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August 26, 2019

Yoo what’s popping loyalist welcome back to
the channel this is Dimez ENT aka Glitch Guru and this GTA 5 online video
and be showing you guys how to make this invisible body modded outfit it’s gonna
be for the female character so we’re gonna be doing the Krampus mask glitch
so we’re gonna be transferring this outfit from our Mel to our female
character the only thing you guys will need is to have at least one Christmas
mask unlocked on your male character okay you don’t need to have it on your
female character as well alright so make your way over to the clothing store with
your male character and you guys want to put on these clothes that I have on
right here so to start we have on the classic SN bomber jacket if it zipped up
you guys can go into style accessories and management and then you know unzip
your jacket and then you guys will be able to purchase the unzip version of it
alright from there we’re going to go into design of t-shirts and we’re gonna
buy the Pegasus t-shirt after that we’re gonna back out we’re gonna go into the
pant section and we’re gonna put on the 10th strike boxer shorts so that’s in a
short section from there we’re gonna go over here to the shoe section and we’re
going to go into smart shoes and we’re gonna put on the cream oxforts after we
have that we’re gonna go over here to accessories and we’re gonna put on our
emerged loves the light woodland tactical gloves here once we have that
the very last component that we need is our Christmas mask which is our Krampus
mask or if you guys have the stock in or the Obama nose snowman then that will
work so once we have all of this on we need to make our way over to the time
trial I’ll show you guys what a new time trial is located it’s a bit far so you
guys might want to request a buzzer to get there and then just request your
vehicle so the new time trial is way up here at the top
so once we make it over here to the Tom trout we’re just gonna happen to our
vehicle hit right on the d-pad to start the time trial and then we’re
just gonna swap characters so we’re now gonna swap to our female character all
right once we swap to our female character and we load into the session
you guys will see that you have on the outfit we have the white joggers and we
will have invisible body here in a minute so just give it a second and my
body should go invisible and we also have on the checkered shoes so this
outfit is really dope our body our top is completely invisible and we have on
little pieces of clothing to cover it it looks like our arms are invisible as
well with this but we have on sleeves to cover it really dope outfit so if you
guys enjoyed this one please let me know by hitting that like button subscribe to
the channel as well let’s try to get this video up to 250 likes guys 250
likes also I do have a modded account for self you guys want to purchase it
hit me up let me know but that’s it for this video you guys as always I’m trying
to get this channel to 100,000 subscribers and I need each and every
single one of you guys watching this video to do me a favor hit that like
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don’t miss a single video please help me help you you guys and keep bringing you
these great GTA 5 online videos until next time this is your boy glitch guru
officialy you piece today law you click one of the videos on the screen man you
a pope you

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