GreenSoul MONSTER: MOST PRACTICAL Gaming Chair in India! (GS-734 Review)
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GreenSoul MONSTER: MOST PRACTICAL Gaming Chair in India! (GS-734 Review)

August 24, 2019

So I have been using good chairs for a long
time, but as a person who also likes good looking things, there always has been a part
of me that has been unsatisfied with the generic looking office chairs, and I wanted to get
those cool looking gaming chairs, but until recently there have not been many options
available in India. But thankfully that has changed, and today
we are going to be checking out this Green Soul Monster Chair that I have been using
for a month, and this is the upper middle class chair of their lineup, but I think that
it will be the most practical purchase for most people. Hey guys I am Siddharth, and this is Green
Soul Monster Chair review So even though I like having something that
looks cool, a gaming chair is just a chair, so it should perform well regardless of what
you’re doing on it. The assembly is not difficult, even by a single
person, but having someone will make it a lot faster, and you’ll also not get bored. I was able to assemble it in around 25 minutes
with a friend. Green Souls does have installation videos,
and their customer support also seems responsive and helpful, so they should be able to help
you in case you run into any problems. Coming to the aesthetics, the chair has a
lot going for it. You have a very good blend of different materials
and textures, and the overall look of the chair is pretty great, without looking too
boring, or too cheezy. And you can go for the black color if you
are looking for a more muted look, amongst the other choices of colors they have. It looks nice from the front, from the sides,
and from the back which is great, and the overall fit and finish is also really good,
except for some missing stitches on my unit, which can be fixed, but it would have been
nicer to not have them. The shape of the seat is also very good, it
does look a little flashy, but doesn’t restrict you in a fixed position like the chairs that
are shaped like car seats. It has some curves, but they don’t get in
the way when you move your hands and body, and I have tried different positions on this
chair, and all of them have been comfortable, which is really great. The materials used are also one of the most
important aspects of the chair, and I am personally not sold on use of artificial leather, as
that is going to crackle in the long run. But this chair has this synthetic fabric like
material where you are going to be sitting, and there is use of pleather, but in all the
right areas where it won’t be affected with time. You have a neck rest pillow which is pretty
great, and it really helps you stay comfortable when you lean back on this chair. The chair also has a lumbar support pillow,
but I found that to be completely useless, even after trying different sizes of foam
inside it, so I just removed it. But the good part is that even after removing
this, the comfort on it is great, and this lumbar support solution is something that
even the most expensive gaming chairs struggle to perform well with, so it’s not a fault
of this chair. The position of the lumbar support in the
ergonomic office chairs like this one cannot be adjusted, which makes it kind of uncomfortable
unless you have the exact body structure as the back of the chair, so I find the non curved
back of the Monster chair to be much better. The backrest of the chair can be adjusted
to different angles like a car seat, the mechanism feels sturdy, and it is a feature that I think
is essential for a computer chair, as changing the angle does make a big difference when
you’re working or gaming vs. when you’re watching something. And you can of course adjust the height, adjust
the strength of tilting mechanism, and lock it to prevent tilting. You can also do that 90 degree laying back
thing, if that’s something that gets you excited. The armrests of the chair are also very good,
they are 4 way adjustable, you can adjust the height, slide in front and back, AND sideways,
and you can also adjust the angle of the armrests. You might think that it’s overkill, but
being able to fine tune your posture even a little makes a big difference if you are
sitting for long durations. The padding on the armrests is also very balanced. It has a 3D cube texture, and it has just
the right level of hardness, so your elbows stay at their place when you use your mouse
or keyboard, without making you feel uncomfortable. Another thing I liked is that when you have
4 way adjustable arms, they can get a little wobbly due to the play that all the adjustments
have, but these armrests have the wobble well controlled, which is great. The base of the chair is made of plastic,
with these red accents, and while plastic stand isn’t an issue at all, I have got
metal bases in my office chairs at a much lower price, so I would also have appreciated
that here. The wheels are also good, and there aren’t
any issues with the quality, sturdiness, or smoothness while moving the chair on the floor. So in conclusion, at a price of around Rs.
16,000 this chair is not cheap, but when it comes to comfort, it’s really not a good
idea to cheap out, and if you spend hours sitting on a computer playing games, or doing
something productive, then it is really not a big amount in the long run. I have been pretty satisfied with this chair,
and the great thing about it is that it has the gamery look, without compromising on comfort. It has a fabric covering on the parts that
touch your body, so I think that it will stay like this for a long time. And I will have my links in the video description
so you can check the latest price on this or buy it. So that was it for this video, make sure you
give it a thumbs up if you liked it. Do let me know what you think about this chair
in the comments section below Subscribe to the channel with bell icon for more videos
like this, and I will see you, in the next one.

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  1. What's the difference between all the models of GreenSoul Gaming Chairs?? I want to buy one but I'm so confused which model to buy. Reply ASAP

  2. bhai mujhe psu and cabinet suggest krdo
    I5 9600k
    Rtx 2060
    Z390 msi tomohawk
    Cabinet:- nzxt 500h or mb 520 konsa better h
    Ram :- 16 gb g skill
    Psu suggest please
    Cooler:- ml240

  3. I ordered it yesterday only after watching your video (same colour btw). Thanks for the recommendation.

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