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GoPro on a Sword!

August 13, 2019

(ethereal music) – We’re filming a sword fight and I need a really cool shot to end it. And I wanna film something
I’ve never seen before with a camera mounted on the sword as it cuts off the bad
guy’s head in slow motion. But before I can do that, I need to figure out how to build it and then film it. Let’s put a GoPro on a sword. GoPro, roll video. (camera beeps) Oh my god, it’s rolling. GoPro, stop recording. The idea is that we have this, like, looking down at the blade, right? You can stick it to things. Okay, that looks pretty sweet. – We wanna make sure that the blade is leading the frame though. – [Wren] Oh, so like this. – So that we see the destruction. – [Wren] This looks pretty sweet. How’s it look going this way? – [Nick] That looks pretty cool. (Wren roars mildly) – And we have a few katanas, like, there’s this one,
but this is aluminum. It’s useless for actually
chopping something. We do have one steel-bladed sword. It’s very dull, as you can see. (mimics flesh ripping) Niko does have a really
nice high-quality katana. Maybe he’ll let us use it for this. – Uh, I’m gonna say no. – (Sighs) Okay. – I’m sorry.
– Okay. Unfortunately, this will
have to be the sword we use. It’s not ideal. Now our issue is how do we sharpen this? This is steel. What if we actually just
take a belt sander to it? – Yeah, let’s try it.
– It’s either that or we don’t do this video. (energetic music) I mean, that’s kinda working. – [Nick] Dude, if we
hit that with some smooth. – [Sam] May I test it? It feels a little sharp. Oh! (group shouting) Not bad, not bad. – This is sword test number one with a mini watermelon. (relaxed electronic music) That is officially sharp. Let’s go look at the footage. – [Nick] How’s the footage look? – [Wren] It’s cool, I guess. – [Nick] What do you mean,
“it’s cool, I guess?” – Well, it’s like it’s so fast. (mimics whooshing)
Did you see it? Way faster than we expected. If I go through frame by frame, we now see the watermelon and the cut. There’s way too much motion blur. Even though that we’re recording
at 120 frames per second, the motion blur is so intense. (sighs) We wanna have as
little motion blur as possible, which means we have to have
a very high shutter speed, which means we need to
have a lot of light. We can go up to the roof, where we actually get
more direct sunlight. That should, in theory,
provide enough light so that the shutter speed
doesn’t have to be dropped. – [Nick] Let’s go check it out. – [Wren] Dude, yeah, so far, the motion blur, there’s none. I mean, that was a good test right there. No motion blur. – [Nick] What? – Well, I mean, 100%
chance of rain tomorrow. – [Nick] Dang it! – This is gonna be something that we just have to play by ear. Play by sight. I got it. Get the GoPro on. (camera beeping)
(water gurgling) Okay, ready? – [Nick] I think I’m ready. – Okay, I’m gonna wait
for that to come around and then I’m gonna slice through. Okay, ready? – [Nick] Go for it. (Wren shouting) (relaxed electronic music) (Wren grunting) – There are now to GoPros on this sword and we’re gonna get both
angles at the same time. Alright, this is it, this is the cut. (Wren mimics whooshing)
(group shouting) I needed to have the
camera more angled though. (groans) What we learned is that this looks pretty sweet in slow motion, but the camera placement
could have been way better. – Show me what you got. (Sam mimics slow whooshing) That looks so cool. All those little flecks of paint, like, that looks so cool. And seeing the juice go (mimics warping). Yeah, if you put the sword over there, on the left side of frame, suddenly, all that chopping action is gonna be in the shot now. – Right, I have an idea. So we have two GoPros, one is Corridor’s, one is Nick’s. So here’s the blade. We have one GoPro here
looking down the blade and then we take the second GoPro and put it straight up
horizontal along the blade. And this one will see all
of the debris that flies out and the other GoPro will see the cut. (gasps) And then what if we can somehow stitch those shots together
for a super wide shot? That’s a little high level. I don’t know if I can do that. That would be cool though. We might have a bit of stitch mark, but that wouldn’t, I mean, if it’s janky, embrace the jank. It is what it is. – I came in today to
find that Nick and Wren hadn’t gotten the footage that they were looking for yesterday and, apparently, they’ve been
working on this video now for two or three days. This is the last day to get the footage that they need to get in
order to make this video cool or we’re scrapping this whole project. – So I’m trying to line
these up so that I have the right 25% of this camera matching up with the left 25% of this other camera so that I can have them overlapping. I’m gonna shoot, you ready? – [Nick] Go for it. (relaxed electronic music) – Hey! Nick, not bad. I think that turned out well. One, maybe two more and then
we go check the footage. I don’t know, man. It’s gonna be weird. The stuff in the distance
lines up really nicely but stuff right next to the cameras, they don’t match up quite as nicely. The way we fix this is by
trying to get the lenses as close to each other
as physically possible. Like this. So I’m just gonna create a couple, like, super, super small wood things to help support this. So now I made a bit of a wedge. It’s not perfect or anything, but hopefully it’ll get the job done. A very, very dumb thing I’m about to do. Hey, hey, Carmichael. – [Nick] You’re right in
time for the dumb thing. – Always am. – I am hot gluing this
piece of wood to the GoPro. Alright, so here is the final alignment. At this point, we just
gotta get this thing filming ’cause we’re gonna be losing light. (tense music) – [Nick] Wren, we have
15 minutes to shoot. – Dear god, man! – [Nick] No! Hold on, GoPro. No, Wren, my GoPro! – Sorry, Nick. – [Nick] Franken-mount, dude. – Franken-mount. (groans) Okay. We are running out of time. – [Nick] Don’t run with the sword, Wren! God. (tense music) – GoPro, record video. Alright, they are both rolling now. Here goes. – [Nick] That’s what I’m talking ’bout. – I am not a samurai! This is not ideal! Well, we have now officially
chopped everything we have. This was our little 15-minute GoPro rig. We are just in time,
we’re about to lose light. So hopefully, we still have enough so that the background
isn’t motion blurred. (grunts) So we got what we got and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. It is what it is. Let’s go look at the footage. – So these guys have been rolling on swords cutting through
fruit for about a week now. And we’re gonna finally
get to see the footage. I am super excited. – Okay, so this is the first rig where it was just the
regular mounts and cameras. (group chuckling) – [Man] Oh, on the drill. (mimics slashing) That’s sweet. – [Man] Oh, that’s nice. – [Man] Did you spin all the way around and hit it a second time? – Those are cool. That stuff’s sweet. – That’s really cool.
– That’s cool. – [Man] This oddly reminds me
of Fruit Ninja, the VR game. – [Wren] This is essentially
1000 frames a second. – [Man] Interpolation? – (Groans) You didn’t make it through! – I was just, I just
did like, the half thing ’cause I was like, oh,
I’ve been going too fast. I’ll go slower and then it was like it didn’t make it through! It was like no! So the second rig was the super janky one, but it still works. Check it out. So here is it without any blending. Just the two frames lined up. – Oops.
– And the sword actually bent a whole lot on that shot. (Niko laughing) (mimics whooshing)
– [Sam] That one looks like– – [Niko] This is like the
modern cubist, like, drawings. – Oh yeah, there we go. That somehow ended up being one of the coolest things so far. – So here’s the blended shot where I did, like, the repeat edges stuff, and, like, a feathered mask. Just to kind of try to
get some semblance of– – [Sam] Yeah, that was
a little gnarly there. – [Niko] It looks like you need to sharpen your sword a little bit. – [Niko] Oh! – [Wren] No, what happened
is that it got deflected and it was wanting to go up
while I was still pulling it. It was too sharp. That was the issue. – Wren, Nick, that turned out really good. That would be the ultimate
fatality shot in a sword fight. – Guys.
– Yes? – You’re not fired anymore. Congratulations. (relaxed electronic music) ♫ Do it – [Niko] Three, two, one! (explosion) (group shouting) – Holy! – Oh my god! – Still rolling.
– Oh man.

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  1. How has hollywood not used this technique ? Go-pro on a sword as it slices through. Wren you're such a genius.

  2. Do it with the 360 degree cameras. It would be a perfect shot with in the face of the samurai and the watermelon one to the another.

  3. wren: we have chopped everything thing we have, we are about to lose sunlight.
    me int head: LIES! you almost chopped ur head offed 6:50

  4. It was way better when it was attached to the end of the sword.

    I think, the bigger the radius between camera and center of rotation increases the coolness factor.

  5. 1:36 listen closly and you can hear the harry potter theme, each beat happened after every time the box hits

  6. great video, maybe you could get or make some kind of mod to get the GoPro to record in a wider angle to get the shot you wanted

  7. Wren: Does all the work in the video and final product of the sword slicing video.
    Thumbnail: Lol no Niko did it.

  8. After seeing this kind of shot in 'The King's Man' trailer, I wonder if this is where the idea came from.

  9. What if you just stopped your motion after the cut
    Like put the GoPro to the outside of the blade to see the damage, and do a shorter motion
    You could even put like a strong piece of wood to block you
    Then again I'm no expert so I don't know about the recoil and how it would react

    I like the determination though

  10. I don't know if anyone has suggested this but…how about cutting something vertically, so it doesn't it doesn't get out of frame?

  11. The new King’s Men trailer has a shot exactly like this video
    Wonder if it was similar thinking or if they got inspired by this

  12. That was the funniest thing I've ever seen!!!
    Wren!! my momma would say "that boy is touched!"
    …. wait… she ment by god right?… wait a second…
    Why would she always say that when i did something stupid…

  13. I would like to say it is a cool idea but animated movies had these kind of shots for a long time now. Just watch the sword of the stranger fight scene.

  14. sword fights with katanas arent cool, katanas aren't cool, nor are they viable against anyone but naked children and watermelons

  15. What about the GoPro on the sword during a stab? The frame wouldn't move around as much, and you'd get to see the thing getting killed for the whole shot

  16. GUYS! Reshoot these sequences with all green-screen backgrounds so you can use the squishy particle effects in other future jobs!

  17. I'm never a fan of comments about firing of people. It's just never funny to me. Not that I've ever worried about it but I've heard it said before.

    Anyway great video as ever 🙂

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