. “Is your character associated
with PewDiePie?” Yes. – “Is your character white?”
No. I feel like that could have
been one of the first questions. That would have really
narrowed things down. “Is your character black?”
Yes. – “Is your character’s
gender female?” No.
“Is your character a YouTuber?” Yes. – “Was your character
born in Sweden?” No, it’s not PewDiePie.
“Does your character have a mustache and a beard?”
No. – “Is your character
a leader of a crew?” I don’t know.
“Does your character–” Yes!
Thank you. That took you a very long time.
You don’t deserve to be that happy right now. – “Does your character
have a big forehead?” It’s all about the foreheads
with Akinator. Yes.
“Does your character make parodies?” Yes.
Hey, Jacksfilms! That was a wild stretch.
I don’t know how it went to PewDiePie in the first place
and then I don’t know how it got from PewDiePie
to Jacksfilms, but good for you, Akinator. – “Is your character from
Buzzfeed Unsolved?” No. I don’t think so.
It’s thinking of my future husband and I highly disagree
with this. Name.
Aha, I win. Boomstick.
Ha, it did have ScrewAttack. – (FBE) So, for your next round,
go ahead pick whoever you like. – All right, I think I’m gonna go
with David Dobrik next, ’cause he’s pretty freaking funny
and I love him a lot. – I’m gonna go with
Anna Akana. She’s really cool and also
I think pretty well know, so hopefully he’ll be able
to guess her. – I’ll pick Savannah Labrant.
They call her Sav. – The little shibe meme dog,
you know? The little shibe inu
who’s doge, like D-O-G-E. – Let’s do a Fortnite skin.
Okay, let’s do the Raven. That’s the most popular
Fortnite skin. – Fortnite, I know they have
a lot of skins. Early on, they did
a John Wick skin and John Wick is awesome,
so I’m gonna– I think it was called
the Reaper. – Okay, “Is your character’s
gender female?” Yes, she is.
Is she a famous YouTuber? Yes.
See, he asks these broad questions at first. – “Is your character a female?”
Yes. “Has your character
really existed?” Yes. – “Does your character
have a guitar?” No.
“Is your character from Fortnite?” How the [bleep] did he know
already? – “Is your character from Fortnite?”
Yes. “Is your character real?”
No, ’cause they’re in a video game. – “Is your character human?”
I like how that’s a question. It could be a dog. – “Is your character famous?”
Yes, he’s very famous. Does he create music?
No, he does not. He is a dog. – “Does your character run
a gaming channel?” No, she does not. – “Is your character
a famous YouTuber?” Yes.
“Is your character a gamer?” No. – “Is your character famous
on Vine?” That’s where he started. – Is she blonde?
Yes. He’s gonna get this so easy.
I already know. Is she married?
Yes. Does she have any kids?
He already knows. – “Does your character wear
a lot of black?” Oh my God, he does.
“Is your character real?” I hope not. – “Is your character a skeleton?”
No. “Does your character
wear a hood?” No. – “Did your character
run for president?” I would love to see that,
but unfortunately that is not legal,
so no. – “Is your character connected
with Liza Koshy?” Yes, that’s his ex-girlfriend,
so they’re pretty much gonna guess it right away. – “Does your character
have a dog?” Yes.
Is he gonna guess? Whenever it takes
a long time to load, I’m afraid he’s gonna guess.
“Does your character have any pets?”
Yes, she has a dog. – “Does your character
have human skin?” Definitely not.
That would be terrifying. A dog walking around
with human skin and no fur. – “Is your character Asian?”
Yeah. “Is your character transgender?”
Nah. You are wrong. – “Does your character
wear a hood?” Oh my God, he does!
“Does your character have a purple eye?”
Kind of. I’ll say yes.
“Does your character have purple eyes?”
It’s plural now. It guessed a Fortnite skin
in eight moves. – “Character wear a tie?”
Yes. “Character own a car?”
I mean, in the movies and in real life,
not in the game. Ah, Fornite’s too popular
right now. – “Is your character
from Rain World?” No.
“Does your character have a Tesla?”
Yes. David Dobrik.
It got it again. – “Does your character
live with cats?” No.
See, the first questions are so broad and then
these ones are so random. You can tell he’s asking
these with people in mind and he’s trying
to flush them out. “Does your character
have children?” Yes.
He got it. Sav Labrant.
He guessed her and he doesn’t even
have a photo of her. – “Does your character
come from the internet?” Yes, he’s getting closer.
Has he ever been a cheerleader? Again, would love to see that,
but unfortunately no. (gasps)
He got him! – “Is your character
associated with comedy?” Yes, she is.
“Has your character gone through trauma?”
Yeah. “Does your character have
multiple pets?” Yeah.
Yeah. All right, we got there. – It just knew exactly
what I was talking about and it kinda creeped me out,
but it was also very cool. – I don’t know how it’s getting
there, but it’s getting there, so it’s this weird giddy enjoyment
like when you use a Ouija board where you’re like, “Ooh,
this is haunted.” – Even if I didn’t play
it in the past, I think I would have enjoyed this
just as much, ’cause it’s just fun
to try and be smarter than a computer. – Thanks for watching
this episode of gaming on the React Channel. – I’m predicting that
this episode is coming to an end. – He y’all, it’s Omar here,
the React Gaming producer. Thank you for watching
us play Akinator. Did you know we’re
in the comments replying to you guys
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Be sure to Subscribe, hit the bell and checkmark
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Take care.

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