Guardiola slams Barca president Sandro Rosell – English subtitles
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Guardiola slams Barca president Sandro Rosell – English subtitles

November 16, 2019

Hello. Good afternoon, Pep. What do you think about Santos vice-president’s words? I don’t know this man, I haven’t had the chance to meet him. I don’t know him because I’ve never been to Brazil and I hadn’t the chance to meet him in Club World Cup held in Japan where we won 4-0. Probably his intermediaries are very, very wrong; the information they passed on to him was very, very incorrect. I’d never dare to make a comment like the one he’s suggested I made. I gave Neymar a ring three years ago when I was Barça coach because president Rosell asked me to call Neymar to convince him to join Barça, and I did so. I just tried to convice him to come. I also met him at the last FIFA Gala in Zürich and we chatted. We talked about football, the match against Santos, and his conception of football. When I became Bayern coach, I wanted to know his situation because, after calling him some years ago, I didn’t know his situation and I wanted to ask him… How things stood, if he had really signed for Barça, where he wanted to go to. I wanted to know him and I arranged a meeting with this father in New York. After five minutes, I realized he wanted to join Barça. In these three times we spoke, I told him a hundred of times that he should go to Barcelona; and in these three times, the name of Tito Vilanova never came up. Never. I don’t need to say if Tito is qualified or not because he was my assistant for five years. And what’s more, what he did last season: achieving the most successful league in Barça history is enough reason to say if he’s qualified or not. Good players are always able to play together and these two (Messi and neymar) are able as well. I left Barça last year, gone 6,000 kilometres away, and asked the president to leave me alone, to leave me in peace, but they haven’t achieved this. They haven’t kept their word. I did my time and left. It wasn’t their responsability, I decided to leave. And so I gone 6,000 kilometres away. Let them to do their job, let them be happy with the players they have, let them do what they do. I wish them all the success in the world because they’re also a part of me, there’s no need to say what this club means to me. But this year there’ve been many things that have crossed the line. Using Tito Vilanova’s illness to hurt me is something I’ll never forget. Because I saw Tito Vilanova in New York and if I didn’t see him more it’s because… It wasn’t possible, but not because of me. Do I have to justify that I don’t want things to go well for a partner I’ve had for a long time and helped me so much? That was something in very, very, very bad taste. I didn’t expect it. From them or from anyone else. At Barça, everybody knows it, I did my best, the best I could, with all my will. I made the decision; they have to keep calm. The board, the technical staff, and everyone have to keep calm and do their job. It was me who decided to leave. I have nothing to reproach them for. I just told them, “Please, let me be. I’m gonna leave with my family to try to learn English,” and I ended up trying to learn a bit of German. That was all I spent my time doing. This is the only thing I ask them for: go your own way and leave me alone. And don’t use my friends or my folks to hurt me. If I want to have dinner with Johan Cruyff, I’ll have dinner with Johan Cruyff. I owe nothing to anyone. I did my job as best I could. They should do the best they can. I’ll hug them when I see them in the Audi Cup or if we meet… In European competition. Everything good that happens to Barca will make me happy, but there’re some things I’ll never forget. Never. And this one is not so important, the matter with Santos vice-president is a little thing, but there’ve been others they shouldn’t have started. They’re already happy: the coaches, the board, are in the club; and they have to enjoy as I did when I was there. Let them enjoy, but leave me alone and let me enjoy my work and try to convince these good players that Bayern gives to me to do the best I can. And the others… It’s time for them to leave me alone. And if any of the things I’ve said is not true, they must come out and deny it. But it has to be them, not intermediaries from Santos or their friends from Barcelona, they must come out and deny that all I’ve just said is not true. Then we’ll keep talking. Until then, they should focus on making their team work and enjoy, and leave me alone.

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