Gohmert: The real corruption isn’t Hunter Biden, the question is Joe Biden
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Gohmert: The real corruption isn’t Hunter Biden, the question is Joe Biden

December 2, 2019

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  1. The REAL CORRUPTION is Trump and his Russian Children and Moscow McConnell and his Chinese SPY Wife …..all are taking Russian money, Chinese money and Taxpayers money…..all are Criminals and Traitors.

  2. Louie Gohmert has an intellect
    that can pierce through darkness
    like a laser guided beam
    unlike any other human being I know

  3. What you call when President charges the taxpayers to play in his own golf club or send his Voice President to stay (you know where)..
    Everybody knows that: President Trump is the most corrupt President in the USA history.

  4. Gohmert is a truth seeker & he shares it. He is the one who exposed Robert Mueller & his corrupt background shortly before he was appointed
    FBI director – which should tell all Americans how corrupt our government has become & decades ago!

  5. Look at this guy he has so much Hate for trump This is really disturbing that this sort of circus can go on with tax payers money Why don’t the Dems start working for the American People

  6. How does Nadler and the rest of the deep state left wing Democratic scumbags continue to lob false unsubstantiated accusations at the President with no reprisals. A Democrat registered voter could probably Rob a bank and not get in trouble.

  7. Gohmert is a Gomer. He says, “It is not obstruction of justice when you know your innocent and you’re trying to get the truth out about your innocence.” Ok. Can we all get that same opportunity?! “I think I’m innocent so I’m not going to show up to court or participate even though they brought charges against me.” Yeah right, see how far WE get with that! Trump’s a phony and a loser.

  8. How do you spell Ed Henry is getting a lot of airtime and I told everybody weeks ago paid for. Fox News the kids have taken over. Fox News will soon be a part of CNN they’re just winning you. We are smart and you will that Ed Henry is now bought and paid for he will be buying a really large home soon. Just saying.

  9. 17 US intelligence agencies found overwhelming evidence that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. These same agencies found no evidence of Ukrainian interference. The whole Ukraine/Biden issue is a diversion away from the truth….Trump’s abuse of power and corrupt intent.

  10. All the demacarts are worried that they are going to go to jail and they should be they have done nothing but take and take it's time to hold them accountable for their actions.

  11. I will tell you what the facts are, Jerry Nadler’s son is in Epstein’s black book. Nadler still doesn’t understand Mueller never knew who fusion GPS was or what they did. I can tell you this when Barr gets done Nadler will probably fall out a window.

  12. This goes beyond Joe or Hunter. They are the gateway to complete the circle of corrupt participants…it's coming.

  13. So they will keep waisting government and no go governmentment legislation, this is outregius , this is it what facts what laws where broke, list them and show the people.

  14. I thought we already knew that the Muller Report was fabricated by the Russians. The steel dossier was nothing more than made up lies from Russian intelligence to create a political mess within the United States.

  15. Nader is another liar just like Schiff. The man is delusional! Their own investigation found nothing! If it did what is it? Trump2020!

  16. NadLer is a political idiot doing what is expected of him. What does “six ways from Sunday,” mean in respect to Donald Trump’s guilt? Just listen to the man and you are left with all they have —- NOTHING. He is the perfect argument for term limitations.

  17. I still saying the President, China, Russia, and Ukraine it's all a major scandal. If you look at the military videos

  18. Ukrainians ate all.covering scandals after scandals polois is also involved and. I know this because my messages are still.getting stolen

  19. So Biden conducts his business in the open, with the approval of American government, with the approval of the World bank and multiple countries and you idiots accused him of a crime.

    Dumb Donald does it in secret, without the approval of government and is condemned by multiple countries……but incredibly you idiots are fine with this.

  20. If Donald Trump is unable or is not permitted to investigate the corruption of federal Administrations such as the previous vice presidency- as the Democrats claim – then how will a following Democratic Administration expect its self to be permitted to prosecute any crimes of any previous department or administration at any point in the indefinite milenia to come? The Democratic party is not a political body- it is a mood disorder.

  21. Them criminals have been making money so long in government that them have became too careless and opened a can of worms thatwill crawl right back to them. lol

  22. The Corrupt Demonrats are going to face the music very soon for their Treasonous crimes against the President and We The People and it's gonna be HUGE! ⚖️⏳???

  23. This guy knows the repubs. are as dumb as rocks and can't keep up with anything more than 4 words. REMEMBER TRUMP SAID HE LOVES THE UNEDUCATED!!!!…..because he knows they are easily manipulated!

  24. THE DEMOCRATS WON'T STOP. they must be humiliated to such an extent that the whole America must see their shame. this is so far fetch. I cannot believe that anyone can hate a person so much that they will stop at nothing. this is truly the spirit of Jezebel ruling the democrats. I pray for common sense and that some of the democrats will not go ahead with this madness. this is so sad when the President is working, God alone knows how he can perform under these circumstances. wow. SA.

  25. All the dictators that were brought to answer to the Heg tribunals after world war two, did not want to participate in there herings. Well guess what happened to them?
    If your guilty you will stall and stamp your feet. If Your innocent you will fight with facts and legal arguments.

  26. Harr..harr..harr… really folks, here he comes again, with the usual mouthful of marbles calling for the duly elected President of the United States of America to come before his incredulous judiciary hearing!… if this is not a Nasty Nadler Circus show, then its a "NO SHOW!" Period! We are now contending with a bunch of loonies, gone berserk without a proper sence of due decorum. Has the legal system gone to the dogs?

  27. WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE!!!!! OAN news has took it upon themselves to clear the Visa's of 6 Ukrainian officials to the investigation of Rudy Gulliani to come America to testify on Obama's state Dept. Corruption!!!! It's about to come out, it's over for the Dems!!!!!! Hillary, Obama, ALL will be implicated….. ………


  29. Gohmert telling it like it is….I love it! When this gets to the Senate, it won't be Pelosi's wheelhouse any more. Once that happens they'll all be on the run and stabbing each other in the back. Can't wait!! One can only hope that the treasonous bastards will get what's coming to them.

  30. Nader do you think our mind set is so short that we forgot and you can bring this bunch of lies up again that's dead and so is this impeachment

  31. The correct title should say the real corruption is the man currently occupying the White House and his administration…sad!!!

  32. There’s only one side that’s OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. If the rediculous Report couldn’t find CLEAR EVIDENCE of ANYTHING WRONG!

  33. The REAL corruption is everything that comes out of Gomer's mouth. Only the TRUTH can fight corruption but you won't get any of that from a Republican. Trump won't testify under OATH. No guts. No defense.

  34. Demorrhoids have the runs and nadler is the biggest idiot of them all how can anyone vote for any bozo from the demorrhoids is beyond belief! Peel psi will lose her job that’s inevitable now people are sick of these idiots!

  35. All Soto’s concocted garbage!the story is that all these demorrhoids have no scruples they just dance to their masters musical play!

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