Giving God Your Gifts: Regine Caramancion | Video Games
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Giving God Your Gifts: Regine Caramancion | Video Games

September 6, 2019

My name is Regine Caramancion and
I’m a video game developer. So I’ve been creating this 2D platformer…
if you don’t know what that is it’s pretty much like old-school Mario type of games.
I’ve been creating a 2D platformer about St John Paul the Great and that’s with
and it started off as an internship project, but now it’s going to be launched at the
Australian Catholic Youth Festival in December. So the first thing I remember… uhh…. I was about 10 years old. I was really, really
invested in this game called World of Warcraft and it’s because my brother would babysit me
by letting me watch him play that game and then when he finally let me play when I
was around 10 years old, that’s when the passion grew for video games. I never really actually touched video game
development until my course which was in 2015. I fully remember my first trimester of my course.
I just remember sitting in class like “What am I doing here? like am I…
am I kidding myself right now?” There was a whole lot of doubt… like,
“Can I really make a career out of this?” Or … “Is my passion for making games
the same as playing them?” There was just a lot of doubt because I was
really new to everything I was learning. I think now that I’ve seen what
it’s like to make a video game I think it’s so complex and interesting that
I think I like it more than actually playing video games now because of how
much control I have of the video game instead of just following another
designer’s narrative and all that. So the thing I love the most about playing
games is that I love how much impact the story in the video game can have on me
as the player… like how attached I can get to a character just by how the character
development was designed and that. And yeah just like the simple things that…
there’s a plot twist at the end where my favourite character dies
and it just like breaks me like just it has so much control of a player’s
emotional and personal attachment. I like how I can be part of that whole
process of making the very platform that can make another player feel that way. Yeah, just being a part of a team that can tell
their own stories and maybe impact somebody the way that I’ve been impacted by a video game… I think that’s what I love most about developing games. I’ve been a part of this community called Couples for Christ – Youth for Christ
since like the end of primary school to the start of high school and they
were really the ones that would snap me out of everything that the world was
telling me and I really owe it to them because even if I was called the “Jesus
girl” at school and I would feel insulted, they’d be like “that’s cool but… like
being called the Jesus girl is cool, because you’re associated with Jesus
right?” and I’m like “Oh yeah, you’re right” and then like they just – they really
helped me out a lot and they taught me to love those people that hurt me anyway. I guess on a deeper side of things, I’ve learned a lot
about Pope John Paul the Second. I didn’t know much about him except that
he was a Pope… like I didn’t even know that he started World Youth Day, but I learned a lot about him
and because I learnt so much about his story I thought it was so cool that I wanted to learn
so much more about the Saints. That if this one guy that I’m learning about now
has a really cool story, there’s like thousands of other saints that have cool stories
like that and I wanted to know more. Well, kind of like music, I really love how video games
is also really universal. My passion for games has given me opportunities to
start conversations with a lot of people and I’m hoping that in those
conversations that I never would have had if I didn’t like video games
that I was able to show Christ in those conversations to the people I was talking to. And in terms of making video games, my industry –
the gaming industry – it’s very secular… religion isn’t significant at all if you
look on the charts of video games you’ll see that a lot of them are really
ruthless with the messages that they put in there or like the scenes that they
put in video games and there are deeper video games that have deep morals and deep
messages but you don’t see those on Billboards and I’m hoping that although God or religion
isn’t really significant in this industry that I was placed in this industry to be…
to sort of start that as well. That’s hard… like to find that balance
between prayer and gaming… because with video games it’s like you
don’t realize that you have spare time I’m gonna play a game and then realise
“Oh snap, it’s been two hours” But how I was in high school in terms of video
gaming and prayer, is opposite to how I am now so in high school, I would wake up,
go to school, come home, study, eat, play games and go back to sleep and then just
repeat that cycle, and prayer for me in high school was something I’d do in my
spare time, or if I realised that “Oh, I need to pray” like for something that I need to but now it’s really the opposite for me.
I don’t realize that “Oh yeah, I have spare time, I’m gonna quickly finish this
quest I had in this game” Like for me now, prayer is something that I strive to do
every day instead of in high school, which was “Video gaming is something
I strive to do every day.” If how I was in high school was like how I am now
with my prayer life, I wouldn’t have felt so much pressure from studies, because I think video
gaming is such a temporary stress release compared to to how prayer is for me now. And like, I get it’s tough and it really is but it’s
just so much more rewarding for me and I think that’s what people don’t realize
with video games and prayer as well, is that with video games, I get that
psychologically when you get the rewards from a video game it’s because it’s so
instant to get the rewards that you get in a video game that people don’t
realise that the rewards that you get from prayer takes time but when you do
wait for those rewards it’s so much more rewarding then those that you get from
a video game which is like a gold item or something and I think people don’t
realise as well as that the time that you spend playing a game, it could have
been it could have been used somewhere else, like somebody else could have
needed your presence instead of you being in your room playing a video game. I think from this whole experience, when people
see the game, I just want people to realise that the Church is growing,
it’s not dying out over time. That we’re growing the same way technology is
and we’re starting off with a video game I’m still processing all of this because I didn’t
think I’d be here straight out of college. But it just makes me excited for
what else is to come or for what will happen at ACYF and to be there when it
happens and it just makes me feel like I can trust in the process God has for me
because I didn’t have that before.

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  1. Inspirational stuff. It was fantastic to meet Regine at ACYF and I hope she continues to thrive as a driving force of change in the industry 👍

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