GONE FISHIN | Gmod: Prop Hunt (Funny Moments)
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GONE FISHIN | Gmod: Prop Hunt (Funny Moments)

February 13, 2020

*waaposh!* Wade: We’re underwater again, and it’s the same. Mark: Come on guys. Jack: Yeeahhh. Mark: Jus- we have so many good memories from this map I thought it would be good to start- Wade: No, I have no good memories, you and Bob do. Jack: *Chuckles*
Bob: Oh yea, that’s right. Mark: Yeah… Wade: Yeah, I hadn’t forgotten the fish and the cone apocalypse of 20…4-15? Bob: I feel like we all had a good time that day. Mark: yeah it was pretty fun wait are you guys hiding already Mark: Wait a minute Wade: No we’re waiting on you to kill us before we decide to go hide. Jack: Yeah wtf *chuckle* Bob: That would be the civil thing to do you Jack: Stop dropping cones what did they do?! Mark: Wait can you see that? Where are you? Jack: Yeah. Of course I can. Mark: Alright Bob I’m gonna be scouting from up here so if I see anymore than- Bob: I’m fairly certian that they’re in the water Jack: On an underwater map that’s stupid Bob: yeah well… that’s what I’m sayin but- you know Mark: Wh- what was that sound Jack: What was that sound? Bob: I just went in the water, I don’t know Wade: That was not the thing Mark: Was that you wade? Were you doing a thing over there? Wade: noo Jack:I can’t, I can’t see well from my
vantage point Jack: I just swam past you Jack: Oh God, this keeps freaking out on me
and I can’t see anything Mark: all right Bob I’m gonna hang at the… oop…
ok no that was a fish Jack: I have no idea where you guys are
I can’t see you anymore Mark: still underwater?
Jack: yeah. Oh, the music’s jaws Jack: (jaws impression) dun dun dun dun dun dun dun doo da looo Wade: You’re gonna need a bigger boat. Jack: You’re gonna need– Uh is that Kermit’s version? Mark: Wade Mark: Wade, what’ll it take to sell out your
teammate Jack: nothing! Wade: uh I’ll do it for uh… Mark:Thousand subscribers? Jack: A klondike bar?
Wade: I was going to say three but Wade: but yea a thousand works Mark: three subscribers -oh wait hang on (laughter)
Bob: Oh hey, I found Jack Bob: he’s a little fish running around on the
floor Mark: ok I saw him, he’s still there Jack: *loud irish screams* Jack: *lower pitched irish screams* Jack: (sounds???) Mark: Wher-where did he go?? Bob: Where’d he go? Jack: nope nope nope! Wade: he’s closer than you
might think but farther than you might like Mark:damnit i can’t
throw grenades and stuff under water Bob: I know Jack: *chuckle* Wade: that’s not a normal fish activity Jack: *giggle* fish out of water boys! Bob: that’s what i was thinking Jack: I heard a gernade Mark: okay good, wait a minute oh did, jack did
you get out of the water Jack: yeah Bob: i think he is legitimately out of
the water Jack: *laughter* Mark: uh-oh we’re being made a fool of!! Jack: yeah you are! Bob: Mark, I thought you had
gotten better at this Mark: what? no! Jack: I’m right here! *laughter* Mark: awh! Not fair (laughing) Wade: yah! yah!! Wade: how does it feel not being able to find something Jack: I’m up here! I was at the fuckin – I was on the- I was on the thing beside the plant Wade: he was exactly where you were the conefish were before- Bob: I think was right here Mark Mark: where? Bob: right here Mark: oooohh ok Jack: I was moving around a good bit though Mark: that would’ve made sense you guys just suck Bob: I hear a chopper Wade: (*impression of chopper?) Jack: theres someone in here! Wade: ehh chopper! Jack: no okay, you would have gotten super scared
if you were in there because I just Jack:screamed and you would have been like agh Bob: Wade, no one’s in that corner you don’t need to be in that corner Jack: What corner’s Wade in? Wade: watch it be Bob. you watchin me? Bob: I was not in the fountain dumb dumb Jack: Marco! Mark: Pollo!! Jack: He’s over there!! *laughing* Mark: oh no! Wade: agh! what if he’s the bike! Jack: Are you a fish? Bob: no Mark: nyes Jack: are you a barrel? Bob: Are you tring to confuse them with your words Mark: maybe *chuckles* Bob: mm yes, mm no Bob: yoo yaa Bob: i’m not, i’m not a barely either, I was just trying to make fun of Mark Jack: hey wade Wade: hey Mark: nailed it hehe Jack: are there in here? Mark: hehe Jack: grab everything! Jack: OOOoohhh a booga booga! Wade: yup, they’re in the garbage Jack did you just shoot that? Bob: here. I’ll jump for you Wade: what is that? Jack: I don’t know, thats a weird spinny orb Bob: Everytime I say boing I’ll jump, how bout’ that? Wade: I like, picked it up! Bob: boing. boing! boing! boing! Jack: K, you’re not above water then. Bob: boing! Bob: yes i’m definitely not above water Wade: are one of you the- Bob: boing! *combined laughter* Bob: wait wait wait – ready? ready? Do it! Wade: ???? Bob: yes, yes!! Mark: *uncontrollable laughter* Jack: what happened!? What did you do? *Mark and Bob laughing* Jack: Wade, did you find them?? Mark: Oh it feels like home! Bob: we we we’ve rekindled our winning ways Mark: *laughing* Wade: Jack, I know what they are *laughing* Jack: just like old times! Mark: Oh memories! Bob: it worked so much better last time Mark: Bob you have like mines, so I’m going to place a- Bob: I have minds? oh yes Jack:Don’t place mines. Don’t be douchebags. Mark: At a choke point so they go by it *jack and bob laughing* Bob: Jack did you see that check Jack: if they go by it, PLOOP Bob: did you see that? Jack: ya it fell Jack: …. no where near me *chuckles* Bob: what was that? Jack: I heard a sploosh! Wade: hey stop that stop shooting Jack: don’t, don’t come in here Bob: unlikely story Mark: where they at Bob? Bob: why aren’t you moving fish Wade: Bob, trust me Mark: whats going on Bob Bob: uhh, I’m just doing some recon Bob: I I feel like I
accidentally through my mine right at on of them Bob: And then Jack was all like,
..uh nooo Mark: hang on a second here Bob: no where near me.. Mark: wait a second. Wait. Hang on a second. Something aint right
Jack: uh-oh, Wade. Wade Mark: something aint right with this fish Jack: Wade.. Jack: Wade I’m stuck Mark: It’s fine, that fish was just being
really weird. Never mind then Jack: Thank you, oh god! Wad: your welcome *laughing* Mark: okay whats going on then Wade: nothing! Wade: nothing at all happened! Jack:nothin at all Wade: there was not a prop delivery service *laughing* Bob: gosh, sounds this game are freaking me out Jack: is that the update? Jack: duuuuh dun Wade: uh-oh it’s my theme song! Mark:oh wa- uh, uh. Th-there’s somethin goin on here Mark: somethin’s fucky I didn’t know you
were there for her shoe dept mysterious file box moving her haha I didn’t see
you ok so Bob that means waves down here
somewhere all right because because because it
wasn’t 20 seconds ago when that happened yeah yeah and I was a plant on the
surface when I got stock and I couldn’t change so we brought me a fish sure yeah that’s what you want a
soothing true you watch your back that’s what we want
us to think that’s what happened my dad what right does the watch how are
you guys breathing underwater those are not water filtration fucking
magic how do you know what do you hear I don’t
have exploded a magic around that’s walking magic jack fucking you
doing wait I believe in you where is it what are the side of them Wow get yourself the way I got saying
he’s over there Bart calm down man here’s your fucking
life is dead body over there no my my radical passed by am I saw his
name pop up so I’m like if I throw a grenade in this general direction i
might get him sure that’s how it works ha ha ha ha I don’t know it yeah we’re after so many
years we are starting to not trust Bob yeah we got it now we got it I I give up can I go back over here now Bob don’t get off of me you can do it I
can fucking shoot the tiny fish I’m not gonna just run around and look like an
asshole ball coming up but I’m not gonna do it I’m not gonna do it I’m going out on my
own terms I’m not going to do is hide a mother
shirt but it’s like yeah okay shoot that will finish like that I’m not good
enough I’m not gonna do it I’m not gonna play
that game oh I you need an actual game of problems yeah and then you’re right you’re not
allowed to be a tiny fish Bob because we’re happy with that is if you’ll
remember i’m never fucking tiny fish I’ve always a stupid barrel who dies
really fast all right we’ll see where we’ll see that
means he’s a fish don’t trust Bob absolutely i’m a Polish doesn’t plans
knocked over my to take their senses are tingling feeling about I don’t think
that’s the sense that’s tingling tag I detect like this away all my detective
juices are flowing he’s at the juices that’s not how it works why is
everything juicy with you it does I the nice juicy fruits why do
you wear those sweatpants that you see on the ass all the time back does it as I like my juicy ass who /
it’s not even that juicy it’s so juicy I don’t know about juicier you’ve had you see your asses Jack Jack
said he didn’t share with friends my ass doesn’t know where he’s over by
the shore for a drawer or nobody was dying yeah and you’re a plant I do your pup we always do you were a
plant I had I had actually grabbed onto that
barrel and been effect haha right buddy nowhere and I everywhere spot thank you sir are castrated no it’s good yes so much all of the thing . i’m
touching although i think the spot yeah I I get what you’re saying it’s
it’s like an artistic statement yeah it’s one its political you have to
really look into it it’s political yes having a jack come over here for a sec I
think about Bob Mary I didn’t haha di did not become a tiny fish where are you I was in the room the
first room that you track Jack the the computer room I wasn’t there oh you’ll see me dumb well uh huh I wasn’t to be to be fair to you it
wasn’t the shark when I was in there I get it i right wait while you have you
ever noticed when you’re looking in the mirror about your hair what ha ha like what do you say Bob like they’re
just as Bob got you I got the top front part on out that some some people
there’s hair all the way on that you put on your that’s what it looks like how it
is so fucking mean oh hey i think i’m mark i think i’m
gonna go figure I feel bad haha guys something came up i
gotta go it’s fun playing on the element is right
when we were talking about how we’re going to rip on way today was that on
the list of yes or no I forget that wasn’t the big list under knows that we
had really have read the list wrong if your shark music but I don’t see you
guys one of us is more to think that he’s not like that . or is that just
like it you hope a box on the move box on the
move by the room by room father Bob I’m going and I heard the
door open well like I don’t like I got the rolling it out fuck yeah it was still the fish on the
way to happen when I started it’s hard to get those little fish in it
yeah bitch I’m back back way hey i just had something in my eye oh nice was it hard I don’t know what it is I didn’t even
know you were there yeah gentoo intention to injection I really
did not have to think about this spot but i’m trying to get creative you know me neither yeah I’m trying to
be a bit differently I’m gonna do something here gonna make a statement aside from below
this fish : was pretty classic you know pretty classy it’s hard to top fish code
and will it will never be the same as haha really didn’t pan out tomorrow the exact same place I was last time oh that’s where you were yeah you know
like three boxes that her the idea that you and I just want to slaughter here that was rough that did not go well they
knew the area there well what I get for trying something new yeah we’re going to be devious and
douchey we’re gonna we’re gonna pull real weight next time you better watch
out sure you will I believe you don’t worry
all I believe you I’m not sure what you’re on about mark
that’s only the way oh you know I really don’t care come on I’m so how are you all right yeah I have to think about this one okay
look I we shouldn’t wait doesn’t like me I’m gonna let you have your wishes mark
and I’m anything wait really ball all right here father I wish upon a star for a brand new car i hurting you i just everyone’s lanes
and just as much paid dead banking this shad but you really haha any minute now wait now ok leave it
there hello hey we’re gonna go soon it but that does that hey hey what is
that look out how he’s still alive kill him oh no guys I mean I got the cure this
all this will fix you Oh god [screams] [laughs] F*cking anti-tank grenades Jack you’re lucky I can’t yeah what mark what do you know what fuck
itself it work what the hell haha i might have moved
when you say my name is sure what’s happening right now hey where is he he was down here I saw his name pop up I just didn’t I
couldn’t get a lock on what item he was up its office might be the greatest wind
might be we see we see what happens match is really dumb I am incredibly stupid so people with
shark technique yeah we really got Wishart what the hell people are gonna use that yeah I don’t
know what’s happening right in there are you what the fuck I didn’t I was just his work in the
market to get away and I didn’t notice it maybe us look really bad mark no he’s still here now oh wow haha i know you were still the
inner where where yeah haha he was suicide by a grenade
good I have no idea oh Jesus it was a little
wiener yeah he was a little wiener I said I
mean here the whole time but how did you sir why I have no PT in a drink at the table that’s it Alan’s oh you want to just the
melons bob bob was it over there five seconds ago I was just looking over
there he was right behind your head 0k girls
jet you carry different i was i was there i was the cabbage on the table and
you like drop the grave right in front of my face I know what the hell that was so awesome
and then you couldn’t find me again yeah I like you I was scanning every
item in your name wasn’t popping up was so we’re clear lake water pipeline
would be going to my ARSE Captions By FreezerMoosh2, (INSERT NAME HERE)

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  2. Hi how was your day?

    Mine was good thanks for asking
    And I hope anyone read this has an amazing day

    Also we are making BREAD at my house and it makes me hungry cause I can smell it UGHHHHHH

  3. Can we just appreciate Jack's little smile upon hearing Bob's laugh?
    It's so damn adorable. It's like every time Bob laughs, he either smiles or laughs as well, like, Bob's laugh is contagious.
    [I am not in any way shipping them two together, BTW.]

  4. I hadn't watched the whole video so I went back now and randomly selected a time in the video and unpaused it. The first thing I hear:

    "Because I like my juicy ass." -Jack.

    I should've expected that.

  5. I was watching this video when I found out my finger was septic and all I could think was that I watched too many of your vids! Keep up the good work jack/Sean.

  6. Bob: “why do you wear those sweatpants that say juicy on the ass all the time?”
    Jack: “cuz I like my juicy aaaass”
    Me: FLAMINGO SHORTS THAT SAY JUICY ON THE ASS! flips table and runs off screaming and laughing maniacally

  7. I bet the thing in Wade’s eye was a tear from all the mean things bob was saying about him. Don’t be rude, Bob. Be nice to your friends

  8. The grenade didn’t hurt jack because the gunpowder got wet and the gunpowder is what makes grenade go BOOM! grenade detonates in background goddamn it

  9. Jack:What are you?
    Everyone: …
    Me: I'm a ghost blanket sandwich in a pair of binoculars from the future of 5000 BC.

  10. On the English Subtitles on here it says ejaculation when jack does the jaws theme😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Hey jacky boi gone fishing!! (Ok i just couldn't help my self) theres this baldi's basics song called "your mine" and i think, that you'd laugh your litterall BALLS off to that song, especially with captions XD

  12. мαяк: ωну ∂σ уσυ ωєαя тнσѕє ѕωєαт ραηтѕ тнαт ѕαу 'ʝυι¢у' ση тнє αѕѕ αℓℓ тнє тιмє, ʝα¢к?

    ʝα¢к: вє¢αυѕє ι ℓιкє му ʝυι¢у αѕѕ

    мє: qυєѕтισηιηg нσω мαяк кησωѕ тнιѕ ωнιℓѕт ∂уιηg σƒ ℓαυgнтєя

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