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  1. I wish nuisance people were killed, skinned, filleted and then cooked up to feed the people who captured them… lol
    I completely condone hunting pythons to help the Everglades environment and native wildlife, but they shouldn’t be eaten by people, they should be fed to snakes such as king cobras that actually NEED to eat these snakes. It’s not wasteful that way at all because the entire animal is recycled and it last the predator eating it a LONG time. I wish all the captured Burmese pythons were donated to other animals that eat them naturally in the wild where they come from and also conservation groups who use them as ambassadors to educate people on why it’s important not to introduce new species into different ecosystems.

  2. Gordon Ramsey : "We're going to hunt the Burmese python because it's an invasive species and destroying the ecosystem"
    Also Gordon: "I'm going to hunt the endangered puffins and eat their hearts out… literally"

  3. Next on the F word

    Gordon Ramsey hunts for a grey rock wich is wiping out the population to create a tasty easy 5 minute recipe

  4. I handle snakes allot and the best way to handle and catch a snakes is with a snake hook or stick, not just grabbing it behind the haed.

  5. Are you sure you have a wife I’m pretty sure she’s trash cause you two would have a lot in common.

    sorry it just came to head?

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