GTA Online: After Hours – Tale Of Us Mission
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GTA Online: After Hours – Tale Of Us Mission

November 6, 2019

This is big. Proper massive. I can get us not just the hottest DJ but the hottest pair of DJs on the planet. Tale of us. These boys are the kings of atmosphere, the masters of mood they came along and basically took deep house Into the desert and put two in the back of its skull. Bang bang. You’re dead. Their sound is that *blinking* special. And you want them, give me the word and I’ll book them right this second Nice one it’s all sorted. Except for the small matter of their rider. They want to get picked up in an Enus Stafford. DJs these days the fancy fucks. We ain’t gonna be able to rent a motor that pricey, so we’ll have to lift it… and there happens to be one on the back of a transporter not to far away. Chase it down, release the ramps, and watch it fall off the back. Easy-peasy, innit? You through to your garage, you, ah, need me to bring you a ride? I’ll bring it by. You got it. Yes, my beauty. Now bring it down to LSIA I bet they didn’t think we’d come through with this when they put it on the rider. Studio Los Santos is quite a night spot. There you are. No, the prima donnas aren’t here yet. I mean, the music’s great but seriously, rock and roll has really gone to their heads. Yeah they get like that Celebrities. One time right? I was out, you know – Oh, here they are! Hey Dave. Lads, lads… Peace and love… Big up the London massive. Yes… Yes… Shall we, uh, get in the car? I hope it’s, uh, Good enough… Wow, man, this is great. Oh, yes my son. It’s no bother it’s just a little something I threw together Comfortable? Okay driver… To the club. And don’t spare the horses. To the club, you little beauty. All right, all right. To be quite honest chaps, I was expecting… a little more enthusiasm for the old mode of transportation It’s the Enus, innit? About as easy getting out of one of these as it is to piss out a bowling ball It’s a nice car, But you know… you didn’t have to. You could have sent a limo, or anything… Any old limo? Fucking hell. Hold on a second You mean that wasn’t your rider? An Enus Stafford, two gallons of mezcal, and a swimming pool of rubber duckies? Nah. All we asked for was our mixer and a few drinks from the bar. Yeah, if the setup is right, we’re good. Blooming heck. Hey. You hear that? Didn’t even want the Enner. Must have been Laszlo’s list. Poser. That’s the owner by the way, lads. Been jumping through hoops trying to get this thing. Good to meet you, I’m Matteo. Carmine. Great to play the club. Well, enjoy the luxury lads, even if it wasn’t exactly requested. And if you want those rubber ducks, you say the word. Eh, either of you gents on the cacao? Excuse me? What? Cacao. Cacao! Cocoa beans. It’s like chocolate, only properly twist your noggin. Pretty much all I do now is 100% pure, ceremonial grade chockie Sorted my chakras right out. You see them? No. Huh? Perfect alignment. Like a snooker rack. Crown to root, the whole works… Thank you, goddess chock. We’ll get you fellers a ceremony while you’re out here, no problemo. We’re fine. Honestly. Yeah, we’re pretty busy anyway… Shame, shame… your loss. This is the future. Oh and the rider… honest mistake… so don’t get any ideas in your head. Love is the answer. Love. Here we are, lads. I hope they’re ready for it. Thanks, man. Hey, we’ll see you in there. Let’s go for it.

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  1. They should of just let us set up new heists in these nightclubs. But they half assed the missions and dripfed them!

  2. YES I was hoping they’d add these guys, they’re probably gonna have the best music out of all the DJ’s

  3. I'm so fucking mad. The car got stuck and didn't come off the trailer then some dude blew it up. This game is shit

  4. For someone who is reputable in the gta community you think you wouldn't make your character look like level 200 trash

  5. Honestly, to all hip-hop fans, we should've been able to have DJ Esco, DJ Darell, Southside or some other dudes who are really good. Metro Boomin wouldn't be bad neither. I can dream tho, can't I? Lol

  6. you idiots was gonna hate on this dlc regardless so why are you upset? Lmao I don’t consider getting a new dj every week a “drip” it’s like an actual club if you ever been to one

  7. Since GTA is just making DLC every few months how about a DLC with Yusuf Amir. He’s super rich and if they was smart they’d pay us BIG MONEY for completing a job, like from a range from 300,000 and up. I mean we could get paid a million…it’s YUSUF AMIR!!!! I know it’s not likely but it would be a great idea because most people don’t play GTA bcuz they’re to broke so this would be a good way to make money and get players back. And don’t make us buy anything because Luis just started stealing stuff and running errands and jobs for Yusuf so why not us??? Since he also likes nightclubs he could help us out with our club, like certain missions we could steal something for him and he could raise our nightclub popularity . So some missions could give us lots and lots of money and other could help our nightclub. I think I would be a great idea.

  8. I hate so much the Dave's accent,for me american accent is easier to understand…but English Dave is just annoying,he speaks like a robot

  9. Feel like this mission was a little downgraded in comparison to the last one… The only interesting thing was the way to get the car, which that itself was pretty mediocre, certainly not like in the trailer.
    If it keeps up, I think Dixon will just show up in the club all like "Hi" and get to the booth.

  10. Coulda made it a bit more exciting by you know… making the people chase you down and try to take you down.

  11. Why do the people in comments think that 100k for a DJ is too much? I mean tbh, it's not a big deal. Only thing I can agree with are the complaints on the daily and total earning limits

  12. 5:44 Is that the fashionably retro weird-for-a-forty-five-year-old-man-but-i-cannot-let-go-of-the-1980s bag

  13. Thanks for putting these up. It really helps me to decide if buying into the DLC businesses is worth it or not!

  14. Massage for some players whom still didn’t buy nightclub!
    Its useless nothing to do with it its waste of money and waste of time my ceo (garage) business is better than this I realized after wasting 3m on this shit …

  15. Anyone know that blue car that comes flying out at you after you shoot off the first hinges? It’s actually really nice lol

  16. Tale Of Us: English Dave's going to meet with Tale Of Us in LSIA, but there's a preference catch; you'll need to source an Enus Stafford in circulation from a rival Import/Export crew's repo Packer truck to arrive in (and then losing the police attention just in case) before picking them up and bringing them to the clubhouse.

  17. I really really want to know what’s the name of the car that dropped out at 2:55 after the hinges were shot, can someone tell me please

  18. When I did this the game glitched and took so long. Didn't help having the npc running me over and having the trailer on it's side

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