GOTCHA TAG! Mystery Tag with That Youtub3 Fam and Yeagers!
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GOTCHA TAG! Mystery Tag with That Youtub3 Fam and Yeagers!

August 16, 2019

– The game starts now, (Audrey shrieks) – I’m so nervous! (Wyatt yells) (Rachel yells) (upbeat intro music) – Aloha Toas, and we are here hanging out with some awesome people.
You might know them. – That YouTube Family! – And Shot of the Yeagers! – And we are going to
be playing Gotcha Tag – Now we are going to go into
a room, get some instructions, and watch how this goes down. It’s going to go on every
channel. Link is down below. You know who they are and check it out from their perspective. – Okay Toa squad, so I am here
in the interrogation room, and Mr. David Williams… he
is going to give me a name, and he’s going to give me a mission. So, the name will be my
target, so it might be anybody in That YouTube
Family, Shot of the Yaegers, or my own family, and I’m
going to have to accomplish the mission which could be something like get them to stand on furniture, or it could be get them to sing a song. And once I accomplish that mission, then I’m going to say gotcha. And that’s me tagging them, and then I acquire their target and their mission. So in order to win, you
have to get the most names. So I have accomplished all these missions, and I get their name when I say gotcha, or I’m the last person standing. So I really really hope it’s me. Alright, here we go. Names first. I’m kind of really scared. Now, a mission.You’re target spends too much time on their phone. Maybe she does, I don’t know. You are worried that they
have no friends because their screen time is up
over eight hours a day. This should be for my teenagers. You will knock out your
target if you can convince them to hand their phone to either you or anyone else in the house.
Oh this is gonna be awesome. Let’s go do it. – My turn. I got Steven. – [David] No, that’s
Steve. That’s the dad. – You’re target can’t stand
people in their personal space. Help them to see that friends
are fun. They should be. Get two or more people
to surround your target by holding hands and dropping
the target between them. You will knock your target out of the game if you can get two or more
people to surround the target. (laughing) This is so impossible
with the person I have. – It’s my turn. Oh no. I don’t think I can make her do anything. It’s gonna be so hard. It’s like a little kid asking an adult. Your target thinks they’re the
smartest person in the world. Let’s just see how smart they really are. You will knock your target out of the game if you can get them to say
the ABC’s or count to 50. – Okay, it’s my turn. Mine is Taylor. My mission is … – [David] Your target loves to cook, and they think they’re the
best cook in the whole world. Time to show them who’s the real chef. Your mission is to get your target to hold either a cookie sheet, a
rolling pin, or a mixing bowl. You will knock your target out of the game if you can get them to hold
any one of those items. Either a cookie sheet like the sheets, a rolling pin, or a mixing bowl. – So you have to show them? – [David] You’ve got
to get them to hold it. – I’m gonna show you guys first. Ty? Oh my gosh. What? Your target thinks they
are a great artist. Let’s show them just how
good they think they are by drawing a snowman. You will knock your target out of the game if you get them to draw a snowman. – I’m going for the bottom name. There was a name on the top.
I don’t want the top name. Holy crap! (laughs) That was amazing. (Jase laughs) Your target does not want
to get hit by the dart, because they think that will
knock them out of the game. Time to trick them into
cleaning up your mess. You will knock your target
out of the game if you can get them to pick up any… oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh I’m so pumped… any
of the blaster darts. – Okay, Evee. Evee and I are a team. Our person is Jordan. Shhh. – But what’s our mission? – Our mission is to make
her pick up a dart for us. Just pick one off the ground for us. – Is that why we have this? – Yes. – Oh. – Okay? (Jase whistles) (People laugh and grown) – I wish I had that in slow-mo. When Jase whistled, Jordan like pow. – I have… Okay, I have… really sensitive ears, and
that like gave me whiplash. – For the record, the Ohana
Adventure has eight persons. Shot of the Yaegers has eight persons. And That YouTube Family has six persons. That’s a lot of persons
in this little room. – Is everybody ready? (families cheer) – Do we have everybody here? – [Steve] Yes. – Okay. So everybody has gone through the interrogation process. (people laughing) Everybody has a name… AKA a target… and everybody has a mission. Remember that if somebody gets you or you get somebody,
you have to say gotcha. If somebody says gotcha to you, you have to give your name
and mission to that person. And you are out of the game. – The game starts now. Look at them run. (people yelling) (Audrey screams) – I’m so nervous! – [Rachel] Wyatt is protecting
himself with a bowl. – Oh! – Just kidding! Just kidding! (screams) – No. – [Girl] Why is walking
around with a blaster? – [Girl] Look at this!
I’m getting, like… (Jordan screaming) – Guess what? Gotcha. – Really? – I was supposed to
get you to pick one up. – Really? Really? (child yelling excitedly) – [Rachel] So, Shae, have you
accomplished your mission? Or have you been got? – I haven’t. – [Rachel] You haven’t been got? – No. – [Rachel] That’s good. Okay. Are you ready to do your mission? – But I don’t know how to do it. – You have to start trying
to get your target out now. – [Rachel] How many more minutes? – You’ve got ten minutes. – [Rachel] Ten minutes
to get your targets out. – [Rachel] Wyatt just got Taylor. (Wyatt laughs) – [Rachel] Sorry, Taylor. – (Girl) Can I see that? – [Rachel] Hey wait, you gotta
read your mission over here. – [Wyatt] Jake. – [Rachel] Now you have to do the floss. You gotta get him to do the floss. Okay. Hey Jake, are you out? – No. – [Rachel] Oh. Wyatt, come on. Shhh. – I was an out. – Wyatt has failed the city. (Wyatt yells) – [Rachel] What did he
have to ask you to do? – Shake. – [Rachel] Oh no. – I am out. – Time is up. It just ended. Okay, I have just been in
the interrogation room, And Cora, because she’s a little young, she can’t read well.
Cora is a little young, she’s going to be on my team. Come on, Cora. Yeah?
High five? We are a team. So I’m gonna tell her who
we have on our mission. Now, you can’t say anybody,
and you can’t do it, I will have to tell you when
we’re gonna do it, okay? – Okay. – It’s Audrey, and our mission is to try and get her to give us her phone, or give someone else the phone. – Evee and I have a new mission.
Okay, you read this one. – Rachel! – [Jase] Shhh! What do we have to get
her to do? Read this one. – Your target thinks their look is going to set the trend for 2019. You will knock your target out of the game if you can place two stickers on them without them noticing for two minutes. Both stickers must be on at the same time. Oh, I know. We can just sneak around her, – She has her sweater on,
so the flap of her sweater in the butt, you have to
put them on secretly though. – Which one should we do? – [Jase] Don’t look
straight at mom though. We’re gonna kinda walk around first. Okay, it’s been two minutes. Shh. – Gotcha! (laughs) – You got me? (yells) I hate you! (Rachel yells) Dang it! We lost, Cora. – [Evee] I put stickers on her butt. – Okay, you now have Audrey. Your mission is to – – [Cora] Can I read it? – Target spends too
much time on the phone, you’re worried that they have no friends ’cause their screen time
is over eight hours. You will knock out your target
if you can convince them to hand their phone to you
or someone else in the house. – So should we ask – – [Cora] I was totally
setting it up right now. – [Jase] You’re gonna ask
her, we should hang out now – Where’d our person go? And
we’ll stand right by her. Where’d our person go?
Dad where’s your phone? And I’ll be like, I don’t have my phone. We need to take a picture.
Audrey, can we borrow your phone? Can we borrow your phone to
take a picture of our person? And she’ll be like, here you go. Okay we gotta keep our eyes open. May I borrow this to take
a picture of my person? Hurry, ask her. – Can I borrow this to take
a picture of my person? – [Audrey] Sure. – Thank you. – [Jace] Go tap her and say gotcha! Audrey. – Audrey, gotcha! – [David] Audrey, you’re out. – Wait, what? – You’re out! (Women screaming) (people laughing loudly) – [Jase] Audrey, come with us. I was trying to get Klai
out because she’s my target. And you took my phone, and
I was just like, oh yeah, sure, you can use my phone. – [Jase] Oh, that was amazing. I think it’s kind of a
cheap shot that I have such a small cute little minion to help me. – You have to give a dime and
ask for the time from Klai. So, you can give the dime first, and then ask for the time,
or you can ask for the time, and then give the dime. – Can we secretly give the dime? – I think you just have to…
you just have to read it. That was good though. – Was that? – That was so good. – I can’t believe it worked. – I wasn’t paying attention. Let’s do this. Let’s try to
give her the dime second. – [Audrey] That’s what I
was going to plan on doing. – So maybe we’ll just like
flick it at her to catch. She’ll catch it. She’ll be like what? And we’ll be like, gotcha. So we’ll ask her, say Klai,
how long’s the game going? She’ll be like, I don’t
know, what time is it? She be like, this time…Okay, thank you. And we’ll walk away and
she won’t notice it. And then later we’ll give her the dime. – [Jase] What time is it right now though? Who has their phone? – No. Don’t. Don’t. They’ve
been asking everyone. – Evee, will you draw a
circle on top of this? – [Evee] No. – I just got rejected. (Jase laughs) – So, I know who our person is now. – [David] Did somebody call it? – I’m moving away from the water bottle. – [Jake] Hey, can you
hand me that water bottle? – I can’t, both of my hands
are holding stuff right now. – What is that holding? – [David] Alright, guys. The game is over. (Jase screams) – You wanted me to pick up a water bottle. – And give it to me. (Jase yells) – There is still quite a few
people in the winning circle. So, these are people
that either are not out, they did not get caught, or they actually gotcha-ed a few people.
So, let’s see the lineup. – [David] Alright, so if
you’re still in the game, raise your hand. Alright, if
you have more than one name stay in, if you only have one, step out. Oh, we lost players. – This is tight. Like we have
an Ohana, we have a Yaeger, and we have That Youtube Family. (families cheering) – [David] Okay, if you have
more than two, stay in. – What? – Do you have three? You
have three of your own? Where’s the names? – [David] You both have three? (people talking simultaneously) Okay, so Jase, ready? We’re gonna do rock, paper, scissors. – Are you gonna do rock, paper, scissors, or do you want me to? – Jake has tied with Jase. Comment below who you think’s
gonna win below right now. Is it gonna be the Ohana Adventure, is it gonna be That Youtube Family. – [Everyone] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (everyone shouting) – [David] The crowd’s going wild! – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you guys liked it make sure to give it a big thumb’s up. – Subscribe down below to hit – – That notification bell. – Okay, we had so much fun
playing the Gotcha Tag, and we want to thank That Youtube Family, (Family cheering) and Shot of the Yaegers. (family cheering) Make sure you guys go and
check out their channel, because every camera had an angle, so you’re gonna get to
see the behind the scenes, and all the crazy things that
happened on their channel. And we love them, so go and
make sure you guys subscribe to them because they do
awesome adventures as well. – And thank you guys so much for watching. – Muhalo! – We’re out! (Upbeat ending music)

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