Grizzly Bear Hunting Prey National Geographic Documentary
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Grizzly Bear Hunting Prey National Geographic Documentary

February 15, 2020

In the wildest corner of the American West the epic story of the Yellowstone grizzly bear continues to unfold I’m Casey Anderson, and this story has defined my life as a naturalist I track Yellowstone Grizzlies in every condition imaginable a little bit too close for comfort Census us he’s coming up to us right now Along the way learning about the many risks that threaten this isolated population He’s trying to get away from his sliding through the snow that boulders keeping up with her might hit him Together with my best friend Brutus a grizzly bear I raised from birth We’re giving you a rare glimpse of one of the world’s most remarkable animals Chronicling their lives to help ensure a bright future for the incredible Yellowstone grizzly It’s 5:00 a.m. It’s cold windy and miserable out here I’m high above the treeline just outside of Yellowstone National Park and I’m here to witness One of the most incredible grizzly bear behaviors and maybe one of the most incredible behaviors in the animal kingdom This is absolutely incredible Just below me. There’s 14 grizzly bears. They have Cubs moms. Big boars all kinds a View like this makes it all worthwhile. No matter the cold the wind or the altitude from my very first encounter I’ve been fascinated by this amazing animal the more I learned the more I wanted to tell their story and The little-known tale of these Yellowstone Grizzlies is truly one for the ages But my passion goes beyond observing these bears in the wild. You see my feelings towards Grizzlies are a little bit different than most people Maybe that’s because my best friend weighs in at Oh about 800 pounds That’s him there. He’s a brown bear named Brutus, and I’ve raised him since birth Let me explain how it all started I was born in Helena Montana in 1975 the same year the Yellowstone grizzly bear was added to the endangered species list Growing up surrounded by the Montana wilderness. It’s no surprise. I quickly learned about all the local wildlife By Montana standards this bear was a very damn Fast forward to college as I studied biology. I got more and more engaged in the wilder side of things this is patches the Wolverine and Here’s Hershey okie and rookie three river otters. I got to know well In the winter I ran a team of sled dogs anything to be outside and working with animals Before I knew it I was the curator at a wildlife park Visiting an elephant orphanage in Kenya and hanging out with some amazing crocodiles And yes, these jobs come with their occasional bumps and bruises like the time a mountain lion gave me a pretty good thrashing But hey, if it’s your passion, you’ll lick your wounds and turn the corner and that led me straight to Brutus Jiri is about five months old throughout my life I’ve been called the animal magnet because animals always seem to find me but with Brutus well Seems like we picked one another sort of like friends on the playground and we’ve been going strong ever since When Brutus outgrew the house We built him a sanctuary and started attracting visitors of all ages to teach them about crizzley bear biology and conservation Brutus is a born performer So we began filming him as part of our educational mission kiri stars in a picnic parade scene in a public service video As you can see, we’re on a movie set here demonstrating why it’s so important to keep a clean camp in grizzly country Brutus has been a huge part of my life. He’s sort of like well, he actually was my best man Today Brutus is a six-year-old in the prime of his life And at this point we’ve been pals for so long that we developed a unique relationship One that means lots of interactions playing tag and some playful wrestling. I Even get an occasional grizzly kiss all things that you would never think about doing under ordinary circumstances In fact, the trust and respect that allows us to be this close is simply one-of-a-kind In other words do not try this at home Bears are among the most massive and powerful animals on earth and luckily for me I can show you that strength close-up and give you a look at the Grizzlies basic anatomy Headache one of the first things people are blown away by when they see Brutus is the size of his head Got a 56 inch head. Oh that’s as big as a beach ball a big head virtus and Check out that muscular hump on the upper back This helps differentiate a grizzly from other bears in the wild from the side You can see that participators 44 inches tall and six feet in length But when they’re on all fours, it’s tough to see how big these bears really are. Oh boy Let’s show them how big you are. Oh Boy, that’s pretty high five. Cool boy. Give me another high five good boy When standing Brutus Tower seven feet eight inches tall that’s seven inches taller than Shaquille O’Neal Just a few more years. He’ll be full-grown Topping out at over 8 feet tall So there you have it if you ask me it’s a pretty impressive package now just imagine seeing all of this in the wild Historically Grizzlies roamed the entire western half of North America with a population numbering over 100,000 bears the westward expansion of European settlers brought with it increased hunting and habitat destruction and the grizzly population suffered drastic losses Today in the lower 48 states only about 1500 greece’s remain in less than 2% of their former range the Creator Yellowstone Ecosystem In and around Yellowstone National Park is home to the southern most Grizzlies left in North America This island population of about 600 Grizzlies is hemmed in on all sides by roads and human settlement In every year I venture into the wilderness to see firsthand how yells don’t really survive on this ecological island. I Know that small isolated Populations are at constant risk of extinction due to sudden changes in climate and food sources as well as disease and mismanagement and Once an island population is gone natural recovery is nearly impossible My journey begins just outside the western border of Yellowstone National Park in an area I return to every year I Arrive at this cabin just in time to see the last act of winter It’s an important time for Grizzlies as they begin to emerge after hibernation And I know this place is loaded with bears this time of year Place I’ve been coming for the last six years every spring and this is the most no I’ve seen in my lifetime this late in the year The long cold winter takes its toll on every animal in Yellowstone during five months of hibernation Grizzlies will lose up to 30% of their body weight Other species like bison wolves and moose are exposed to the winters harshest elements as they constantly search for food Fact this one has been very hard I’m a little bit concerned about how it’s gonna affect the Grizzlies behavior, and I’m kind of unsure where I’m gonna find This is prime springtime grizzly bear habitat and Yellowstone Ecosystem Whether it’s eating the plants the grass or its roots and bulbs this semi arid Landscape is exactly where the Grizzlies come for their first meals of the year Well snow might make it difficult for the Grizzlies to find the food It’ll actually make it easier for me to find them cuz it’s pretty much just all white out there So they’re brown bodies will stick out very well Right there, I think that’s our first bear and might try to get a better view But I’ve got to be extremely cautious and stay downwind the second that bear catches a whiff of me coming even from a mile away He’ll be gone Here’s the reason look closely at the profile up Lucas’s face You can see the ger is Lee’s dish shaped nose to properly ID a grizzly like the one I’m tracking You can’t ignore this feature and this nose is seven times stronger than a bloodhounds I’ve picked up the big dark Grizzlies tracks of this deep snow and it’s really nice because he’s broke in the snow, but Bears walk with a pigeon toe. So it’s a little difficult to follow But I’m going to continue to follow him. I Pick up tracks where he left off last night Still tracking that big male Koreans to the snow and I found some of his scat by analyzing a bear scat you can see what he’s eating this time of year and It’s real obvious at first glance here that it’s primarily biscuit roots all chewed up. He little chunks of the root through there This is a really good sign. The Bears are finding something to eat. Despite the above-average late season snowpack When I thought spring was finally on its way winter just won’t quit and Then things started getting really interesting Just spotted oh Chrisley bear all cut us know how here the sage was at the pottery yards away I’m gonna move in on this barren up to a safe distance. I don’t want to disturb his natural behavior Maybe he’ll move in closer to me Okay, here we go I found a spot downwind in the trees and that bear is coming right in towards me just To see his black contrasting if the snow is just so clear to see his home He’s got snow over his face. He Doesn’t have a clue I’m here and I’d like to keep it that way Surprise Grizzlies often charged and he could take me out for good with a single SWAT of his paw No bear can get by without some serious claws Essential for digging Brutus’s claws are shorter than most but while Grizzlies have claws up to four inches long That’s like a steak knife on each finger the front paw checks in at eight inches by 8 inches Think dinner plates and you get the idea Luckily for me. This Baris got his eyes on the prize underground. I’m able to observe him safely from a distance Christopher has stayed almost 20,000 calories a day no matter what the weather’s doing This guy right now. It’s either white wine. He’s digging in this month flying everywhere over the snow is really Snows are like coming down now. He’s actually bulldozing his nose through the snow to smell the ground better Oh, yeah, you just grab something and pulled it out of the ground It’s a pretty good situation the wind’s born in my face the sagebrush has kind of eyes on that kilo he can’t see me But he is fully my interactions I got it On him. I don’t want him to disappear in the city ages and all of a sudden pop up really close Keep on moving buddy good he’s gonna walk right on by without even noticing me. That’s just the way I like it Well, here’s the excavation of that bear I was just watching out here in the sage and look at this I mean this bear did some serious digging they’ve used their nose. They’ve come to this area They’re smelling things under the ground and it’s really obvious what they’re smelling you look right here That’s a rodent nest It looks like that bear pulled up a bowl a little rodent that burrows beneath the soil It’s a small snack for a big animal, but that’s a good source of a some much-needed calories They can really get in there and really move somewhere what they’re looking for is roots Road this involves You never guess that bears are foraging for newly sprouted plants. These are spring beauty corns, they’re like little potatoes and Here some biscuit root few dandelion leaves and my personal favorite wild onion Another vital source of food is winter kill the animals that have died during the harsh winter and are now slowly decomposing Bears with their highly sensitive noses are often the first to find them Once a bear tucks into one of these it won’t be leaving until it licks the bones clean But for the Grizzlies in this area, they’re true bread-and-butter this time of year is mostly underground This actually reminds me a lot of what Brutus does back home tearing up the ground. That’s what grizzly bears love You can’t get too close the Grizzlies dig him in the wild so to show you how it’s done I’m gonna give my friend Brutus a similar challenge He’s not a bull eater. But he loves salmon a staple food source for many wild bears Let’s see what happens when we invite him in for a closer. Look So I’ve hit some salmon up here in the ground You can see he’s using that nose to try to find underneath just like they do in the wild when they’re looking for the voles Nice found the exact spot I hit the salmon what he’s doing He’s trying to get that scent all over his body to mask his own out in the wild grizzly bears smell horrible because every dead Thing stinky thing they come along to to do this behavior right here it roll around in it cover up their scent So when they’re sneaking up on prey they smell like a dead thing not an actual bear So things don’t get afraid of them. Bruce has used his sense of smell Identified a food source underneath the ground He’s using those big claws and this big muscle mass right here that powers those powerful forearms that makes crews leave some excellent excavators He’s doing something really neat right now that I’ve actually seen a lot of grizzly bears do he doesn’t want that salmon to get any More dirty, so he actually flips it upon his paw lifts it up and you realized it just like a dinner plate Nice found most of the small chunks of salmon, but the mother lode very deep in the ground and I know he’s smelling it right now Now he’s really digging in you can really see that hump and working. You can see his claws working So Brutus has found the mother lode he’s dubbed 3 feet in the ground to get it Now he’s using his hole for a bed because that’s nice and cool in the sunshine homebody It’s May and I’m heading back into the field observed more springtime grizzly behavior I’m also hoping to catch up again with that same dark grizzly bear out in this open meadow I’m staying low to keep out of sight and this is really unusual a Pair of sandhill cranes have come in roxbury. They’re kind of all around It’s really interesting. The bear is doing all the work They’re just kind of hanging out waiting for something to come out for them to eat So this game the cranes are playing a little bit dangerous and they’re literally playing chicken with the grizzly bear At last the weather thaws and spring arrives in Yellowstone This means many more bears including female Grizzlies with newborn Cubs will leave their dams for the summer To understand the helpless island population of Grizzlies as a whole we’ve got to get a sense of how these new Cubs are faring I’m wondering about two yearling Cubs that I saw last spring. Did they survive the winter? Will they have left their mother’s side this year? I’m up early always the best time to catch up good. Here’s a behavior and I’ve set my sights on two bears less than It looks like another pair of sandhill cranes are in the air as well Just come up the hill here right here in the mud. I see a really good set of tracks here And in fact, there’s two sets of tracks and that l’académie looks like they’re probably sub-adults Just by the size Adolescent bears are known as sub adults until they reach maturity Very obvious grizzly tracks one way you can tell us a straight line of their toes And then the obvious big claws sticking out a good inch away from the toes here and as I followed them up Just up here. There’s actually a big set of what looks like it to be a big large male grizzly. Bear moving in that direction And then I look up and just over here. I see the two sub adults and they’re walking over here feeding upon this plateau Amazing these are the Cubs I saw last year I know bears that return year after year, like clockwork to the same spot at the same time Here’s a look at the same bears alongside their mother last spring It looks like these guys have made it they’ve come back to the spot where mom taught them to forage It’s a good sign these young bears are doing well I Get myself in a good safe place where I can watch these two adolescents from above What a point of view and if I literally have front-row seats tech grizzly bears out there digging in the ground This is like one of the coolest opportunities that anybody could have What’s up adults are there bears that have just been kicked away from mother? They could be two three four years old, but often once they’re kicked away from their mother. They remain at least sibling groups And they begin him next year. They’ll actually separate and live out the remainder of their life solitary Now there’s six hanging around actually kind of keeping their distance and just now came together Just like typical siblings that got a little bit of a bite What’s gonna happen as DC Bears are gonna get mature more solitary and they’re gonna go their separate ways we’re already seeing signs back that they don’t really want to be around each other whether eating Sharings not in the grisly way Now these some adults are just like teenagers they’re actually just graduated high school and they’re going off to college It’s the first time they can’t depend on money more So this is a big reality. Check Boram They have to find food on their own and they don’t have the protection of mother from the big boars So this is actually one of their most dangerous years Suddenly the adolescents behavior changes, they appear nervous on edge standing on their hind legs and Here we go. The big boar whose tracks I saw earlier is coming right over the crest of the hill Adult male Grizzlies are not social animals. They don’t like competition for food or a female’s affection And these adolescents are simply no match for this huge boar. Will it be fight or flight? Not cut myself in a crazy situation to sub-adults went over the hill out of sight then suddenly they pulled them towards Their 85 yards away now. I see that big male bears moving up behind me It looks like these guys know this isn’t a fair fight Thankfully, they’re distracted and they don’t even notice me they’re covering their own hides and heading straight for the forest But my situation just got worse I’m armed only with a can of bear spray and I have no chance of outrunning this big boar who in a burst of speed Can run up to 40 miles per hour I’ve got a territorial male Showing that he’s the boss And I don’t want him to show. Oh then he’s the boss It’s easy to see when Brutus opens his mouth wide don’t want to anger this bear of Grizzlies mouth gave measures around 12 inches and holds four two-inch canines and they have the bite force of over 1,200 pounds per square inch enough to crush a bowling ball Now there’s a little bit too close for comfort He senses us. He’s gonna be up to us right now Doesn’t know where he can’t smell us so I have to really say let that bear know that I’m a human and I think right now might be the time We bet And just like I thought as soon as he identifies us as a human he wants nothing to do with us He couldn’t smell us. He was moving in really a dangerous dangerous distance So I had to stand up say hey bear identified myself as a human and just like any bear should in this ecosystem Be afraid of humans and get out of here That was a close call Scaring a bear off like that is always the last resort These bears will need their space as they look for mates and continue to fatten up during the early spring I’ll come back in a few weeks in the thick of Yellowstone’s summer tourist season for one of the Grizzlies favorite traditions the pursuit of newborn elk calf Summers arrived and my year-long Odyssey into the lives of Yellowstone. Grizzlies has brought me to the center of their island population Yellowstone National Park, the world’s first national park This time of year the entire ecosystem hums with life It’s hard to imagine the grizzly population is still at risk Although food may be plentiful and weather kind Grizzlies confront a new challenge every day during the warmer months People nearly three million tourists arrived mostly during the peak summer months and managing them while preserving the Grizzlies natural Behavior is a big job today, I’m gonna soak up the experience at your typical park visitor and That means driving the parks roads and looking for people or more specifically a bear. Jam a Gridlock of cars and pedestrians fine where a glimpse with a real live grizzly bear and it doesn’t take me long to find one The source of all this attention is this beautiful blonde grizzly What an amazing opportunity for all these people right above them only 30 yards away we have a young female grizzly foraging eating grasses and dandelions She’s moving about I’ve actually watched her go over in an area where some blocks and she was turning over the rocks to see her paws really close and she’s probably answering those rocks And you can see that a grizzly bear can do as far as generating excitement here alongside the rogue ales to mark And this is more than likely most of these people’s first time I’ve ever seen a grizzly bear What an amazing thing to see is such a close distance I’ve heard that watching the Bears of the park were wasn’t always like this In fact fallout from how visitors used to interact with the bears nearly led to the yells. Don’t grizzly surmise in the 1970s that’s when their population reached a dangerous low point of around 200 individuals. I Wanted to get to the bottom of the story. So I decided to ask park ranger Mike Leach to fill in the details What are you looking at out there? well We’ve actually got a grizzly bear here across the flats in that meadow out on a bison carcass this wolf Patrick took down this bison Probably about 48 hours ago, and we’ve been watching this great interaction There’s tools out there competing with this mayor right now the spares not letting those wolves get much food Even though they risk their life to take that animal down that’s one of the things that’s really exciting why people stay for so long is you really get to learn a lot about The predator prey and the predator predator dynamics so I know it hasn’t always been like this I mean this bears out here eating natural foods But that’s not always been the case as a know things have drastically changed here since the parks established in 1872 It didn’t take very long for this to become a bear part, you know by the early 1890s people were coming to Yellowstone to see in this park most of our garbage dumps throughout the park had become bare viewing areas until the big management decision in 1970 to close the garbage dumps I learned from Mike that when the dumps closed it was like asking the Bears to quit their addiction to human food cold turkey as a result grizzly human conflict Skyrocketed and over 200 Grizzlies had to be killed or removed from the park finally in 1975 the Bears were listed as a threatened species and started their long road to recovery in The process Bears returned to their natural behaviors and wild food sources today their population has grown but human related conflicts still pose a major threat and When careless human actions lead to a conflict with the Grizzly It is the bear that pays the price it will often be permanently removed from the population that’s why Brutus and I team up to educate the public to be bear aware in the unique way that only we Don’t make a noise Donating our time to a series of public service announcements that views entertainment and information Mike also see soap for the bears future I firmly believe that the single most important piece of grizzly habitat is the human heart It sits in the heart of these people we can protect them here in the park We can have federal protections But if we don’t want them here as citizens They’re not gonna be here as I watched the drama between the Wolves grizzly and bison unfold and reminded that true wilderness Doesn’t come easy Good science is a critical part of this effort and the radio collar on this bear allows scientists to track its movements for their research The wolves that killed that bison last night are coming back to take what’s theirs and that bears not She’s perched up on the carcass and the wolves are moving in and she’s not budging We’ve evolved instead right from a roadside, you know, I’m not the only one witness and that’s me Everybody here is literally having a National Geographic moment right on the road. I mean, this is really awesome This incredible display continues until dark and then with the full moon risin it’s time to turn in for the night tomorrow I’ll be up before dawn seeking out an elk herd and a hungry grizzly or two to give them a run for their money Of abundance and as well as they so Sometimes you have to work a little bit harder to find a quiet place to call your own State in the tattoo campground. It’s 5:00 a.m. Do something Trailhead let’s take me up to this big high country plateau where there’s a lot of elk and a lot of grizzly bears I really hope to get back there away from the people and witness some grizzly bears chasing some elk calves. I Can see why they call this North America’s Serengeti, there’s a big herd of elk bunch of bison and some pronghorn It’s early summer. Everything’s green. They’re out there and they’re feeling good They’re playing but little did they know on the very far side of that plateau There’s a big Griz moving down the ridge and he’s moving down very rapidly. Well, that’s telling me he’s like really on the hunt It’s really walking fast. He’s moving right to a herd of a bunch of elk Now I don’t think a grizzly bear is fast enough to actually outrun and catch an adult elk but those calves are easy quarry This radio collared bear is all business and the fearful elk herd Huddle’s together He’s going in after them but it’s going to be hard to pull a fast one on this herd It doesn’t hurt to have so many pairs of alert eyes But this grizzly doesn’t give up and this is unusual. There’s an older bull outside the herd and he’s not easily frightened In fact, he’s making a span But the bear goes in for the kill The priestly reconsiders the icy Swift that’s quite possibly the greatest escape had ever seen The sheer quickness and power of the Grizzly never ceases to amaze me. Let’s see if Brutus can give us a demo Okay Brutus it’s time for the Grand Prix on your marks sad Grizzly’s have tremendous acceleration in short bursts and three strides. They can reach nearly 40 miles per hour now That’s about the speed of a racehorse and much faster than a human They can’t sustain this speed over long distances because they’re massive muscular bodies are built for sprinting But it’s enough in a pinch to surprise prey and score a nice meal All 800 pounds of Burtis can really get up and go luckily for me. I’m pretty quick I’ve learned enough to never reenact this scene in the wild It’s late summer now and I’m making my way into this remote Alpine world just as the last of the snow melts I’m hoping to spot an annual migration that plays a critical role in the life and success of the Yellowstone grizzly bear The stakes are high as winter approaches time is running out for them historic calories from the stories I’ve heard this is the stuff of legends, but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes, but I spot something else first So I’m off here at 12,000 feet and I ran into a large herd of elk. They’re actually walking down the ridge here Seeing elk way up here is a bit of a surprise But there’s plenty of vegetation to eat and relief from the heat and the bugs below but I’ve got my eye out put one bug in particular the army cut worm on it arrives daily this time of year by the Thousands each moth is loaded with valuable protein and fat. So where there are Cutler moths that are sure to be Grizzlies close behind Wow, this is so awesome That mountain is crawling with grizzly bears I can see a sow with three cubs two big boars and a couple other individuals right now I can count nine total grizzly bears I’m gonna climb up on this Ridge get a bubble him in a safe spot and see if I get a closer look Judging by all those bears. I think the moths have arrived The amazing thing is that cut where moths travel hundreds of miles every year from the great plains in search of a very specific food source and This is why the moths have come here They’ve migrated from the Great Plains to feed on the nectar of these Alpine wildflowers and they actually do it at night During the heat of the day they retreat to the cracks and the rocks the talus slope and that’s when the grizzly bears Excavate them and then eat them No time to stop and smell the flowers I’m continuing up the ridge towards the viewpoint and it’s tough going But the hard work pays off, I’m right where I want to be at a safe distance taking in a high-altitude Grizzly experience just out here in the talus is a big male grizzly He’s got a bunch of big scars on his neck in his face More than likely even fighting with other big males in this area over prime food areas Right now he’s really using that big hump and those big claws and those big forearms and movements big rocks in the Taos fields It’s estimated that a grizzly can eat up to 40,000 months in one day He actually picks them up one by one kind of like an anteater He flicks his tongue out bang bang bang picks each one of them other– one by one This bear is only the beginning over the next few hours I see more bears than I’ve ever seen before on a single day nearly 20 individuals and Believe me put that many bears in sight. It’s an action-packed show This morning is ridiculous. I’ve got bears down below me feeding and just out here in the snow field I have two other bears wrestling and plan But with so many aggressive males competing for prime auth real estate tensions run high These two big boars chased one another for nearly 20 minutes. They’re both Amy to be king of the mountain and neither one’s backing down And just when I think things are settling down a grizzly up slope takes a massive boulder down toward this big man He’s trying to get away from his sliding through the snow and that boulders coming up where they might hit him As wild and unfamiliar as it is up here I can’t help but think of my friend Bruce Lee as these Grizzlies display their incredible skills Watching these bears. No big massive amount of rocks makes me wonder how strong Brutus really is I Saw from afar how the high alpine Grizzlies make quick work of finding food and boulder fields like this now I want to get a close-up look using Brutus. I’m Baiting the challenge by placing salmon underneath the rocks Your first time on a tell us over than a buddy You think of this talus? You’re gonna look for food just like the wild bears do Ya Dig around in it look for food. Come on Brutus. Come on. There you go. Good boy. Yeah good boy Good boy You’re doing it is like a wild bear do it USCG our boy, it’s hard work, huh? You are a klutz. Oh, look at you Tenderfoot. Grizzly. You weren’t raised doing this. We’re Gonna be on the downhill side of you You’re a little more clumsy than the wild bears What a good boy a lot of hard work the Bears up on the talus slopes. Don’t get water delivered to him Good Okay, so Brutus passed the first test he could clearly flip medium sized boulders with ease and detect the food reward underneath But how much weight can you actually move? It’s time to find out with a second try a Series of large boulders each heavier than the next. Okay Brutus let her rip Something underneath these rocks Yep, Oh ball good Let me try it the hard way my heart for you though That’s too easy Try one a little tougher than that The next Boulder is even larger, but Buddhist doesn’t seem to mind And we’re feeling you’d roll over a bus for salmon, huh, it’s a good boy now We got to make it tough for you. That was way too easy It’s time for the real test I need some help setting Brutus Sam reward underneath this massive boulder So I decide to see how much it weighs This big guy weighs almost 1,800 pounds Rudy they can move this big rock something underneath a new just big rock still strong yard Yeah good That was easy, yeah, there’s a big treat underneath there That Boulder almost weighs a ton a good boy Brutus that was a good boy Unbelievable and he didn’t even break a sweat Back in the high country the strong Midday Sun beats down and the Bears with their bellies full moths find a comfortable nook to take a little siesta Hmm not a bad idea I Discover a sweet little cave out of the wind and go about setting up my camp stove for a hot drink I like my coffee extra strong The only problem is there’s not enough to share with the caves other visitors As I was making my coffee, I noticed a big pile of Grizzlies get off to the side here It’s obvious looking at it that the Bears are gorging themselves with moths right now And after I have my coffee, I’m gonna go find one of those moths and see what it tastes. Like I Figure when in Rome do as the Romans do and win on a grizzly covered mountain top why not taste the richest protein source around Watch out cut worms. Here I come Without the help of that powerful grizzly nose It takes a while to find just one month let alone but thousands of these bears need but finally I find one Here goes down the hatch It’s actually pretty good just like peanuts Now that my moth cravings are satisfied I head down the mountain towards camp but what’s that in the distance Wow, what a lucky break we’re actually seeing the future of Yellowstone’s Grizzlies right here a mother with two cubs But I can tell from their size that these tiny Cubs are less than a year old. And this is our first Alpine Trek. I settle in to watch the show This is just the way I liked a few grizzly bears. I got a big clip between us it’s completely safe The wind isn’t my advantage. They can’t smell me. I can completely watch them do their natural behavior And this is a really cool because I’m sitting here watching mama teach the next generation of Cubs how to date help moms These are the Bears they’re gonna be coming back to this mountain I’m impressed. These little guys have really got this down But they still got a few things to learn about keeping their balance and watching out for each other on these loose rocks This little guy. He’s riding the wave Look out Rock All this even can be serious hard work. I think it’s time for a break after a long hour Dave ball and mom are out on the mountainside and digging the little Cubs are curled up in sunshine here taking a nap They’ll need all the rest they can get But mom says it’s time to head for the hills As these Cubs cruise on to greener pastures I’m struck by the fact that the Yellowstone grizzly survival rests on a precarious balance In this case climate change could affect the timing and location of the moths migration Leading to a major disruption in the Grizzlies food supply it’s a striking example how small things add up and how island populations are vulnerable to a multitude of factors including human impact weather fluctuation and natural disaster Mother nature is hinting that I’m not invincible either I’ve got a big thunderstorm moving in here. It could be extremely dangerous all the exposure and the lightning I’ve had a great time up here. Saw a lot of grizzly bears a lot of unique behaviors So I think I’m gonna call it a day and I head back down to camp This experience will stay with me for a lifetime Yellowstone Grizzlies have come a long way but they’re not out of the woods here an island population is never truly saved from extinction But maybe ensuring their survival starts with action for starters We can reconnect this island territory to the remainder of North America’s grizzly country We can also continue monitoring the health of the grizzly population and the overall fitness of the yellowstone ecosystem as a whole Someday the grizzly may reclaim a good portion of its natural range Until then Brutus and I will keep on telling their story and writing our own. We’re already looking forward to the next chapter

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  1. This idiot never came face to face with a pissed off hungry grizzly by himself let this dude get attacked badly and see how nice he thinks they are now his mind is messed up because he raised one from a baby that’s way different then a wild one but if Brutus ever god mad enough he would kill him no problem these animals are not nice there not big cuddly teddy bears they are savage carnivore made to kill don’t listen to this guy

  2. Great documentary. I wonder if Brutus will end up eating his bro though. I hope not dude seems solid but bears are bears.

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