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Gopro Archery

August 18, 2019

I’ve got the gopro mounted on the bow,
and so before the before we lose the light because it’s in the winter here
and before we lose the light I’m gonna try it out, this little spot
here where I set up the target and shoot the arrows from over here and yes so I’m
basically testing out two shots of the one shot on the bow basically so you’re gonna see me pulling
back and then another shot where I’m going to the camera Forward and you can see the arrow fire Fat Guy Adventure – Gopro Bowcam Episode 1 I need to go down to a 30 pound bow,
I haven’t fired this 35 pound in a while and it’s tough looks like i’m aiming little high little to the left we’ll
have another go I think I need to ideally in the future when I’m shooting
arrows at home to change to my thinner arrows these are my good arrows I use them at
the at the club but they are thick they’re not ideal, I’ve got thinner ones and
the more thinner ones people criticize looking like knitting needles but bloody hell (hard to pull out) these things are had to get out of the
target and like this is like multiple layers of foam rubber here and I want the target to last a while before i’m going to throw it away
because they don’t last forever but it’s not going to last… Let me put it this way… it’s going to last longer if i use my thinner arrows just got an audience I just testing out my GoPro i’ve put my
GoPro camera on my bow so you can see the arrow shoot out are you doing archery? this is 35 pound, it’s a little too powerful
for me it’s um I mean I can shoot it but i should be a bit stronger really to
get a steady shot out of it Talking to the neighborhood kids about archery and the local cats… yeah cats. And wow, dreadful grouping… now it’s worth mentioning one thing , as I loaded up the arrows I loaded them vertically vertically means keeping the bow level, not tilting it on the side again and again a lot of archers do this, they tilt on the side to load arrows and if you have the gopro mounted on the bow… you don’t want to see the thing going
like this whole bloody time that’s just a pain! I am differently more consistent I am
better when I’m shooting 3-under. Subscribe for more!

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