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Growing Up With Video Games

September 5, 2019

Nyehh- Hello. This video has been brought to you by audible, amazon prime members can now save 66% off their first 3 months by going to or text DOMICS to 500-500 *domics intro plays* Video games played a huge part in my upbringing While many believe they are a waste of time I give video games credit for helping build my character and who I am today some of the consoles and games I mention here are probably older than half of you watching my very first console was the (Filipino accent) “Nintendo Family Computer” AKA the “Famicom” {uu} if you are unfamiliar with this, you might recognize the American counterpart: The Nintendo Entertainment System- The N.E.S they’re generally known to be the same console with a few differences honestly, you put red on anything and that’s my bias this console blew my mind as a kid I had a humble selection of game cartridges -yes they weren’t even CD’s yet- and half of which were niche and foreign *BUT* if I turned on my Famicom without a game inserted it would boot up a menu which had over 100 games. Tetris, Small Bee(?), Billiards, some tank game was anyone else’s like that?? was mine modded?? I dunno. but it was awesome! (wow Dom) and it blew my friends’ minds too when I showed it to them not long after, I then got. The “Game Boy” (oh my god YES) YES, that brick of a handheld console where I first discovered Pokémon and all it’s glory~ I still remember that one time as a kid I was chillin’ after swimming lessons sitting on a bench playing my Game Boy waiting for my parents to pick me up another kid in my class was passing by and noticed I was playing Pokémon Red having the game himself, we naturally talked about how fun it is then he started talking about game cheats (N O) and that’s when he opened my eyes to: THE DUPLICATION GLITCH “You possess forbidden knowledge!” basically at a certain part of the game, if you met the specific requirements you were able to duplicate the items in your inventory (OHMYGULAY) to a virtually infinite amount this meant endless Masterballs allowing you to catch any Pokémon effortlessly endless elixirs, allowing your Pokémon to fight f o r e v e r and endless Rare Candies, allowing you to level up your Pokémon without having to fight at all and consequentially it was also when I discovered that although cheats did add a fun aspect of being overpowered and being able to OBLITERATE the Elite Four and my rival “Ta-e(?so sorry if i got that wrong)” using a single move, I felt a sense of emptiness and lack of achievement because my victories weren’t earned through genuine effort, but through dishonest methods the destination was the journey, and the hardships I overcame along the way is what made the end that much more satisfying the cheats kill the game and it’s purpose there was no more journey and that lesson rippled throughout my childhood, and paved my way into adulthood well! good thing that was already like my FOURTH playthrough of red so I didn’t feel guilty too long and continued to become a Pokémon Master by cheating (DOM NO) OH wassup Abra? You gon’ try to teleport outta here again? *small lip smack* nuh-uh, not this time! you gon’ join me today… I have enough masterballs to catch you aand ya bruthers and sistuhs right now and in the next thousand lifetimes.. so go ahead, try and teleport. I’ll come back DUring that time! I also had the super Nintendo! Known to contain many legendary games that still hold a place in people’s hearts today Turtles in Time, Super Mario RPG and Super Mario World, Mega Man X2, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, Super Metroid, and The Link to the Past But you know what game I probably played the MOST? THAT’S RIGHT freakin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Fighting Edition look, as cool as it was to watch people in tights save to city from monsters via martial arts, the megaswords have always been my favorite part about the shows and this game allows you to play AS them and beat the crap out of OTHER megaswords AND monsters! and to 7-year-old me? dat was da bomb diggity I looked it up recently and apparently it was pretty doodoo and didn’t do that well but I still remember having lots of fun with it things don’t need to be the best of it’s kind for you to enjoy them just because Captain Falcon’s mid-tier doesn’t mean I can’t have fun kneeing people in the face and then going “Yeeahh. YEAAHH, ya like that??” (some guy) “Ye-ye-yah actually. I-I thought that was pretty cool… Good job, man!” (kawaii Dom) “hehe, thanks!” my NEXT console was the N64. Of which I was I was introduced to the franchise that is still my favorite game series to this day and yeah you probably guessed it from that last reference: YES! *epic music plays in background* It’s Super Smash Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, and Fathers! If you considered all the time I put into all of these games *weird Dom noise* EXCEPT BRAWL I’m pretty sure I’ve copped in well over a thousand hours (GODDAMN DOM) Smash has such a simple concept that can appeal to all types of people you try to beat each other up and knock your opponent(s) off the stage so that they fall into oblivion and literally explode (basically) s i m p l e ! but despite that it can be complex when taken competitively due to the numerous mechanics that aren’t so obvious at face value “Complexity delivered in Simplicity” in a way that’s what I strive for my work to be like I then went through most of the Nintendo consoles that followed. I went through Sony’s PlayStations 1-4 I kinda skipped the Microsoft line except for that used Xbox 360 I got off Kajiji a couple years ago so I could play Just Dance and try to impress Claire But nothing really beats the bonding I’ve done and the friends I’ve made more than through PC gaming Especially those online. I like to think the circle of friends I’m in now have lasted this long because of the times we struggled together As well as against each other in video games Playing games together with strangers has taught me patience when working with an unfamiliar team Something you might find yourself doing often in real life It’s taught me that people I’ve never met before can enjoy the same things I do Despite having different backgrounds and cultures It’s opened my eyes to the actual size of the world and it’s population Large and diverse in a sense that games can be universal- that there are gamers everywhere but seems small enough that people who are hundreds or thousands of miles apart can create long lasting relationships because of a simple common interest Here’s a few more shout outs to video games that have made great impacts in my life The Zelda franchise. For immersing me in such believable worlds full of lore and fantasy Minecraft. For giving me for my design cravings and applying them to a simulated open world reality that virtually had limitless possiblities League of Legends. For teaching me that having skins doesn’t nessecarily make me a better player and also for allowing me to befriend people I know today because we all learned to hate ourselves together *twinkles* S O L I D A R I T Y OH! And MapleStory for teaching me that people online are really lonely and.. horomonal… VIDeo games are just- awesome, man! and I believe we’re in the biggest gaming generation! (ain’t that right..) anyone can find a game that suits their tastes do you like beating the crap out of other people with cool combos and special skills? fighting games. are you looking for something that focuses on character growth and storytelling? roleplaying games. do you have a good sense of tempo and coordination? rhythm games! are you looking for something with less commitment and immediate reward? mobile games! -unless it’s a gacha game..then…it’s the exact opposite commit HOURS grinding those gems just so you can roll a four star salamander for the sixth time *sharp nose inhale* Damn you Puzzles and Dragons *more inhales* MM damn youuu and now we’ve got Virtual Reality taking big leaps in development who knows what kind of video games we’ll be playing in ten years? what if.. …we’re in a game… ..right now..? (some dude) “staaahhhpp” with the continuous advances in technology the communities that revolved around video games are no longer niche nor underappreciated game design is so much more accessible now and indie games have proven to be some of my favorite titles however, disregarding the game developers themselves, many people’s careers today revolve around the video games themselves, and the culture around it you think that was a self-sustaining lifestyle 15 or 20 years ago? people literally play games for a living now honestly, if I didn’t take the animation route, I probably would’ve become a gaming channel (another random guy where are y’all coming from??) ” “wait. w-what are you thinking?” (Innocent Dom mode) Nothing. “Doomm.” *nervous dom breathing* (woah who dat) “NNNNnNnNNNnnNnnNnNNnnNNN-” many people today may still think video games are a waste of time and I guess if you lack self-control and prioritize them over your responsibilities then yeah, that may be true but the culture of video games is a great influence as to why I am who I am today and has brought me together with people I would’ve never expected to meet otherwise and I’m sure a lot of you share the same belief video games have helped me keep my sanity during the lows in my life, and have made the highs even more enjoyable the video game culture is always growing. and I’m never worried about a shortage of entertainment BHUT what I DO have a shortage of is time. And unfortunately haven’t been able to game as much as I used to HOWEVER during my work and travels I can still take in content through Audiobooks with Audible and now Amazon Prime members can start their membership and save 66% on their first 3 months by going to! Valid until July 31st That’s like 3 months for the price of one! With the Audible app you can enjoy your audio books wherever and whenever! They’re yours to keep for LIFE And you can re-listen to them EVEN if you CANCEL your membership! As a member, you’ll receive 3 credits every month. which you can spend on 1 Audio Book and 2 Audible Originals, REGARDLESS of the price! If you haven’t got the time to play or watch others play video games, why not listen to some of these video game related titles from Audible? Ready Player One, Bio Shock Rapture, Replay: The History of Video Games, and Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America Once again, that’s or TEXT DOMICS to 500-500 for a 30-day trial with 3 Audio Book Credits. And until July 31st, Amazon Prime Members can sign up and start their first 3 months at 66% off. Enjoy! Closed Captions Done By:
Twitter: lu_the_artist

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  1. What if we are in a vr rpg game that makes us forget real life and the only way to leave the game is to sleep but since the video game doesnt want u to remember it just fill that hole in ur mind with dreams thats why sometimes its pretty hard to remember the dreams. What if outside this game the government make us play the game every day but some people dont and thats why they fall in comas.

    Ok i need to stop

  2. Domics is an animator i will force my children to watch someday

    (if i ever even have any lmao)

  3. My favorite games include the entire "Gundam" franchise, Battlefield, Call of Duty franchise up until Ghosts, Escape From Tarkov, and many more.

  4. Domics: do u like beating the crap out of people with cool combos and skills
    Me: OFC tekken all the way, the only fighting game that is growing, unlike the others that are dying

  5. I play too much Pokken tournament with random people and my friends.
    They’re all noobs. They can’t beat my epic level 67 charizard- XD

  6. My first console is ps2 and the second console is famicom (i'm give my famicom to my step bro and buy a new famicom) and my number three console is my ps3
    And that's my gaming collection i'm trying to save money to buy the N64,Dreamcast,GBA SP
    ( I'm only 11)

  7. Hol’ up sir i still use my dads gameboy, i may be thirteen but the games are a classic and you wont stop my Tetris gaming sessions

  8. What do video games teach you about how to interact with people in real life and how to get/keep a job or a girlfriend?

  9. I’m 15 and I have a game boy advance and my phone I pretty much don’t play video games I prefer to ride my bike although I do wish I had a ps3 purely because of nidhogg the best game ever period

    Best video game ever obviously magic the gathering takes the cake for the best game

  10. I feel ya, online games were what kept me sane in high school and helped me become less shy and make more friends. Ragnarok Online 2004-2005 anyone? Met sooo many cool people over the world from that game

  11. Hi! I'm actually a time traveler from future. I got my time machine from area 51 raid. Anyways, this man killed like 10 people so far, police still can't catch him. We suspect it's because he had played video games!

  12. hehe cheats. I didn't realize you could duplicate items in pokemon tho :O. Me and my neighbours had the pokemon gold and silver games, and figured out how to duplicate pokemon. So we just all picked a different starter pokemon, and then duplicated it, and traded it with that old school connection wire so we all had all three. No more choosing just one type of the OGs. 🙂

  13. God has bless us with these games to connect with each other and it's thanks to games why u met many friends became close to friends and family and become a better socially because of it thanks for making this video to remind me how it is a huge blessing it is thanks you jesus for it.

  14. "Slap Red on anything, its my preference. This console blue-"

    I thought you like red-

    Yes I am aware he meant "blew" not "blue" but thats what I thought when he said that.

  15. Yep, video games can realy help you, to find friends, or trolling them one in a time. Yet politicans around world, trying often to blame them for so many things, just to get some votes. -_-

  16. Recommendations for types of games
    Adventure: Kingdom Hearts
    Fighting: Super Smash Bros
    Rhythm: Just Dance
    Mobile: CSR2
    Racing: Forza Horizon
    Gacha: Fire Emblem Heroes

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