Great Horned Owl on the Hunt | Nat Geo Wild
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Great Horned Owl on the Hunt | Nat Geo Wild

February 21, 2020

This is the great
horned owl’s time. He’s one of the largest
and most powerful owl species in America. As dusk turns to dark, he looks
down into a forest clearing. His eyes are tuned for
optimal night vision. But more importantly,
he listens. His ear-like horns are
simply tufts of feathers. No one knows for sure
what they’re for, but they have nothing
to do with hearing. His real ears are hidden
under his head feathers. They’re positioned
asymmetrically. The right one is slightly
higher than the left one. Sound reaches one ear
a fraction of a second later than the other. That gives him
incredible accuracy pinpointing the source. A faint rustling
in the dead leaves. It’s another nighttime
hunter, a deer mouse. He’s patrolling the leaf litter,
looking for bugs and seed. The owl hasn’t quite
keyed in on the sounds, but a turn of the
head changes that. Its head spins a
full 270 degrees, 3/4 of a full rotation. His ears tell his
light sensitive eyes exactly where to look. His two main senses are in sync. Target locked. Now, the owl unleashes
another secret weapon– fringed wing feathers that
muffle any flapping sound. It’s a double advantage. The owl can still hear
its prey while flying, and the mouse doesn’t
have a clue what’s coming and probably never
knew what hit him. Keeping itself fed rules
a bird’s daily life.

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  1. The Great Horned Owl is one of the largest and most powerful owl species in America. What are your thoughts on this magnificent bird?

  2. The Creater of everything is Allah swt the one Almighty God but unfortunately disbelievers doesnt know 🤦‍♂️


  4. The Owl listens carefully for his prey then Joe Pesci bursts through the door and fire a gun aimlessly into the distance.

  5. People say owls are blind… NO!!!! their vision is far superior than ours…. Its just that they cant stand the bright sunlight too much 🦉

  6. "..they have no idea what they're for.. but they have nothing to do with hearing" Well, how would you know that if you don't know what they're for?

  7. The owl's ear feathers are obviously to fit in with the other night predators: felines, foxes, bats and so on. There's no need to overthink it.

  8. Interesting video I'm glad that those birds are not big enough to pick us humans up anymore, merry belated Christmas and Happy New year to all

  9. I saw this bird on the road while bicycling in my neighborhood. From a distance, it looked more like a rock until the rock flew as I approached. It flew to a tree close to the road and it was magnificent. By the time, I got my camera out it was gone but the memory is forever present in my brain.

  10. From what I read on the internet, (don't remember where) an owl crashing down on their prey is the equivalent of a truck hitting a person.

  11. I live in the country side one day I saw one I went in the house to tell my brother to come to see it and then it wasn’t there lol and it took me like five seconds

  12. please share this video I captured this very first images of the inside of the eyes of a bird of prey .The Great Horned Owl and other raptures Enjoy!!! ​@3lEI

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