Great Late Season Archery Whitetail Hunt
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Great Late Season Archery Whitetail Hunt

August 19, 2019

(motor sound) – It should be a good year. It’s one of my favorite farms, so we’ll see if we can’t get
one killed on here this year. (instrumental music) – It’s getting a little
later in the morning here. Like we might stick it out
for just a few more minutes. See, it’s really nice
and cold this morning. Hey, just a second. It’s a small buck coming. There’s a deer behind it. Can you see what it is, Witt? Oh, right there. It’s a pretty good buck. I think we’re gonna shoot this deer. (dramatic music) (arrow shot) Wow, we just gotta
watch, jackknife in one. Oh man, it’s so cold this morning. Between my adrenaline, and me being cold, I’m shaking, man. (upbeat music) Well, broke off here. What a deer. I could not be any happier. What a story, what a year.

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