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Granny (Horror Game) – Part 4 – Practice Mode – TopGamesPlay Cool

November 5, 2019

Hi Guys, we’re playing Granny. Today, l gonna play practice mode. Make sure subscribe if you’re new, and hit the bell to upload more videos. We’re gonna escape the car. I need this without crossbow. Oh, there’s gasoline on the top. This might taking long to get screwdriver and gasoline. It’s see what will be. Okay, it’s look like gasoline fell down. It’s go back there. Last try, I gonna go. It didn’t fell, I gonna back later to get screwdriver. It’s go to bedroom. There’s cogwheel. There’s nothing inside, it’s go to drop cogwheel. and I gonna grab piece of shotgun. There’s other piece of shotgun. It’s grab other piece of shotgun. I don’t need book. Get out of my way, box. Oh, I get special key. I found car key! Okay, there’s last cogwheel. What’s inside the crow? There is cutting pilers in crow. There’s hammer in the trunk. I grab it. We’re going to open that thing. Yes, I need engine part. Subscribe the channel, if you’re new and hit the bell to upload more videos. It’s smash the camera and boom. There’s meat. We’re gonna take this to spider room. I need sparkplug, but I grab quickly. Now, we’re in car room. Put the sparkplug in the car. I know where engine part is, it’s in granny’s room. It’s go back to car room. The engine part needs wrench. Ok. I got weapon key. That means we’re get screwdriver. There’s wrench in micvowave, I get it later. Nope.
Nope. There’s padlock code, I don’t need it. I got crossbow and get screwdriver. Aim to the can. We’re got screwdriver. Playhouse key means go to unlock playhouse. I know where’s 2 cogwheels, in granny’s room and main door.

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