Going for gold, again: Declan Farmer to compete in 2018 Paralympics
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Going for gold, again: Declan Farmer to compete in 2018 Paralympics

November 19, 2019

completely changed my life. Finding sled hockey for the
first time when I was 9 was amazing. I loved it from the first
time I got on the ice. I hope that our team playing
on the international stage in Pyeongchang and
that being broadcast all over the country — I hope other kids and stuff
will see that and want to be like us. My name is Declan Farmer. I’m Class of 2020. I study economics, and I’m on
the U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team. I was born as a double amputee. I’ve been using
prosthetics to walk ever since I was 1 years old. I was always a competitive
kid, and I was really just struggling playing
T-ball or soccer with able-bodied kids. I really never got to
be competitive and be one of the best out there. Sled hockey gave me
the chance to do that. My professors at
Princeton and advisers have really worked
with me and allowed me to miss the time I need, and
also everyone at the Princeton hockey department who
has allowed me to skate here and train here on my own. I really appreciate all
the sacrifices and help people in the
Princeton community have given me to achieve
the dream of going to the Paralympics again. CARA MOREY: Watching his
approach to what he does, you can tell that
Declan’s a champion. I think if people
could see Declan and what he does
and hear his story, that any time they feel down
or that the world is tough, that they can see Declan
and be inspired that they can do more than they think. ANNOUNCER: And rival
Declan Farmer– he shoots, and it’s in! DECLAN FARMER: The first
Paralympics was really a special moment for me. It turned out well for us. We were able to
win the tournament. All those years of hard
work coming together, and you getting to
hold your gold medal, and hear the national
anthem and sing it along with your teammates — it’s really a special moment. This time we hope to repeat
what we did at Sochi. We hope to win a
gold medal again. It’s just a blast going out
and playing for your country and playing the sport you love. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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