GIANT BUCK at 12 YARDS!  Public Land Bowhunting – DEER TOUR E20
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GIANT BUCK at 12 YARDS! Public Land Bowhunting – DEER TOUR E20

August 16, 2019

holy cow look at that look at all the
water and how far up in here it is you look
like you’re not sure about it I’m definitely not sure about it but
also know that if we get back there where I’m wanting to get it’s dry we got
a cold front coming in today temperatures dropping throughout the day
and it’s about 2:00 in the afternoon now and Zach and Ted are just down the river
here they’re getting ready to go in and I don’t know if they realize how flooded
this thing is but Jake and I just got down here to the spot we were wanting to
hunt this river is way out of its banks one thing for sure those bedding areas
back in there I don’t even know if we can get over to that back when I don’t
think we can because there’s a ditch in there and I would venture to guess that
that thing is completely full of water I took Ted’s advice and went up to the
army surplus store got outfitted a lot better than them stupid spaghetti straps
that I had before I even got a little fanny pack on it see that keep your
things in there all the cattail marsh hunters are
gonna be like you guys with babies just walking through open white timber Jake
and I are back here we’re on the river bottom tonight and it’s all flooded as
y’all have been able to tell the water starts over there about 30 40 yards away
and this is same river bottom that Zach harvested his buck out of last year
we’re just on the other side of the river right now the river is way out of
its banks the waters way up in these bottoms and we found our first little
patch of dry ground here it looks like that the deer have moved up with the
water and that’s what I’m hoping we run into tonight is way back in here there’s
a little CRP field that is raised just a little bit higher than the rest of the
river bottom and it’s always been good buck betting in the past Zach and Shawn
almost snuck up on a pair of bucks and they’re sparring last fall right around
this time and every year it’s been a good spot so we’re hoping that they’re
still in there my only concern was that these flood waters would have pushed all
the deer far away from the river bottom itself but it looks like they’ve been
betting right here that water’s only 40 yards away and it didn’t push him clear
out of the area and it looks like they just moved up a little bit they won’t
want to bed right on the edge of the water but they’ll bet inland that’s why
I’m hoping we run into we get back here I’m big track right here I see a fresh
rug about 15 yards away and this is the field that on the anticipate in the deer
to be in and around the base of it we can get in that thing right at the
water we’re ditching the stands right now yes we just spotted a giant buck
we’re going to kill him we got a ditch these stands don’t think you seen us no I just walk that’s right here right here see him
drive 40 yards see ya I think you can probably take that arrow
that thing’s almost inspo range stand up and stand up here stand up he’s right over my
shoulder he’s feeding right here their yards him get on him don’t talk you know a 16 right here let’s do that you still see him yes he’s still right
there I don’t know if the getting gets much
more intense he was coming too close yeah yeah but I
was waiting for him to go behind that tree I don’t know I held her for as long
as I could I knew it was done oh when he turned his head I mean he’s 12 yards I
thought his head was behind that you know man
I thought it was he caught it I caught it oh I mean we’re so close look or I’m
sitting I mean just hearing me middle or nothing just grass I snuck that last
seven or eight feet why he was down in there browsing on acorns 15 yards away
in the waters down there like he’s got nowhere to go
mm-hmm so we’re gonna continue we’re gonna go further back up there like I
got a feeling he’s gonna go across that field and back up through but that dudes
big I mean he’s walking up in here at me and
I’m staring at him he’s looking up here at me looking right through me can’t see
us I guess I drew you still a little too early that’s the only thing I can think
of but his head was I was trying to time it perfect so I drew right when he was
taking a snap and his head was going behind that tree cuz I knew as soon as
he come up behind that tree was gonna peg me right here if y’all can see here
I got one little opening down through the branches right there so I waited
until his head hit that little pin oak to the right now dreaming I guess he
seen something I mean I thought his head was behind that tree me and Jake are
sitting up there at the top of the hill debate know where to put these stands
whether or not we’re gonna sit on the ground or sitting the tree and I turned
around and all I seen was a huge rack walking into the woods down here and I
know that there were mean the waters flooded you can see the water probably
in the back of the frame when you’re filming that thing like I mean he’s
going right up the edge of the water right there on these wet windy days like
this they just don’t have a clue that thing’s huge
I mean and as I was sneaking down through here I mean the bucks at 25
yards speed and I can’t shoot through there like it’s just too thick and I
tried to smack down through this stuff to where I had that little hole right
there in case he went that way and he did but
that thing’s huge that buck is just huge I’ll tell you all one thing I don’t its
October 9th or something and I know we haven’t killed a buck in Iowa yet but
don’t tell me that there’s not big bucks up moving around during October you know
we should have done is we should have trusted our dadgum eyeballs oh we should
have set up right there where those tracks were going in cuz those are
probably his tracks going in there he would have come right up through there
right through that little pinch and we would have killed him at close range what a rodeo oh yeah I think that’s 20
20 in them deals I felt but I just tried my best and it didn’t work
oh I just it’s like one after another anymore okay and I’d be happy with a
nice you know hoping young type three-year-old that walks you there but
that’s that’s a huge buck like everywhere you go like that’s a freaking
giant buck oh yeah you just had all kinds of crazy crap going on I mean I
saw one in his time see there it looked like it was three foot long oh I think I
should have stopped behind this cedar tree back here we’ll talk about one more
thing guys I think I you know what I should have
done is I should have just posted up right here and then the cedar tree and
stood up and just been sitting right here then he would have come up through
there I would have been standing and I could have gotten drawn just keep
pumping it’s only there it’s five o’clock it’s set up really really fast it’s about 6:40 just a recap though real
quick I don’t know if we mention it or not but Jake and I were we were sort of
still hunting through those bedding areas earlier what stands on our back
and we were just getting ready to pick a tree when we looked up and saw that buck
I don’t remember if we mentioned that earlier or not but we had we had cut a
couple sets of big tracks heading into that bedding area
we’re basically following those back there and me and Jake were hemming her
home back and forth about where we were gonna hang the stand or if we were even
gonna set a stand up and I turn around and look behind Jake shoulder and saw
the buck and then as you saw it’s just complete chaos but that’s pretty much
what happened but now we’re gonna climb down real quick and get out of this
field and we’ll see another one on the way out of here this evening yeah it’s
freaking awesome nother classic case of Aaron’s having one was in range and instead of going left incoming through
the opening at 20 yards he starts coming right at me and he comes up there a
little bit and then he veers and starts heading for the opening but he’s so
close like he’s right there just whipped his head over and he couldn’t tell what
I was and we had to stare down there forever you know I mean he’s not gonna
budge at that point and eventually I just couldn’t hold it and let down and
when I let down he jerked a little bit he didn’t move he just sat there sat
there and then he blew and he bounded off I stood up and I came to full draw
again and I could have drilled him dead on him but Jake couldn’t see nothing and
then what are you doing you’re supposed to just make it work when it suppose I
mean he tried he did everything he could like at that point I’m just moving to
the left trying to get around him and then the deer seems him moving and takes
off out there beat you to it I can’t seem right here I
think he’s behind that tree and he sees me draw Oh see like he stopped right man
like when he moved off through there he just kind of trotted off bounded off and
when he went behind that huge tree I just made him one motion there came to
full draw and I get a shot him through there but like when I moved he lands
yeah yeah I was like dad come get some still we pull in that parking lot it was
all water maybe I’ll make you stronger so you can hold your bow back maybe
you’re gonna love the reaction though post encounter here can’t wait to post
it on social news hardly hard to keep the positivity when something like that
it was just it wasn’t one of those I don’t know what you would call it wasn’t
one of those I’m mad faces it was I’m in a bad mood and don’t talk to me face dad
you do sleep with your release on buck came out tonight and Ted goes oh I’d
shoot that thing good buddy if he starts coming in here said give me that camera
and just rip that bow back and get on mm-hmm that was a compliment
oh we’re just glad that that’s not doing when they can film Thanks yeah and then
spray around we’ve got hope you sure it’s not bread like I wasn’t nervous was
assault he’s like the other day when that bucks coming in at the buck nest
I’m like yeah but once I got as far as I could
get like it’s just like huh here we are well it makes it feeling better he’s way
bigger than I thought it was watch the whole hunt through a screen that was
this big and then we put it on the big screen it’s like I had a lot of good
luck there for a lot of years so this figures it well bound to happen though
it’s also October 10 I mean it’s a dozen it’s a dozen shooters probably with the
bow like the years before that it was usually like one or two a year ever
since we started thinking like this like this thing encounters is just
significantly higher like way yeah there’s no more of this business about
oh they don’t move around in October they’re nocturnal and whatever like it’s
3:15 well no no have you ever listened to the big leaguers you understand
anything you just said live big leaguers we’re getting better
at picking spots and fining them you know that’s for sure if in the rivers
but we gotta get better at setting up that’s the next thing gotta get better
it’s setting up to kill him at least I do I do for yourself that’s what I’m
saying hey guys hope you all enjoyed this video it wasn’t the best outcome
for me I had fun yeah I’m sure you did anyway we wanted to take this time real
quick to answer a few questions you all been sending in lots of questions and
comments first off a lot of them are what headlines were using and these are
the night tracker headlines from legendary receiving a disco feature
party mode party mode anyway we’ll put a link to this down in the description
below those are pretty sweet got another question here from Trey wall
what binocular body harness do you guys use it is a vortex optics binoculars strap harness I believe is what it’s called we’ll make
sure to put a link to it down below in the description and on the previous
video the one before this one we had some private land segments mixed in we
got a lot of feedback from you guys good and bad some people seem to like it some
people not so much the point of the honey public is to try to address
tactics that fit the hunting public which isn’t that everybody that doesn’t
mean just publicly and now granted all of us in the core group hunt mostly
public land so that’s obviously what you’re gonna see on the channel most of
the time and that’s not going to go away well no continue to have majority of it
be public land but we’re also we’re gonna fill my friends and our friends
are gonna send in footage and it’s just gonna be from where they grew up hunting
and it’s realistic to anybody else oh yeah Ted Miller’s got some sweet footage
coming in dude like he got some awesome stuff over horizontal rub and he was
text me about earlier today so that should be on next week or probably later
in the week and that’ll be from private land and yeah okay awesome
yeah it’ll be awesome so we’re probably gonna keep sprinkling in the private
land stuff guys but don’t expect us to get rid of the public land stuff because
that’s kind of our bread and butter obviously and before we leave you guys
on today’s video I want to mention that we got a real good promo code with what
having custom calls we can save you all 10% off of all of their gear calls that
they have site-wide just use our promo code you can find all that right down
below in the description I mean what even makes realistic sound in turkey
calls and the deer groaners are the same whoopsies
we are too tired as those guys we need to go to bed is spinning along another
long day in the woods and we’ve got more content to bring to you here real soon
so we’ll see you all in the next video

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  1. great vid's keep them coming.also was wondering if you would give some advice to a stumped hunter that hunts nothing but public land? if so please let me know on here and will give you my location and all that.

  2. I'll say what I'm guessing a lot of people are thinking and that is next time pull the trigger on him rather than waiting for the camera. A buck of that quality we'd love seeing you succeed and miss the shot on film over getting him on film over not getting a shot. I doubt he ventures far so get back after him. Good luck!

  3. You guys should hunt Rhode Island public land. If you got a buck outta there I would be amazed; it’s even ranked #1 as the worst deer hunting state. Believe me, I would know because I live there

  4. I know other shows have gotta be taking notes on THP.  We "all" don't care about seeing kills on every episode. I'm actually glad they don't kill a deer every episode as that doesn't align to how it really works in the real world.  Kudos to you all!

  5. I Rather watch public land hunting cause that's the real deal, no planted food plot, all wild and natural that's why I subscribed.

  6. My heart breaks for you brother. I was hoping you were going to thread the needle and let it fly. But just stumbling upon that buck is impressive much less the native Americanesque stalk y’all put on him. Gun or crossbow he would have been smoked. But that’s the ups and downs of bow hunting. Better stories with less results

  7. Your video should come with a warning thought I was going to have a heart attack watching this great footage keep up the awesome work thank you

  8. Aaron, keep your dobber up. It is one thing to spot a buck that size in cover like that. It is a larger feat to move on a mature buck and put yourself in a position for a possible shot. It rises to another level up to get drawn on a mature buck at 12 yards with a camera man in tow without busting him. You did everything right. Sometimes when you are evenly matched, you need for your opponent to make a mistake to tilt the balance. Mature bucks win all ties. There will be another day.

  9. HARD…CORE! Amazing hunt and great stalk! Buck like that at 12 yards… successful hunt. Keep up the great work guys!

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  13. Arron I know what the problem is! You must stop trimming the beard immediately! I know there may be push back from the girl friend ( my wife hates it) but they learn to enjoy the caveman look.

  14. Loved the video as always. You know as a viewer we all could feel the the excitement you were feeling when you spotted that buck and had to make the call whether to setup or go after him. The series of hard choices on when and how far to move is easy to debate on after the fact. In the heat of the moment you made rational decisions that unfortunately led ya to a unsuccessful end, however that close call EXPERIENCE! Wow it's very seldom a hunter has to choose the first available draw spot because the deer is to close. And to do a stalk with a cameraman that close is simply amazing. Although the outcome wasn't what you expected as a viewer it was a intense experience that was a little intimidating. I find myself wondering what I would do in that scenario. I don't think I have the skills to have gotten that aggressive on a stalk mainly from lack of experience doing such things. But it is a feather in your cap to see you had the confidence to try and even more so because there were 2 of you. You could've shot that deer in the end and pounded your chest cause he was a big deer but you cared to much about the viewers experience to let loose the arrow without getting it on film. It speaks volumes on your dedication and character. At the end of it all I felt all the highs and lows right along side you guys and I continue to applaud your efforts to get it done for us. Great job and I'll be looking forward to your next adventure.

  15. Since you guys brought it up, the public/private isn't an issue for me at all. Around here knock-on-door private is often more pressured than public. It's just a stylistic thing with the food plots and box blinds. That brings nothing to the table for me. I would be watching the Outdoor Channel if it did. You guys (Aaron, Zach et. al) hunt exactly like I've hunted my entire life. It's so real to me. The food plot style of hunting just has no appeal to me. Never done it and don't want to. That said you guys obviously have every right to run your channel how you see fit, and I will exercise my right to fast forward through the food plot segments.

  16. Awesome encounter! I can relate to the disappointment of not getting the shot at a bruiser. I got busted Friday evening as I went to draw on a buck that is at least 6 1/2 , easily 250 lbs and mid to high 150s.

  17. I walked through quite a bit of water Friday to get to a spot on public land that I wanted to get to. Sadly, wasn't rewarded for my efforts but still a good day in the woods.

  18. You did what most would not have done and did not take a bad shot. I applaud you for that. This is why I love watching your videos. Keep them coming.

  19. My favorite thing about these last couple videos is the session at the end of the video with everyone sitting around the dinner table reliving the events that occurred during the day!

  20. Excellent camera work and thanks for this very best hunting channel. Getting this close to a mature back is awesome! What sort of odor control methods are you using? I watched many of your other videos and I am amazed that even after days of camping you guys can just snick upon a deer undetected and shoot at close range. Maybe you could make a video on just that topic alone: odor control.

  21. Great stalk.Man I was at the edge of my seat waiting for you to drill that big boy.needed me a new light this year and took advantage of the hunt on us program and got me that headlamp with my 25$ gift card and love it

  22. Just started watching your videos this month and they are the best I've come across in my 20 years of hunting. You guys are showing the time and strategy it really takes to have a chance at the shot, let alone even see a shooter buck. It's not just an hour stand sit to put one on the wall like some of these "big leaguers" portray. Thanks for the Legendary Whitetail shout out. Pretty much got the headlamp for cost of shipping and that sucker is bright!

  23. Probably not a bad idea to hold off on the off-camera shot immediately following … that buck would've been very jumpy and the arrow likely would not have hit where you were aiming. No shot beats wounded every time … and he's still there for later! Good luck gettin' him!

  24. That was a great stock boys I bet that was totally exciting as hell! I've had that happen to me before and that's what I decided to turn my bowl wait down so it didn't take so much effort to pull it back and I can hold it a lot longer but anyway on to the rest of the video you guys are awesome

  25. Love the stalk Aaron and Jake. Question for Aaron…. after the buck spooked,, and presented you with a shot, why not take it? I get that it wasn't on camera, but we had seen the entire hunt at that point. Even if all we saw was you shooting, and the dead deer later, it would have been awesome! So why does the buck have to be in the video to take a shot for such a rare ground kill after everything else had been recorded? This was such a rare event for most hunters…. and i would better understand in a tree stand. Anyway, love the channel and love these hunts. Thank you for sharing the tactics with us!

  26. Sorry to say it I follow you guys big time guys are pretty good………..but I'm sorry that was a armature move. He didn't see you draw he heard you draw you were super loud when you drew your bow and with that instead of snapping that little twig out your way yourselves the bow with twig involved and made to much noise that buck herd you big time. And instead of shooting the buck thru the brisket frontal shot you drew you're bow down with him looking right at you . Just wasn't a smart chess play . …….guys make awesome videos but try to pay a little more attention to what's around you that can make noise . You were super loud and he was really close close enough to hear. He didn't see you

  27. That’s one of the most exciting hunts I’ve ever seen filmed!
    100% fair chase on public ground!
    That’s hunting,well done!!
    Just shows it’s not always the kill but the experience and excitement!!!

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    Season just ended here in Texas , With 5 Days of Youth season left !
    Curious,Aaron ,after much thought,do you wish you'd went for a Head Shot 🤗 THANK YOU Boys !!!

  35. I just started bow hunting this year, which means I'm making tons of mistakes! my question is, when your that close to a deer and he blows and takes off like he did on Aaron. What impact does this have on that deer feeling comfortable enough to come back into the same area or what changes to his routine will probably happen?

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