“Girl” Gamer – Jaltoid Cartoons

September 16, 2019

Just so you all know, I’n not a little boy. I’m a girl. just in case you’re wondering.
No oneasked and no one cares are you really a girl I didn’t know
girls played video games Hello, I am supercodplayer1995 welcome to the team
don’t underestimate me just because I’m a girl. *Heavy Breathing* Wow because you didn’t
already say that Oh, no! I need backup!
Dude, I’m coming! Hold on!
Can I tag along with you? NO!
You can tag along with me….. Oh, no thank you. Girl Power, ya know?
But I am not female guys I need to your help. They got me pinned here.
HELP ME! Or we could just let you die. no worry my Goddess I’ll save you Agh, wait… Hold on. Hold on… *Screams* Someone help me, I’m low on health! scream some more… please scream more.. scream some more… Will you guys hitting on me and save me already
WHAT?! But nobody is hitting you! Bu- but I don’t want to kick her! Get her out of here, she is so useless!
Please, just kick her. No, I love her…. *moaning* you

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