Giorgi Kinkladze Interview (2015) ENG Subtitles
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Giorgi Kinkladze Interview (2015) ENG Subtitles

November 29, 2019

Gio Kinkladze When did you start playing football? I started playing when I was 6-7 years old My dad used to take me on Tbilisi Dinamo games prior to that, we lived close by the stadium Must have been around 3 years old then..I would sit on his shoulders And during one game apparently I did certain leg moves When we came home my dad thought to himself: “why not try him out for football practice” I told him later: “Thank God I was not moving my hands and you didn’t sign me up for boxing” First goal? I don’t remember it My first professional contract was with “Mretebi FC” I spent three seasons there “Dinamo” was after that The best period of your career? England of course Because of fans..personally for me the Premier League is the strongest championship as well Style of play, the fans, everything.. Goal? The best goal I’ve scored..probably against Southampton Manchester City? It’s very hard to put these emotions into words It was such a joy and a motivation for me that I would still be running during the break between the halves I was 20 back then The feeling was tremendous It’s an influential rock band but not my type of music to be frank But I loved them because of their loyalty to the club The elder brother doesn’t miss the game, home or away You can imagine what sort of passion that takes Yeah they had a live in Moscow and I went to see them It was set to start at 3 but when he heard I was there he postponed it by an hour and we talked about football They are proper fans to cut short Fans of “City” but mine too I guess When I got the offer from Ajax, considering the history and prestige of the club I could not turn it down I couldn’t turn it down also because Shota Arveladze played there We always wanted to play together in a big club like that But due to some reasons I didn’t play there long.. Could you achieve more? Yeah of course Most of my friends tell me off far more than praise me Coach? First coach was Vaja Chkhaidze in “Mretebi”, very good one as well Rezo Dzodzuashvili, very talented and one of my favourites That’s on the club level And then David Kipiani and Alexander Chivadze in the national team , our idols As for abroad, Allan Ball – the one who recruited me He was the World Champion in ’66 at the age of 17 I would single him out Otherwise I passed through 8 different coaches within 3 seasons in City Footballer? From the earlier times I would say David Kipiani as my personal favourite Also Maradona As for this generation, Messi undoubtedly and Shota, my “Turkish” brother.. Shota has been retired for 9 years now but we have not even come close to replacing him in the national team Zidane or Messi? You’re asking impossible questions.. Zidane was the professor and one of my favourites but with all due respect to him it’s Messi for me Does he remind you of anyone..Messi? 🙂 Do you have faith in Georgian football? The quality of players we have produced before for the size of the country, I can not not have faith I believe everything will be alright again Do you ever feel like playing? A lot but can’t be a*sed.. Gio Kinkladze

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  1. What a legend, why i am a City supporter. He was my god.. Gergian warrior, and what a player, he would be used by Gardiola to day..RSPEKT!!!!!

  2. You was my hero, Georgi. I was 7 years old and we all loved you. My dads best friend rest his soul wanted to name his son after you but his wife wouldn't let him 🙂 you was always special to our club and to me. ? #MCFC #KINKLADZE

  3. What a player, sadly came to City as the wheels came right off and he was a diamond amongst dross, but still played amazing football, unbelievable, has highlight videos on here that will blow you away, unreal

  4. Even as a Liverpool supporter I loved this fella in the Premier league. Absolutely brilliant brilliant player and was the only reason why anyone watched city those days. He lit up the league in his time at city.

  5. Seriozuli jgupia mara ar vgijdebi ?!
    Da liam gallagheri aris “uprosi dzma” da shen tavze ambiob rom mesi gvagoneb ??? ravici dzmao, sadgac xar achrili, arada tbiliseli xar vici mara ver gavige raaa

  6. I'm a United fan but as a kid I always loved Kinlkadze, I thought he was amazing. I wasn't allowed to tell anyone though haha

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