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August 24, 2019

Yooo what’s poppin loyalist welcome back to
the channel this is Dimez ENT aka glitch guru and this GTA 5 online video I’m
gonna be showing you guys the solo direct the mode glitch so you guys can
get any money at outfit and we’re gonna be freezing our Christmas masks also be
showing you guys some of the Holy Grails of modded outfits so we’re gonna be
doing the freeze Jagger’s method so we’re gonna be freezing our white jogger
so we can get the white joggers plus the white body armor so to get this glitch
started what you guys want to do is come over here to the time trial put your
spawn location on last location also I’m gonna be merging my I ate a badge so if
you guys have one of these I do have a video showing you guys how to get one
make sure you have that on this outfit and then we’re just going to go over to
the time trial hit right on the d-pad and start the time trial up now we’re
just gonna flick to a story mode character and once we’re in story mode
we’re gonna open up the interaction menu and go into director mode once we’re in
director mode we’re gonna go into our shirtless actors and we’re gonna remove
anything that is in this list once we have removed anything that was in our
shirt list we’re gonna go into actors animals and we’re going to shirtless our
bird you guys can use the chicken hawk and the seagull also works once you guys
have your bird shortlisted you’re gonna back out go into online characters and
we’re gonna shortlist our online character from here we’re going to go back into
our shirtless actors and now we’re gonna flick between our bird character and our
online character and what should happen is our bird should be duplicating now if
our bird isn’t duplicating all we need to do is press circle to back out select
exit to story mode once we get into story mode we just want to go back into
director mode from here go back to your shortlist
actors and now when we switch between our bird character and our online
character our bird should be duplicating so from here you guys want to do this
for 26 to 30 minutes and eventually our character will spawn over here on top of
the birds on top of the haystack and that’s gonna take 26 to 30 minutes you
guys can use the left analog stick and flip between those two characters by
holding up on the left analog stick and just put the controller face down and it
should be able to do it by itself so that’s what I did for 26 to 30 minutes
eventually my online character did spawn over here on the haystack once that
happens we’re gonna remove our bird it’s gonna take us back over here and then
we’re just gonna back out go into actors beach bums and any one of these
categories we’re just gonna go down scroll down on them and press squared to
change their parents so we’re just gonna keep doing that for approximately like
20 to 30 seconds you guys want to make sure that your character is staying
mighty all right make sure we still have the modded outfits so once you guys are
sure that you do have modded outfits all you want to do is shortlist three
outfits or more that has a Christmas mask on it and I also put a list of all
of the Christmas masks that work you guys can find that down in the
description but once you guys have modded outfits all you need to do is
shortlist three or more modern outfits that has the Christmas mask so once we
have that we’re going to just remove our online character from our shortlist and
now we’re gonna do the freeze mask glitch so to do the freeze mask glitch
I’m gonna go into depth here so you guys really want to pay attention all we’re
gonna do is scroll through our short list while spamming square to change the
parents that would be XV you guys on Xbox so just hold down on the d-pad spam
square to change the parents and we’re gonna do this for about 15
seconds then we’re gonna just press circle to back out then we’re gonna go
into actors beach bums or any of those categories where we can change our
outfits it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it with your female character go
into any category all we’re looking for is to change our characters of parents
and when we change their parents we’re just looking for the mask to stay frozen
but the rest of the clothing to change so I didn’t do it right there so I’m
just gonna go back into my shirtless hold down on the d-pad while spam is
square to change the parents so we can create some lag and then I’m just gonna
back out go back into actors beach bums if you want downtown wherever you want
to go it doesn’t really matter and then you guys just want to press square to
change the parents and see if the Christmas mask freezes alright so I’m
just gonna skip ahead a little bit hair I added some more Christmas masks to my
short list I added the penguin mask which seems to
work really good when you’re freezing so it worked really fast here so all I did
was squirrel to my shirtless like we were doing before I then backed out
wanted to act there’s beach bums down to body builder I press square it to see it
for my mask would freeze and it did so once you guys have your mask frozen like
this we’re now gonna look for a pair of white joggers and shortlist those so
just keep pressing square through the category bodybuilder until you guys find
some white joggers and then press the triangle to shortlist them so I did that
here so now what I’m gonna do is try to freeze my white jogger so we’re gonna do
it the same way we’re just gonna scroll through this list spamming square to
change your parents and then we’re just going to back out go into actors beach
bums bodybuilder and press square and see if we have frozen joggers now which
we do so from here all I had to do was just look for white body armor to match
it so we just have to press square to change the parents to find some white
body armor and you guys want to make sure that you are finding the outfit
that doesn’t have anything joint with it that could be blacklisted so a lot of
these outfits have stuff glitch with denim so you got to be very careful with
like right here that outfit definitely has something glitch within it so I
wasn’t like really confident that it would work but this is the outfit that
we’re gonna come out with and it’s the one right here that one so as you can
see this the shirt is like a little bit different you know I mean it’s kind of
glitch within the body armor but that’s the one that we want and that’s the one
that we’re gonna walk out with so I’m also gonna put a IAA badge on here that
we had on our online character so what you guys want to do is if you have your
online character and your recently used you can go there and then you guys can
reshoot list your online character and we were already wearing our IAA badge so
once we go back to shortlist actors we go down to our online character and we
just scroll up that’s gonna transfer to IAA batch to every outfit in our short
list so we now have it on this outfit with the white body armor and the white
joggers so you guys can freeze the jaggers along with the penguin mask at
the same time or any of the Christmas masks but the penguin mask does work
best and when you leave director mode you can come back and you can grab other
outfits which I will be doing later so once you guys have the outfit the way
you want select it and take it into director mode and we’re now just gonna
wait here for approximately 30 seconds so we’re just gonna walk around and
waste a little bit of time after waiting around for approximately 30 seconds
we’re just gonna hold down on the d-pad and switch to any story mode character
that is available we should now be a story mode with the outfit now we’re just going to wait around the
story mode for approximately 30 seconds again after waiting around for approximately
30 seconds in story mode with the outfit we’re just gonna start up a invite-only
session now when we load online we should have the outfit on we should see
it we will get an error message but that error message is okay we’ll just select
okay to it but we want to see that we have the outfit on when we first load in
so right here boom I have the outfit on so we’ll get this alert message just
wait on this alert message for about 3 to 4 seconds and then select it select
ok to it and continue once you guys do that you’ll get kicked back into story
mode and then from bear would just start up another invite only session now this
time around when we load online we should have owned the outfit that we
want it and we won’t get any error messages so if you guys had anything
blacklisted on that outfit then you might have came back online just wearing
something standard so if you came back online without the outfit that you
wanted it’s definitely because there was something blacklisted on the outfit
maybe it was something you couldn’t see at the time maybe it was something
glitch than the clothing like I was talking about earlier maybe it was B’s
hands Christmas scarf or a sweater something like that all of those things
are blacklisted so if you guys did get the outfit you came online with it all
you need to do now is make your way over to a clothing store and save the outfit
or you guys can save it at home so I’m just gonna change up a few things on it
I’m gonna add a hat to it some gloves and imma change up the sneakers a little
bit but yeah guys this is how you freeze the joggers with the white body armor we
finally got it came out looking really really dope and we also have our ia a
badge on this outfit well so if you guys don’t know how to
get the iaa batch check out this video right here I’ll post the cart at the top
right just click that video right there and you guys can get your ie a batch and
then come back and watch this video so you guys can do it and transfer it over
here to your white joggers so one last look at the outfit alright that’s it for
this video you guys as always I’m trying to get this channel up to 100,000
subscribers and I need each and every single one of you guys watching this
video to do me a favor hit that like button subscribe to the channel turn on
post notifications if you’re new and share this video with a friend please
help me help you you guys and keep bringing you these great GTA 5 online
videos until next time this is your boy glitch guru officially in peace stay low
you and click one of these videos on the screen man which way vote

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  1. When I shortlist outfits which the masks, I go back to see if I froze the mask and it shows the default beach bums and I can’t get it to go back to modded outfits

  2. Does it freeze the joggers every time? Because would if you land on a different outfit when spamming x for 15 seconds.

  3. Finally a director mode glitch where you don’t need to waste time putting on a standard outfit 🤩 also what’s your intro song because that sh•t goes hard lol

  4. Hoping I get an answer 🤷🏻‍♂️ But any idea why it only works on my male character and not the female? The last video you did I was able to save a couple of outfits for her. I can't get my birds to dupe using her now. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Dont need to reshortlist the iaa badge just need to look at it and go back it will transfer to every outfit and if u bump it out of recent used u can go to online characters and just look at it go back to shortlist it will transfer i have iaa on almost every outfit

  6. Yo When I was doing the freeze mask glitch I got the juggernaut with white joggers and Mrs clause mask But sadly I couldn't bring it online-_-

  7. I had black joggers with the Christmas mask and I did everything and then when I went to change shoes and it gave me baggy sweat pants

  8. tried this shit for literally 4 hours had white joggers and christmas mask and tried to transfer it to online and got timed out and didn’t work🤦‍♂️ fucking hate this game waste of time

  9. Yo quick question when I freeze the Christmas mask I got some problems because when I go out to actors and then any section it freezes my square button so I can’t change the appearance
    Could you give me some tips?

  10. If the birds isn’t duplicating just go to online and change a clothing on the character and do the glitch again and it should work

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