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September 27, 2019

♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – “What is Google’s
top results for…?” Okay. – What is Google’s top result for? People google the weirdest stuff. Let’s be real. They google stuff, the stuff
you don’t want to ask other people. – I know when you start to look at Google
and it gives you all the results and you’re like, what the hell
do people search? Is this along those lines? – Isn’t this the game
where what’s the top looked up for thing on Google? – (FBE) This is Google Autocomplete,
an online game where you’re given the beginning of a Google search
and you have to guess what the top result is based off
of Google’s autocomplete feature. – Who comes up with stuff like this? – (FBE) We’re going to have
you play a few rounds and see how many points you can get. – I’m excited because I did
watch the Google Feud episode and I thought it sounded really fun. – I’d call myself a memer,
but then I know there’s those dank memers out there that just take things
to a whole another level, so I don’t know if I’m going
to be able to keep up with that. – What is Google’s top result
for… “is an.” “Is ancestry real?” What? That doesn’t make sense. “Is anybody out there?” “Is Angelina Jolie getting married?” “Is Annie96 real?” “Is Angelina Jolie sick?” So the internet’s
worried about Angelina Jolie. I feel like I’ve heard
this before, but I’m not– yeah, I’ll go with it. Oh.
– (FBE) That means you got it wrong. – Wrong, okay. Oh, I feel like I heard a lot of Annie96. Um, I’m going to go with
“Is anybody out”– oh god! I really don’t think it’s this one. I’m going to go with “married.” Okay, that should have been
my first guess, honestly. – What is Google’s top results
for “Where the hell”? “Where the hell am I?” “Where the hell are you?” “Where the hell is Bill?” “Where the hell is Matt?” And “Where the hell my phone?” I’m going to go with “are you”
because that’s a funny type of thing, and then you never know
what people are going to say back. You know? So let’s see. Fine. Okay, so I’m go “am I”
because that’s my second choice. Awesome. Okay, got the two lowest ones. Eenie, meenie, miny, mo. Awesome! Yeah. How is “Matt” the number one thing? That’s so weird and, you know,
I would never think that. – “What is Google’s top results
for pics of Donald trump, pics of dogs”– pics of dogs again– “pics of emojis, pics of girls.” I would think they’d be dogs. Nope. Nope. (gasping) I’m disappointed. I’m going to go pick some girls. Yep, why am I surprised? – “Is Big Little Lies on Netflix?” No, it’s on HBO. (giggling) “Is Big Lots open?” “Is Big Bear open?” “Is bigly a word?” “Is Big 5 open?” I’m going to just say Big Bear
because I like Big Bear. It’s probably not it though. Yeah. (giggling) “Is bigly a word?” You know, I’m just going to click it
and see if that’s it. Oh my god! (laughing) Why? Why? It’s “bigly.” It’s large. – “What is Google’s top result for
I accidentally ate…” Okay, “moldy cheese,
raw chicken, meat, a maggot, mold.” That’s kind of gross. I knew a girl that once
ate a maggot on accident. It was really gross! I’m going to go with mold. Yeah! I’ve googled that before (giggling) because I accidentally ate
moldy bread and I freaked out. – “Can I marry my cousin?” No, that’s weird. “Can I marry myself in California?” I’d want to marry myself too. I’m not even going to read the rest. I’m going to pick this one. No, okay, never mind. Just kidding. “Can I marry my first cousin?” “Can I marry myself?” “Can I marry Google?” Since this is Google, I’m just going to go with
“Can I marry Google?” No, okay, cool. That’s like free homework answers for life
if you were to marry them. I’m going to try to just pick
“Can I marry myself?” Yes! Good, good, good. This was a good answer
compared to other ones that were on there, so I’m just glad
that that one was it. – “Is it possible to fly?” “Is it possible to overdose on weed?” – “Is it possible to learn this power?” “Is it possible to multitask?” – “Is it possible to shrink?” “Is it possible to grow taller?” I asked this myself in seventh grade, when I wanted to play
basketball in the NBA. – I’m going to pick
“Is it possible to learn this power?” Okay. “Is it possible to fly?” – A lot of people are short. That’s a lot of people. (gasping) Oh! (laughing) – People do have
a weird thing with being– guys have to be over six foot,
so maybe people are trying to see if they can get taller. – What is Google’s top result
for “can we”– “Can we have a conversation?” “Can we have infinite energy?” “Can we have sex?” “Can we have sex?” “Can we have a baby?” “Can we have a baby?” I feel that’s weird to google. I mean, “Can we have sex”
is also weird to google, but I feel like more people
would google that than “Can we have a baby?” I got it. I don’t know why
I know the search results for that. – “Erection when dead.” “Erection when I poop.” “Erection when cuddling.” “Erection when sleepy.” “Erection when angry.” Please don’t be right. Okay, cool, cool. Okay, “Erection when I poop.” (chuckling) What? No, okay, cool. Never mind. “Erection when cuddling.” Uh, that’s kind of common sense. No. “Erection when sleepy.” Uh, erection when sleepy? You do you, people, I guess. Just look up whatever helps you. – What is Google’s top result
for “how to secre”… “How to secretly track an iPhone.” “How to Secret Santa.” – “How to secretly record someone.” “How to secretly track an iPhone.” Ooh, I feel like that’s a parent! I feel like that’s something
parents would google. “How to secretly track an iPhone.” I’m going to say that one’s first. Nope. – Snapchat first. Dang it. Okay, that’s out. Going with “track an iPhone.” Dang it. – “Secretly record someone”? People don’t know how to Secret Santa? Why is that the top result? – It’s not hard. You just go out, you buy what they want, and then you give it to them. And then you’re like, “Hi,
uh, I’m your Secret Santa. Here you go.”
(bells jingling) Boom! Not hard. – “Where can I find p…” “Where can I find pure garcinia?” – “Where can I find prostitutes?” “Where can I find Puma slippers?” – “Where can I find Pokemon cards?” I’m just going to go with this one
because it’s funny. Damn it. – People are super weird nowadays, so I’m just go with
“where can I find prostitutes.” Nope, okay, cool. Never mind. Just kidding. – Pokemon cards. I don’t think that’s
really a thing anymore, right? – “Where can I find Puma slippers?” I feel like I’ve seen
a lot of weird girls wear these. Let’s go with Puma slippers. No, okay, cool. – I’ll go with Pokemon cards. Hell yeah! – “Where can I find Pokemon cards?” If this is it, dude,
I’m going to lose my faith. I lost my faith in humanity. Why are you searching–
they’re everywhere! Go to Walmart, go to Target,
go to Swap Meet, go anywhere. You could literally find them anywhere. – “Is mono a virus?” “Is Monday a legal holiday?” “Is Monster vegan?” “Is Monday a holiday?” “Is Mongolia a country?” I have a gut feeling about this one,
and Monday being legal. Dang it. The Monster vegan one is so stupid,
so I have to go for it. Dang it. Going with holiday. Yeah! – “What is Google’s top result for…
are there laws against fake news, laws on the moon, against hate speech,
against breast feeding in public, in space.” Okay, I don’t feel like “in space”
is going to be number one. Um, I feel like “fake news” could be one,
and “breast feeding in public.” – I feel like people wouldn’t know
if there were laws against breast feeding in public
because I don’t know that, so I feel like that’s
something I’d google. No. – “On the moon”? “Against hate speech”? No, it’s “in space”? – “In space”? Yes, the outer space treaty. – I guess they’re kind of wondering,
“Hey, if I commit a crime in space, does it count?” Like, what– what crime
are you going to commit in space? Please explain. – What is Google’s top result for… “Are feet allowed in”– what–
“(scrupulously) in volleyball?” That was searched twice. No! Have you ever seen
someone kick in volleyball? “Are feet bigger than meters?” “Are feet shoes?” (giggling softly) Oh my god. Are feet shoes?! Are feet FOR shoes, like… (sighing)
it’s just– it’s dumb and I’m going to pick it
because it’s so dumb. All right, “are feet shoes?” How did I [bleep] know?
How did I know? It’s not even a sentence. And it’s a question, but no question mark, but it’s a dumb question because,
clearly, feet aren’t shoes. Google’s amazing. It’s so great for research,
but there’s just so many dumb questions. – I liked this game. It was interesting to get
into the mind of the people. – I think I did pretty good. After a while, you can figure out a trend that the questions that are the worst
are usually the answers. – This just makes me
question my hope for humanity. Like, this is so bad, dude. “Erection when I poop.”
Really, people? – I’m sitting here, “Like what the hell?” But at the same time,
I have those questions where I’m like maybe I should google this real quick,
just to verify that I’m not stupid. So I can’t judge too much,
but I am judging. I am judging a little bit. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Gaming on the React channel. – Subscribe. New episodes every week. – Bye, guys, I’m going
to go step up my googling game. – (exhaustively) Woo!
That ghost’s so scary. Hey, guys, it’s Zach,
producer for the React channel. Thank you so much for watching
and please let us know what games you want us
to play in the comments. No, no, that’s impossible!

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