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Good Gamer Presents | PC Gamer Gifts

August 23, 2019

what’s going on guys today we’re gonna
be looking at some of the best PC gamer gifts you can buy and where you can find
them but before we do I just want to say if this is your first time to the
channel welcome to Plug & Play if you like videos like this and you want to
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any new videos but without further ado let’s jump in first up on our list is
one of the most important PC peripherals around gaming mice if you check out the
link in the description below I’ve got an awesome list that updates hourly on
the top gaming mice available and being sold on Amazon it changes all the time
it ranges from super low cost to super expensive really high quality to low
quality everything in between but the best part is is it’s listed from top to
bottom what people are buying when they’re buying it and it hope you
pick the best PC gaming mice for your gamer this holiday season next up is a
gaming keyboard paired with a mouse mouse and keyboard is what makes TC
gaming unique in comparison to consoles so some of the things you’re gonna find
on this list are combination bundle packages where you get a mouse and
keyboard and then there’s also some amazing deals and pricing on stand-alone
keyboards again this list updates hourly links in the description below check it
out so we got our mice and we got our keyboards but what happens if you can’t
hear gaming headsets it’s the place to be ranging from wired Wireless low
quality high price it doesn’t matter this list is going to show you what
gamers around the world are buying right now on Amazon updates hourly links in
the description below so we can click we can tap we can shoot we can hear we’ve
got it all covered but now let’s jump into something a
little bit more offbeat gaming controllers gaming controllers I thought
this was a PC gamer list yeah I know you’re right it sounds weird but what
most people don’t know is that gaming controllers nowadays are also most times
compatible with PC games as well and a lot of PC games are coming made with
game controller controls built in so definitely check it out list updates our
leave links in the description below last but certainly not least is
something that’s gonna keep you comfortable while you’re playing those
hours and hours of games gaming chairs the chair people sit on is always
overlooked and the go to our office chairs which are
often not as cool as gaming chairs are so if you’re looking for something
unique to get your gamer this holiday season a gaming chair might just blow
their mind so there you have it those are some of the best PC gamer gifts you
can buy and links to where you can buy them hopefully you enjoyed this video if
it helps please let me know down in the comments below don’t forget to give it a
thumbs up but other than that that’s it for me and I’ll see you guys next time hey before I let you go I just want to
say thank you again for watching that last video check out some of these other
videos I got popping up right here I think you might like them and don’t
forget to subscribe and hit that little Bell icon so you don’t miss any of the
new stuff as soon as it comes out but I’ll let you look around I’m gonna stick
around and just kind of hang out and let you pick a video

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