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August 27, 2019

BIG SMILE SIS BRO It is Emma and gage sis vs BRO! We’re gonna make a massive slime so we’re gonna use this entire My god is what you call heavy. We’re gonna need all of this glue. and when i say all of it that means a lot of glue i dont think i can hold it much longer it is Not getting lighter and now we have to squeeeeze Is getting lighter. Why does it smell so good? Oh? The smell oh Why is it smell so good I don’t know is it toxic the smell i Don’t think so all right get in there oh Okay, that should be good and since we’re making cloud slime We’re gonna make it a nice blue yep All righteee I don’t know how much should I add is it gonna be too much or too little I i Want it to be light, but not too too light No its so little well we want it to be nice. Oh my God look at it Alright if we mix it all together, it’s give me a very pretty blue i think. Oh my god. It looks like Amazing I think we’re almost done mixing you are smacking me with the spoon dont smack Please your smacks are hard Okay, no more smacks. Whoa why does it smell so good? it’s like a ruddy slime we need to activate it and we’re done all right I Kind of killed my spoon all right wait a patek we got some of this uhhh whats this called mmm activator oh My god, and now we’re gonna add the activator all right you can start mixing I I Don’t like how activator looks Yeah, but since it’s wet it might make the slime a little bit lighter line a little bit lighter We’ve got the insides. This just goes in the insides of these Oh yeah, and this help grows. We’re gonna get like a whole lot more of this. All right. I just pour them all Noooooo! Well I think we need like a lot more that’s why we’re trying to make it I’m adding a lot more here because we hundreds I need a lot more cool lighter Do you think we should mix with our hands now out? Yeah, all right? Good bar spoons, I kind of around breakfast I hope it won’t 3 to 1 Feel stringy all the beers like turning into strain Wish it was it’s imagine this is rough, and it’s squishy Not too Pleasant yes, if you make sure you don’t want to anger me all right this feels so nearly human stringy and Gooey, we’re gonna need a lot more Activator here a lot more Think I don’t wanna test activator why not So easy to make so I make it all the time lovely butters snowy Cloud I love them all they’re awesome Everywhere We are Coming down No milk Say, yeah This is actually for me into stock, it’s kind of Like it’s so wet be now If you get this it’s so wealthy It’s actually gotta for me more hard a little bit and a GUI looking so it doesn’t it’ll be like one big blue booger Siri and my anus no my chills are coming. Would you like some blues not? It’s delicious It’s called Bruce not, it’s Precious noses Sighs look. It’s so Become it’s actually becoming more, but I want but texture is not really what I’m looking for it’s just a book Wendy naughty supposed to be cloudy hard to pull Now just little stock coming down I think this is too much activator we need lotion no no sure Here’s lotion for you There you go more ocean how long’s more Oh yeah nice to me what I mean Oh After hours, and um because then we finally got stolen But we’re not finished yet, we need a special ingredient so we move this aside We’re gonna grab this thing again And we’re gonna be putting in All of it all right no, we’re gonna need these to put them right there, and we also need Water – All right feel like it’s gonna make a lot in the water all right. I’m scared oh My goodness, that’s so cool there. Let me try. I think we did it everybody Wait listen becoming a slushie. We don’t want slushie. We want snow all right We just need a bunch of powder how about I mix it? Get the powder Blush all right, I think we’re done actually look. This is actually quite a bit of snow look at it. All right Everything has form look at it the Alana was so clinic squish it. Oh Snow is ready. We’re gonna add this line into here and make some cloud slime Wrinkles of snow on top Knowing all right oh my god, it feels so weird and I can let me turn it out Oh Break it up and put some snow into little bits Wrinkle every winter and then come mine. Oh mine is right Ronna you need a lot more snow in yours open up Oh Open up open up all right. Where did that snow in here all right? Fold it Follow the dough Wait It doesn’t go down wait yours is actually really really really good. I think we finally have Clouds I’m looking to spiderweb Looks so cool Well, I think we finally got it look at these guys. We finally got some claps nice feels so good It’s so Stretchy oh, this is my favorite slug, and it kind of looks like ice cream even when it’s ice cream and awesome I just love it. It kind of looks hard come from the texture, but really it’s so stretchy a Look at that spider web So good Noooooo! Actually really really really fun. It’s my yummy Brits lineup. I used to be one assigned by butter slide is Nothing compared to that say some pieces of snow ones that would separate in a cool way And they make some strange don’t make it super duper satisfying The guys are you really like this video? By

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