GIANT PA Buck Archery Whitetail Hunt
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GIANT PA Buck Archery Whitetail Hunt

August 10, 2019

Hello and welcome to Wired Outdoors we
have a great show for you today as we’re gonna be going after the
biggest buck we’ve ever put on video in Wired Outdoors history and I’m the lucky
hunter. What makes this show so cool is – we have a ton of history with this deer
starting all the way in July with trail cam picture. Tons of velvet photos, but
you don’t want to get too excited in July because things tend to change
between July and October but he’s hanging out in this particular area
where we have one of our Whitetail Institute food plots – the crick plot. It’s always
been a good food plot for us. Last year my son shot his first deer here so we
get in in August we plant pure attraction from Whitetail Institute in here.
It grows phenomenal and the next thing you know this buck is in there every
single night three weeks before season we have trail cam pictures of him
almost every single night. So Andy Traister and I decided as soon as we get a
chance we’re gonna get in there, the conditions are right and it so happens
the opening day Saturday I’m in eastern Pennsylvania at a wedding. Absolutely dying
because the conditions were right. Sunday you can’t hunt in Pennsylvania.
Monday, Tuesday – conditions aren’t right Wednesday they finally turn a little so
we decide to head in it’s really hot it’s 80 degrees but the wind is right
we’re gonna rely on our Scentlok and spraying down and hopefully being as
scent free as we can. Let’s see if we can get in and get it done on this
Pennsylvania bruiser [music] Okay it is the first week here the
Pennsylvania archery season. Really hot tonight it was like 83 degrees when I was
coming in and it’s Northwest Pennsylvania which is really warm for this time of year. I had my my son Colin out last night he shot a doe with his Mathews
bow. Two nights ago I had Adison out my nine-year-old daughter. We saw a really
good buck the deer have really been moving but I’ve been waiting to hunt this
particular – this is a pure attraction plot from Whitetail Institute – I’ve been getting a really
good buck in here almost every single night. I waited till we have the right
wind tonight we finally got the right wind. This is one of the most pattern I’ve
ever had on a big buck like this – so we’re gonna see. Usually I take the kids and
the wife out the first week but with having him patterned like this we wanted to come in here tonight and see if we couldn’t catch him coming into this plot.
Hopefully the stars line up and it all comes together [music] That’s who we’re looking for [music] Well as you can see we were absolutely
covered up in deer and from a cameraman and a hunter perspective you love to be
able to communicate a little bit during the hunt and unfortunately we had so
many deer on us I couldn’t say a word I couldn’t move I couldn’t look at the
cameraman because doe they have us pegged and the last thing we need is to freak
them out and have them blow out of the plot. But all of a sudden I hear Andy in
about the quietest voice possible – “here he comes, he’s coming from out in front
of us to the right” which wasn’t the way he was supposed to come. Let’s just see
now if I can hold it together and get it done [bow shot] Smoked him Tray! I love it when a plan comes together
he’s crashing right there. That’s my biggest buck ever I’ve never had a deer more patterned in
my life than that buck right there except he came from the opposite
direction he’s supposed to come to my left. Oh man Yes! yes That is a hoss. Oh man. It’s my first night out bow hunting in Pennsylvania and that was about a 36-37 yard shot. Yes! Thank you Tray We did it bud That’s probably my biggest buck ever
that’s definitely my biggest Pennsylvania buck so needless to say I’m
freaking ready to do a back flip thank God I have my Hunter’s safety system on
because I’m ready to freaking jump out of this tree because I know he’s right up there. Okay so we called in the reinforcements here as you saw what a hunt tonight. Got field
staffer Mike Weigle, Andy Traister Jordan Wilbert was nice enough to come
down and help us out so we watched this buck drop so we’re gonna go up here,
we’re gonna get my arrow it was a complete pass through so we’re gonna go up and
grab it, go get my buck. Sound good? [music] What do we have?
Let’s go get him
He didn’t go 60 yards man oh yeah
nice Super pumped. What do you think Wags?
Nice buck.
We’ll take it He’s a dandy. Look at that Rage hole man.
Good night! that’s the entrance Thank you Jordan thanks for being here and Traister thank you buddy. Hey give me five man. That’s awesome As you can see I recovered my buck he
didn’t make it 60 yards that Rage blew right through him. Did an absolute
number. Wags – I’m glad you could be here. Blood absolutely everywhere Jordan’s here as well. Andy’s behind the camera and just goes to show you, you know I’ve had
one heck of a year shot that elk a couple weeks ago at 53 yards this was my
longest shot ever on a whitetail 36-37 yards. You can see we put in a ton of
work all year long this is one of our Whitetail Institute food plots and you can
see how many deer we had in here. I’ve been hunting the last three nights we
saw 20 deer last night. I’ve had my daughter out she had a good buck in so
it’s been one heck of a year so far. I don’t know I’m gonna do with myself being
tagged out this early but I’m sure I’m gonna find something be filming one of you
guys or something but uh I just want to thank you guys for being here, thank my
wife and family for letting me hunt, thank the good man upstairs, thank you
all for joining us on Wired Outdoors Well as you can see I was obviously
really excited to shoot this buck and anybody from Pennsylvania they
understand what a buck of this caliber is like but secondly for us to be able
to film it and tell this story how awesome was that. I know somebody was
watching out for me upstairs so I want to thank Him and I want to thank you all
for joining us on Wired Outdoors.

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  1. Really nice buck, PA or otherwise! A 154" buck is a 154" buck! Awesome job. Your production value and content are always awesome.

  2. Great buck great shot great bow love the Halon two things I look forward to camo cares and archery season Great job guys keep it up

  3. i have a nice buck coming past my trail cam a little bigger than this guy still trying to get him to break day but nice deer !!!

  4. AWSOME BUCK Pa deer are getting bigger every year. Got my first 8 point buck last year on the last day of archery after 20 yrs of hunting, glad I got back into archery. Again congrats on a great deer.

  5. From one PA bowhunter to another, congrats on a beautiful buck! I also shot my biggest buck to date on the 2nd morning of the season. (119 3/8")

  6. Jason,  congrats — and you said it best "its great when a plan comes together"… what kind of whitetail institute seed mix is that plot… I would like to try it if you can give me a shout that would be great,,,  Jim Reed   Fryburg.

  7. Good Buck and good vid !! BUT–why do so many Bow Hunters wait until Dark to track out their Deer ??? That Deer was Dead before you let out your first YAhoo–By the time you packed up and got down out of the stand, the deer was long bled out and you could have gotten him out in the daylight !! Just Sayin"

  8. Any chance you could comment on the food plot blend you used?? How big is that food plot and how much WI Pure Attractant did you use? When did you plant it?

  9. You put the RAGE in the Cage I see. Great hunt great shot great Buck great Times. I love the 2" 2blade Rage there is nothing that drops the game faster IMHO I have used many many Broadheads & for a mechanical that flys almost identical to your field tips they Crush the competition from what Ive tested and give the most ethical kill to the animal and no tracking necessary. 5-70yd Run is about all you can expect from a reasonably placed shot but put it in the honey hole and they won't take but about 6 steps before its lights out. Ive had pigs drop 2yds from the shot and 1 buck take 4 steps before it was down. I cant say enough about the Rage broad heads I have tested about $1500 worth of broad heads and I tossed the majority of them away for the 2blade 2" Rage. Ive had Muzzy take 2days of tracking with a extremely well placed shot and Ive had the rage drop them in 35yds with a bad single lung shot but still was an ethical kill but a 300yd run or having to get the dogs to track is ridiculous when these Rage Broadheads are on the market but guys will say otherwise even with proof in the pudding. 2" 2blade is a true BEAST of a Broadhead on its own level, it will Filet them wide open in the entrance & exit wound nearly the size of your fist. So talk about a blood trail My Goodness its hard to miss but you won't need to trail them typically because your gonna just about every time see them fall unless your in some real thick brush but even still there is no need for the dogs typically with the 2" Rage on the tip. IMHO you Owe it to that Animal to use the best equipment & shoot the most well placed shot from realtime in the Treestand Practice shooting, you cant skimp on Broadheads or arrows ever they are what makes the difference in a truly ethical hunt. Mathews SoloCam 4LIFE. best in the industry IMHO.

  10. This will be my first year archery hunting in PA honestly I’m 14 I would shoot the spike cause I’ll have the antlers for ever and after 16 no more your done.

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