Granny Fall Flat! (Family Multiplayer MESS on Human Fall Flat STEAM) by KIDCITY GAMING
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Granny Fall Flat! (Family Multiplayer MESS on Human Fall Flat STEAM) by KIDCITY GAMING

August 30, 2019

what’s up everybody its kid city game
and we are inside an all-new level for human fall flat thanks to the developers
for giving us access to this thing early we are at a level called steam it’s an
all-new thing and we’ve got little flash over there beck versus the world which
is which on this big jungus you will say hi buddy hi I’m gonna punch granny dumb
don’t punch granny get get your hit dad city is granny and we got the beautiful
mom city over there just lifted she’s doing arm exercises I want to throw you
off star mixer set up so she’s princess Belle and she just jumped off a cliff
there so we are we have no idea how to do this level yet and mom city knows
even less oh look hey big chunk us you just move that I’m gonna try to jump
back up here so check this out guys what I can move and then pull this granny
grannys gonna pull this over see check that out see what I’m doing oh nice job
my bridge oh you scooted it over yes ma’am oh you don’t granny’s bridge oh there we go
why don’t if we get hit by one okay why are three next I’m just gonna
take bill with me where to next so let’s jump over here little flash is
doing his own thing come on come on Lady I’m nervous you’re
nervous weird little flash go all right here so we we got a choice we can either
go up there oh there’s a big hay chunga’s there’s a big truck up there
and there’s a hello what happened yeah he’s hanging down from the bottom
of that thing we got yourself in a bit of a pity he
didn’t do nothing there save myself nearly we’ll pull this thing over here
tell me what the objective is what are we trying to figure out the objective is
to figure out the objective Oh No grab the grab that side of it I’m gonna grab
this side you know and chunga’s is gonna move that we’re collaborating how come
my arms got all messed up so guys look I’ve got an idea okay it’s to put this
on top of this thing so it’s not sit if y’all can hold it there I’m gonna try to
move this again hey Belle can you just grab the bottom of that Bobby right
there and I’m gonna jump you want me to stay right here yeah you know I’m good
okay there we go but are you gonna get up ready stay memorable I’m gonna go save ring
are you granny don’t need you to save me I’m gonna saving your saving nut lips
hold on guys I know yeah yeah yes thank you that’s good good is their objective
together please are we supposed to get up there get the
truck no it seems like that would be it I think maybe the objective could be to
get back down to get this ladder down not what I meant to do how about right
here there you go pull this back here I’m grabbing this
red lever here maybe he’s turning levers she is yes that’s what I did and that’s
what you learned nothing happened this way okay I’m gonna stand this up okay oh
I grabbed your head ready what in the world are we supposed to do well I
thought if we turn that maybe it’s not always clear what to do on these levels
well are we supposed to launch each other somehow that’s a good thought now hey I’m going to get out there and
someone launched me no I want someone else wait a minute what are you saying I
was gonna see if I could watch them do you think do you think if we put
something really heavy on that sign okay stand on one side stand on this
side ready oops amiss there we go jump on it we
need to jump it we need a big fat chunk missed okay we know what we have to do
what we have to get this pipe over past that magnetic thing are you telling me
we can see on the other side of that wall yes oh no pipes not good fall see
that thing over there see that sin what are you doing let’s work the way we came
so way we came no I’m going to see if I can run see that thing that shooting
stuff out I think that we’re supposed to put that over there okay somehow oh the
water did I turn that on maybe so okay someone go turn off turn
on a whole lot on does that thing connect on the other side wait we gotta
open the door this right here that right there
someone’s stamps down and see if I turn off the water it’s someone there that
turned off the water net hit it again it’s not water it’s steam it is yes okay
she’s gonna run through the wall and bring the red thing over here and let’s
climb on the red thing and get on top of that let’s do that without a mom I need
help it’s really heavy c’mere chunga’s Welch on this isn’t
about there we go now what are we doing we’re gonna do no no over here oh and
Chung is over here no this way no over here to the little ramp thing we tried
that already did we though you did let me get on me there he goes now Jonas needs more
chunkiness there you go you got over like this oh he’s done he did it is
there anything to do over there yes there’s a lever I just turned it off I’m
gonna get the pipe greenies gonna get the path yeah so you gonna bring the
pipe over here are we supposed to fit it on that yes my
my big chunky body’s blocking it oh wow excuse me that hurt
excuse me that it’s supposed to go the other way okay do we need another pot
you need another piece huh this looks like it comes off well look what how do
you know the piece over here where I don’t know oh there we go see well we
need the neverbeast anyway I’m gonna move this one now okay I’m not a new
piece of pipe where are you I’m in another area how’d you get over there I
turned deliver the other way I see you okay little flash go over there and pull
the lever on that side I have been pulling the dumb lever okay
well replace the pipe that I messed up it doesn’t work now no it will if you
replace the balls right here gotta get the pipe that’s up here hey your usernames are over there so you
have to use the bridge somehow here we go
what are you trying to do I’m just looking trying to figure out what we
should do look we need two people to do this okay okay gasps Blaine okay I’m
gonna get on this side big chunga’s get your big Bobo on the
other side right over there right you’re gonna launch me and I’m gonna
grab that thing okay first you gotta move it okay bitch um this power mom
help me I’m coming give me a second help me what
oh I’m on the other side no no no no you need to get over here and go down there
and launch me you need to go to the other side of this plane to make sense
well first you gotta let me up are you on the we need to be on the top right so
he’s gonna look he’s gonna go over there okay
yeah I fell off I’m on you’re on okay just stay right there
okay I need to hang out yes I’m gonna try to create some momentum
for you okay somebody else stay right there but stay right there
I’m gonna come up and mom gets on oh my goodness
oops we need a plan sir mom you need to get on okay listen guys both y’all get
on okay can I get on from down here yes and go to the top of that plank what is
going on with that rabbit that is the worst
okay oh yeah yeah just keep going keep going she’s gonna come let’s go please
there you go there you go guys keep pulling keep pulling a couple in
income pick you up and comb the Three Stooges all three of us need to move
this further to the left grannies booty-shaking left chicken left shaking
left granny booty shaking left do the granite booty shake a granny booty shake
a grand buddha shiny okay here we go nice hey no stop okay
what do we do now give us a second we’ll figure it out that ain’t too bad
junkies what what’s happening here moving something you are dead I didn’t
move that did you do that with some power okay stay right there stay right
there now I’m gonna come this way jump try to create some momentum we okay
let’s switch sides dude you’re heavier okay slowly though
chunga’s what this is big what are you doing do you find something new no I
want you to get over there okay and hang on to that right there
and get in position you ready ready okay I’m gonna launch you
more awake almost almost almost we need more away more oh boy okay hold
on I’m trying can you jump over here I’m trying are you sure we don’t need
nothing with no chunga’s get over here my goodness put that pipe wait there we
go foot that pipe yeah we should get on this right now thank you
okay now going going up and coming down let’s do this together okay there you go
and we’ll set you up okay okay give me jump up hold on that better got it all
right now how do I get up there all right so that was a big mess of a video
and we are gonna turn this into part two but we did accomplish a couple of things
right we’re gonna make it in the part two so
while we’re making that you guys can check out our hello neighbor fall flat
videos that was good or a bendy fall flat so we’ll see you next time member
subscribe ring the bell so you get notified when we have food so see you
later bye

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  1. This game looks really cool! It reminds us of a mix between gang beast wars and little big planet lol. Can’t wait to try this game out!!!

  2. CoolπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’

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