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August 24, 2019

(upbeat music) Hey guys, this is Karina. And this is Ronald, and we are from SIS vs. BRO! And today we are doing the soda challenge. We’ve got such gross sodas, and we’re gonna drink them blindfolded and guess which one it is. We got Ranch Dressing, Dragon Drool, Toxic Slime, Bubble Gum, and Bug Barf. Bacon with Chocolate, Zombie Brain Juice, Swamp Juice, and Pimple Pop. You’re gonna pop my pimples off? Yeah, let’s do it right now. No!
Yiii. No, don’t pop my pimples off, I like them. So let’s do it, babies. Ew. What? You’re talking about babies. Soda number one. (slow country music) It’s definitely,
Toxic Slime. Toxic Slime. Oh, it has to be, it has to be.
Has to be. Oh my God. It actually kind of tastes like candy. Oh yeah, I can eat it. Aah. So good. I thought this was really bad. Toxic slime’s actually kind of good for you. It says a really bad soda. It’s toxic slime. (dinging sound) Boo yeah! Peeps! It tastes like candy. Soda number two. Three, two, one. (slow country music) Tastes so good. It tastes like blood. Yeah, it has to be Zombie Brain Juice. Zombie Brain Juice. Let’s open our blindfolds. Yep!
(dinging) It’s zombie brain juice. Boo yeah. Soda number three. Three, two, one, go. (slow country music) It all tastes the same. Bug Barf, Bug Barf. I don’t know. Definitely bug barf. It kind of tastes like chocolate. I don’t know. So you’re picking bacon with chocolate? Yes. All right. Blindfold up. Swamp Juice! No one got it right. That’s like, oh. Soda number four. Three, two, oh. (laughter) Three, two, one, go. (slow country music) Dragon’s Drool. Oh this one was like a different kind of candy. It tastes so weird. Yeah. It’s definitely Dragon’s Drool. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I can’t taste it. I’m guessing… It tastes like, oh it tastes like drool actually. Let me just guess, let me just guess. Maybe someone spit in it. Ummmm… bacon with chocolate. (slow country music) Blindfold.
Dragon’s Drool. (dinging) Ahhh, ahhh. It tastes so gross. I know. I can’t touch this one anymore. Soda number five and three, two, one, go. (slow country music) Tastes like, Bug barf. Kind of tastes like a bug. And a barf. (laughing) you sure? Yeah, I’m sure it’s bug barf. (whining) okay, bug barf. (slow country music) Bug Barf.
(dinging) Boo yeah. It’s kiwi and pineapple! One of the worst combinations in the entire universe. This challenge is way too easy. You just gotta taste it and you right know what it is. Yep. Just the good stuff. (deep bass music) Soda number six. Three, two, one. (slow country music) I got mine. I got it, I got it. Got it right from the smell. Bacon with chocolate.
Same. Of course! (dinging) It’s the same thing, definitely. Oh my God. That’s one of the worst combinations ever. What is it? Bacon and chocolate. Oh, oh, oh. Like, I just smell it. The chocolate part, ew. So bad with the bacon. Oh my. As much as I love chocolate, this is gross. You like bacon, too. Yeah, I love bacon. A little slight better than chocolate. Soda number seven. Let’s do it. Three, two, one, go. (slow country music) I don’t know what it is and I’m not even gonna, ohhh! It’s Bubble Gum! How do you know? Because, have you ever had bubble gum before? No. You have a problem, man. Bubble Gum. Yeah, it tastes like pink, kinda. I don’t know why. Okay. Blindfolds off. It’s bubble gum
(dinging) I just guessed. It’s soda number eight. So, three, two, one and we’re gonna drink. Where’s my thing? All right. Three, two, one. (slow country music) It’s either Pimple Pop or Ranch Dressing. ‘Cause those are the only two we haven’t had. Ranch Dressing. I’m going with the same thing. Ranch dressing! (dinging) The last one’s gonna be pretty easy but the grossest, ’cause it’s gonna pluck off my pimples. Ahhhh. Oh my God, it tastes like dressing, some kinda. And it tastes so sour. Soda number nine. Wait, wait. Before you do the countdown, can I say what it is before we drink it?
Okay. I really don’t want to drink it and I know what it is. What is it? Um, I, um, what is it? Okay. Pimple Pop. Yep, so let’s drink it. Ew. I don’t want to drink it. I don’t want to drink my own pimples. Is it good? Go ahead, try. Is it good? Go ahead, try it. Where’s my straw? It’s really good. It is.
You’re lying. No, it is really good. I don’t wanna drink my pimples. Wait, what! I’ll pass. I’ll pass on my pimples. Karina, stop right there. Look at the name. (laughing) I’m out of here. Soda number ten. Three. Wait, I bet it’s Pimple Pop. (laughing) But let’s try it. It tastes like my pimples. You tried it? No, I smelled it. Three, two, one. (slow country music) It’s my pimples.
Dragon Drool. It’s my pimples. Okay, open the blindfolds. It’s my pimples. (dinging) Look at my pimples! It tastes like My poor pimples. I don’t know, I don’t know how to call the taste. It tastes like pimples. Okay guys, these sodas were the worst things in the entire world. I never want to touch or see these again. So I’ll throw them straight to the garbage. What about you? Guys, you gotta try the one and only Zombie Brain Juice, because, you know, It’s epic. Of course. And guys, I recommend you trying this one. The Pimple Juice because it’s straight from my nose. (laughing) See, I don’t have a pimple on it and I used to. They put it right in there. So guys, you better try it. So guys, I hope that Wait, it should be like this. I hope you guys liked this video. Oh no! I hope you guys eat this video and smash our like button and we’ll see you all Next time. Bye.

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