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Giant Cereal Bowl Bath

November 6, 2019

– Today we bathe in a huge bowl of cereal.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Welcome to a tasty episode of G-double-M. – Oh, wow.
– Super excited. And I’ll start off with a – tasty little surprise for y’all.
– Lots of tastiness! Starting tomorrow, we got some animation
coming out on Saturdays on this channel. We’ve teamed up with Frederator and some
of our favorite animators here on YouTube to animate some of our
favorite episodes of Song Biscuits. Right. So look for that tomorrow and then
a few subsequent Saturdays. Add that to your Saturday routine, people!
Get up and watch! ♪ (both singing) There’s Bonnie the Bunny,
Freddy the Bear, Chica the Chicken ♪ – ♪ (Link) Or is she a duck? ♪
– ♪ (Rhett) I don’t care ♪ Get up and watch an
animated Song Biscuit. But right now, we wanna take
you guys on a tasty field trip. That’s right. Because when you’re an
internetainer, you have to prepare for the day in which no one cares enough
anymore to click on your face. – It’s what you do.
– So, as you know, we’ve been going out into the world to see what else we might
be good at with a little help from our – friends at… Geico!
– Hey! This time, we tried our hands at
being cereal factory workers. It’s time for… The Backup Plan.
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – (Link) This is where cereal gets made.
– (Rhett) It looks like a fortress! (Link) So, you might think we brought this
truck to plow right through the wall, but we’ve actually got something
special inside. (Rhett) Because today is about making
Link’s childhood dream come true. (Link) This is Lupe Martinez, Vice
President of Organic Milling, and she has no idea what she’s in for. I feel like I’m gonna join some
kind of secret agency! – (laughs) Well…
– (Rhett) I kinda like this! And you know what? I’m all in, because
I’m already seeing cereal. – (Rhett) Look at it!
– (Link) High fiber twigs in the house! Crispy rice, oat bran! You have a jingle?
♪ Organic Milling… since 1960 ♪ – We don’t have one yet, but…
– ♪ (harmonizing) Organic Milling ♪ – There we go, we got it now.
– (Link) See, it’s harmony. – All we have to do is record it now.
– I like cereal just as much as the next guy, but Link is so obsessed with
cereal that I am willing to potentially forego a career in my current job to
become a cereal worker. – (laughs)
– (Rhett) Is that what you call it? – A cereal worker.
– (Rhett) Just so he can live out his dream. – That’s how good of a friend I am.
– A cerealist. A cerealist? What do you call yourself?
A Doctor of Cereal? No, I’m just called a cereal lover.
That’s what I call myself. – Cereal lover.
– What’d you have for breakfast, Lupe? Cereal. With nuts, with fruit, with
whatever I wanna put on it. – So that’s how I enjoy it.
– You know what? I could cook for you, girl. – (Lupe) Good!
– ‘Cause I know how to cook cereal. – Okay.
– (Link) And I will do whatever it takes to be your friend and potentially to be
your employee or, um… your husband. – Um… that’s nice.
– ♪ (Link) Organic Milling… since 19– ♪ – Sixty.
– You didn’t sing it. Unfortunately, since you have a beard,
you have to be using an extra piece of – equipment. You’re the lucky guy today.
– You gotta wear a beard net! (laughs) – You have to wear a beard net.
– Do I have any skin showing? (laughs) ♪ (cheerful music) ♪ – (Lupe) Can you smell it?
– I can smell it but I don’t see any – cereal yet. I see boxes.
– (Rhett) I can definitely smell it now. (Rhett) I can hear it too. ♪ (magical music) ♪ (Rhett) We’ve been granted access to the
secret world of cereal making, and it involves a lot of machinery…
and boat paddles. (Link) All I know is there is cereal
everywhere. My dreams are literally – coming true.
– (Rhett) Was that guy in your dream? (Rhett, shouting) It’s a little more
industrial than I anticipated. I kinda pictured, like, an old man in, like, a
Quaker outfit stirring something. – We have corn meal, we have salt…
– Salt! – We have sugar…. nuts.
– (Rhett) Should I be giving things pats? (Rhett) I think everything’s good! – (Link) First stop, the Dumping Station.
– (Rhett) That is actually what this area – is called.
– (Link) Well, what would you call it? – Yeah! YEAH!
♪ (exciting music) ♪ – Keep going! We have to dump all of it!
– (Rhett) Watch this, watch this. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (music pauses)
(Rhett) Oh, oh no! Hold up! ♪ (dramatic music resumes) ♪ Whoah! ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ ♪ (epic music) ♪ (Rhett) Next up: the Coating Station,
where cereal gets covered in the best – ingredient: sugar.
– Is that heavy? – What is that?
– (Lupe) Apple! – Blood?
– Apple! – Oh! It’s apple!
– (Rhett) It’s apple! – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– (Link) I’m not sure why we found it necessary to continually pat
stuff, including each other. (Rhett) Well, right here I’m just
wiping my hands on you. (Link) Oh… thanks. (Rhett) After that, the coating went
into the thing and onto the other thing… (Link) Creating a lazy river of
sweet, sweet cereal. – ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
– So now, we are ready to eat. Needs milk! ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (Rhett) America was built on the assembly
line. Hard workin’ folks puttin’ sugar- coated freedom into boxes and
shipping it all over the world. (Link) And it was time for us to do our
part, which was to put those boxes into – other boxes.
– (Rhett) Here we go, guys, heads up! Not working. (Link) Too many, too many. – (Rhett) You gotta keep up with me!
– I’m tryin’ to teach them how to box! – (Rhett) You can’t be the weak link!
– If you tried a different technique… Noooo… rejected! – (Rhett) We’re only a little bit behind.
– All of this is because of us. (Link) How many people does
it usually take to do this? – Only one.
– (Link) Only one? Only one. – (Rhett) Aw yeah, here we go. All right.
– (Link) Look at that. Whoa! Perfect shot! – This is like watching Picasso.
– (Rhett) More like Blake Griffin. You ever dunked a
basketball? Yeah. (Link) It’s amazing how things to start
to work when we step out of the process. (Lupe laughs) – And this is our R&D department.
– (Rhett) We don’t have to yell anymore! – (Link) I can hear you!
– Not anymore! – You want us to keep yelling?
– ‘Cause we can! – Of course not!
– I’m very, very hungry. (Lupe laughs) Don’t put too much, though,
because you have a lot of other cereals that you may want to try. ♪ (cheerful music) ♪ (whispers) Oh yeah, baby. (Link) Now, this is where I wanna work.
I wanna work in the tasting zone. (Rhett) I kinda feel like we’re in one of
those fairy tales where, like, two kids go to the kitchen and a
strange lady feeds them– – Cereal.
– A bunch of sugary cereal for free! Next thing you know,
we’re cooked in an oven. – (laughs)
– (Rhett) Are we gonna be put in the oven? – Is it slowly heating up in here?
– Slowly until we completely cook you up, and then we all share. No, I’m kidding.
No, of course not! This is only for cereal. – She’s evil.
– (Link) This is granola territory. This is granola territory! Do you technically have to
be on a hike to eat it? – That’s hemp!
– (Lupe) Mmhm! It is ancient grains – and granola.
– (Rhett) can you make rope out of it? – No.
– Can we make hoodies out of this cereal and sell ’em for 75 dollars
at farmer’s markets? – (laughs)
– We’d like to lay something on you here. – Sure.
– (Link) For years, maybe my entire life, my dream has been to eat cereal while
bathing in cereal. Can we make it happen? – Well…
– We brought a big bowl. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – (Rhett) There it is.
– (Link) Yep. (Rhett) Put one leg in… one, two, up. (Link) Okay… this is kinda
hot in here right now. – Whoa!
– (both giggle) Let me see if I can… whoa! – Lupe! What do you think?
– It’s fantastic! – I have never seen a bowl like that!
– In what way? – We’ve provided the bowl, you provide…
– The cereal? – (Rhett) The cereal!
– So, what do we have in here? – Over here, we have special flakes.
– (Rhett) Special flakes? – (Link) Rhett & Link Flakes? How much?
– (Lupe) Probably over 500 pounds. – (Rhett) This doesn’t seem safe!
– (Lupe) Don’t worry, it’s gonna be safe. (Lupe) Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up!
More, more, more, more, more, more! – (Lupe) Right there. Ready? Set?
– (Rhett) Open the hatch! – (Link) Okay!
– (Rhett) Let the flakes– (chuckles) – (Maniacal giggles) Look at this, Rhett!
– (chuckles) – Oh my gosh! What!?
– Hold on, that’s a lot of cereal! – WHAT?! (giggles) This is crazy!
– All right, we might have enough cereal. – It smells so good!
– The only way I’m gettin’ out of this – is by eating my way out of it.
– Yeah! I didn’t dream of it being this heavy.
I feel your foot moving. – Oh, is that your foot?
– Yeah. Don’t play footsie with me
in a cereal bathtub. (Link) That’s cold. Oh my
goodness. I’m a little scared. (Rhett) Bring it. Let ‘er rip!
Let that milk flow! ♪ (dreamy music) ♪ – (splashes)
– (both giggling) (laughs) – (laughing) Yeah!
– (Lupe) Oh my goodness! Oh! Hold on. You don’t need to
use your hands. Use this! – (both laugh)
– Wait, wait! Oh, you know what? – Hey!
– I’ve got one too! – (Link) Mm. Want a taste?
– (Lupe) No thank you. Bon apetit. (Rhett) It’s really good. It’s very sweet.
I’m gonna go real deep and get some. – (Lupe laughs)
– (Rhett) That’s my foot. – (groans)
– (Link laughs) It sort of takes on a different
consistency at the bottom. – (chuckles) It’s still cereal, baby.
– Oh, man. You need to go diving in this stuff. No, you need to
go completely under, Link. Now, if I’m not up in
fifteen minutes, call somebody. – All right.
– Oooh! – (Rhett) Go for it. Go for it, son.
– (laughing) I’m trying to. It’s like… – Ooh, man, it’s soggy down here.
– All right, go! – I’m trying! (giggles)
– (Rhett) Just go down! (laughs) I love it! I LOVE IT! – Ohh kay.
– I can’t breathe! (laughs) You gotta go under! Your whole face is
still up! Your whole face is still here! I’m so happy right now! (giggles) – I can’t stop laughing.
– Okay, just take in some air. (Rhett) There you go.
You’re about to disappear. There he goes. There he went. ♪ (cheerful music) ♪ (Rhett) Oh, nice! How’s that? It’s like entering another world! Lupe? On behalf of myself and my dreams,
I wanna thank you for making this possible. You’re very welcome. All right, let’s get to work. Still not bad, though. As you can probably tell, I had the time
of my life, and I still find the occasional – corn flake in a crevice or two.
– Whoa. For the corn flakes that didn’t make it into any of Link’s crevices
and were not eaten by us, they were – actually given to local farm animals.
– Yes. – So none of that went to waste.
– None of it. We wanted you to know that. But I do
think we’re gonna be sticking with – internetainment for the time being.
– Yes. Thanks to Geico for sponsoring this episode. Go to, where 15
minutes could save you 15 percent or – more on your car insurance.
– And as always, thanks for liking – and commenting.
– You know what time it is. – My name is Zachary Parker.
– My name is Cary Nicholson. – My name is John Hosier.
– My name is Cary Woburn. – And I’m Ross Kline.
– And we’re all from Kentucky. – We just ate Carolina Reapers!
– (all) And it’s time to spin the – Wheel of Mythicality!
– (screams) Make sure you check out the latest episode
of our podcast, Ear Biscuits. This week’s guests are The Gregory Brothers,
the songify masters. Check out our – conversation with them!
– It’s audio only, but it seems like so much more, I hope! Click through to Good
Mythical More where we share our cereal bowl experience candidly. – ♪ (breaking news music) ♪
– (Rhett) This just in: Local – Schoolteacher Attacked by Mutated Llama.
– Um… ah, breaking news, this just in: Local school woman
attacked by mutate-ied llama. – It was a “mutate-ied llama,”
– That’s right. which is a little different
than a mutated llama. It’s a llama that’s
mutated from mutation. Right. And everyone said the llama was
just a really nice llama, and they never – expected this of the llama.
– Right, but this just in: the schoolteacher was
teaching llama mutation! – Ohhh!
– Which makes sense. Full circle. Back to you, Jill. [Captioned by: GMM Captioning Team]

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