GOG Connect Winter 2018 | Add Steam Games to GOG for FREE
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GOG Connect Winter 2018 | Add Steam Games to GOG for FREE

November 4, 2019

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming
and welcome to an update on the GOG Connect service so if you’re not
familiar what GOG tends to do is they offer you some games for free if you
already have them on Steam so this could be useful if you want a
DRM-free version of the game or if you just want to grow your gog library and
what you need to do is you need to connect your gog account and your steam
account once you connect it have a look at the available games and if you have
any of them that are eligible you can just simply click and add them to your
gog library so right now during the winter sale they’re offering these games
for free so you have Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Shadowrun Returns, Age Of Wonders 3,
I have no mouth and I must scream, Trine Enchanted Edition, Shadowrun
Dragonfall Director’s Cut and Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition. So
now as you can see I have these two games on Steam and these are available
for me I already have these two game on GOG and I don’t own these games so you
can see the cross so all I need to do is since I’ve already connected my account
I just need to click Add 2 Games and they will be added to my account that’s
it easy as that I can check my account if I
want and I should have those two games and see these two are now added so now
have a drm-free version of the game as well
I find this service very useful I have 57 games here on my GOG account and I’ve
only bought one game i bought ANNO 1602 if I can find it here
that’s the only paid game here everything else is either free or through the
connect service or whenever they do their giveaway so nice way to grow your
library for free if you want and yeah check it out I really like it they do it
like three four times a year so during major sales so this is available until
until the Steam sale starts so I think until the 20th so check it out you might
have some games if you own any of these on Steam and if you want to just add
them on your gog account that’s it thank you for watching see you in the
next one

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  1. Great that GOG is expending their library. Mostly because it's DRM free, meaning you can install games definitively, not neading to go throught their plateform to play your games (as opposed to steam). Now you really OWN the games you bought (whereas steam can revoke your game anytime due to a bug for ex).

  2. ? well yeah this should be the norm, i always thought it was BS any games that you own that are exclusively on Steam, no one shud put their eggs in only one basket, if u really like a game get backups, get it on gog, or a pirate version, or a console version, just make sure its a version that does not need to be activated, it has to be plug and play, now thats real 'ownership', Dont Be A Sheep, now let me get back to some online shopping and see whats available for my PS3 & 360 yay! ??????????????

  3. i have many games from steam that i saw in your GOG library and i cant add them from my steam to GOG account even though i did the connect
    why is that ?

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