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Grand Rapids Karate – Martial Arts School From Standale Fitness Self Defence Classes Lessons

January 14, 2020

My son started about two and
a half years ago. I really, just kinda watched from the sidelines for about a year then i
was talked into trying it myself and I really really loved it. It started when my daughter joined and ahh
sitting through class and I couldn’t resist getting up and at least trying it. So like
many of the other adults or moms and dads in here, I started and joined class like she
did and worked my way up though the ranks umm i been here probably five years and uh
yeah I’m almost to my black belt. Its a great school, like i said before. It has three masters. Master Rick, Master Phil
and Master Chris and the diversity of it all. The weapons, the grappling and the sparing,
like i said we do it all here and yeah its a great school. We continue to get in different people from
the community from the three year old to the sixty eight year old that tends to want have
the same goal And I do believe that people in the Martial Art do come from a different breed. They are
the ones that are just kind of on the outside tring to find something and when they come
into Standale Karate they tend to be apart of the family.}

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  1. We have weapons classes at least four evenings a month and offer classes on different specific weapons on a monthly basis. Give us a ring/email for more info.

  2. Yes! The weapons we do at our school are, Single stick, Double Stick, Bow, Knife, Sais, Swords,nun chucks and Cane

  3. Cloths that are easy to move around such as T-Shirts, sweatpants are OK. Shorts are OK in the Summer. Anything else just let us know.

  4. In today's society, being able to defend yourself is important no matter what age you are. Especially if you are getting up there in age. Looks like this is the place to learn.

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