Girlfriend [Versus] Video Games
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Girlfriend [Versus] Video Games

September 25, 2019

babe want to go out to eat yeah I’m starving can you order pizza Oh screams got engaged oh babe I cheated on you last night oh man wait what babe the Patriots are playing Patriots are they always win babe come give me attention one more game just one more game one more there’s a huge snowstorm coming it’s all over the news oh my god Dave where it was so stressful today my manager Ron real estate but I closed last night I know why he couldn’t just called him someone else like Shelby she’s always late when she dies come to work and when she’s dead yeah never knows what to do she never doesn’t work I always have to pick up for her always have to take the snack it’s so annoying well I don’t know why she couldn’t have just come in for once and actually done a good job instead of making me stay with HS so babe what do you have planned for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day what’s that babe look I’m wearing your favorite songs the pink one

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