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Google — Year In Search 2017

November 18, 2019

(dramatic music) (fire crackling)
how do wildfires start (missile roaring)
how far can north korean missiles go (ambient voices)
how many refugees in the world (slow piano music) (water crashing)
how to board up a window how to calm a dog during a storm how to help flood victims – [Deryk] To the families
and friends of the victims, know that we’ll do everything
we can, we are Vegas strong. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Protesters] We will not be silenced. We will not be silenced. – [Woman] No matter what
we’re going through, we still have to push forward. – [Madonna] Are you ready
to shake up the world? – Hell yeah! (crowd cheering)
(dramatic rock music) how to run for office – It takes an act of love to realize, we are all in this together. (speaks foreign language) – We made history tonight. – [Man] Look at that! (crowd cheering)
Totality! – [Woman] Oh, it’s emotional, I can’t explain why, but it is. – [Chance] I’m asking
that you guys join and mobilize with me. – And I will say it right
now, out loud, me too. – Me too. – Me too. – Me too. (crowd laughing) – Love you, alright? – [Announcer] There’s no stopping Serena – Put your hand back out,
bro, you gonna shake it, bros. (woman laughing)
(crowd cheering) (crowd whistling)
– [Lena] The things that make us different, those
are our superpowers. Go out there and conquer the world, because the world would not be as beautiful as it is if we weren’t in it.

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  1. Google indeed keeps a record of what's on humans minds! I must tell you that Jesus Christ is not on many of your minds! DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND GOD HAS A RECORD ALSO AND IS AWARE OF PEOPLE'S COMINGS AND GOINGS AND OF THOSE WHO TALK ABOUT HIM OUT OF SINCERITY OF HEART THOSE WHO ARE AN EXAMPLE OR NOT EXAMPLE TO THE CHILDREN ABOUT A HIGHER EXISTENCE! MANY have fears and worries yet do not seek Jesus Christ who has made a powerful impact in my life as a lower-income Latino male Jesus Christ is give me treasures and hope that nobody out there could ever give!!

    you need to truly turn to Jesus Christ and learn what it means to be a true worshipper of God and stop worshipping the things of this world that have you enslaved to temporal knowledge and understanding and not allowing you to see the bigger picture of your existence!!!

    The spirit of socialism never changes it just finds different spiritually ignorant people to use. SOCIALISM IS PUSHED BY NARCISSISTS WHO MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEMSELVES! It's a spirit that defies God's laws and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Socialism is a fool's errand pushed by people who refuse the wisdom of God. Socialism is fool's gold a shining piece of trash that spiritually trashy people push! There's no human being on Earth that needs to be bowed down to and begged for how much of their own money they worked for to keep!! Not everybody was born rich there are those who work hard with their hands like Alexander Ruiz dad who worked his way out of the Bronx into a much better neighborhood in New York check the facts! She is the product of being put into a place of the lap off comfort because of the free-market design by God himself that people can use their free will to use their own god-given talents and hands and feet to make better choices and healthy choices rather than full of choices and unhealthy ones and be rewarded! Anyone that comes along to try make you thief think different is a self-appointed FALSE messiah! socialist always have a false story about themselves when usually they come from money and wealthy liberal elite School of lies! They lie about their lives clothing them self in compassion which is designed to deceive people in order to take advantage of their emotions in order to gain control and power. it's a game to them it's not about true love and true charity for other's! True love and charity is a matter of one's heart between tthem and God! Indeed humble yourselves in the sight of God! Bless other people not for others to see but so God's who sees in secret will reward you openly! Do not trust in uncertain riches they come and they go! it is the richness of Jesus Christ that you need to chase after with all your heart, mind and soul! Do not be duped by purveyors of a false plan. deceitful workers who clothed them self in compassion but I really only out to benefit themselves for power! It's a game to them it's not about the souls of people! Look at Streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles testify that it's not about people! they're not glittered with hope and transformation they are littered with trash people defecating upon themselves in the streets needles everywhere for kids to see!! ??!!

    How? it leads people away from dependence upon God by bribing people with other people's money.

    God's laws against stealing against coveting another's property. The Gospel of Jesus Christ leads individuals with special god-given identity, into victory away from being used as victims and stereotyped

    those who do not put their faith in Jesus Christ will be glad to put their faith in an evil tyrant who will do evil things to get their way

    the reason why people speak in such a delusional way that everybody can have free healthcare free this and free that is because they reject the truth of God.

    Look at the people who take free stuff their living in the streets doing drugs pooping all over the place like animals.


  2. this is an amazing video it makes me think
    why do i just stay in my house all day there is a world to discover

    sorry about my cheezy comment

  3. 2017 was the worst year. ever. so much tragedy. so much death. so much destruction. it was so bad i just had sadness in me the whole entire year. then 2018 came around the sadness went away. 2018 and 19 so far were fantastic 2016 was absolutely amazing.

  4. This is how you make a Year in Rewiew, even with the politics involved it’s how you make something real

  5. that wonder woman moment makes me tear up literally every single time i watch this, which I do FREQUENTLY

  6. Why does every Google Year in Search vids has to revolve around Refugees , Blacks and LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ ?

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  8. Anybody know what the original video of the servicemen on the aircraft ramp giving the thumbs up is called? The description just says "Military Relief – Getty."

  9. I really want to find more videos that evoke the same type of feeling as the "year in search" ones. Similar to an AMV but with historical or current events instead of tv shows or movies.

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