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August 11, 2019

Jake Jake I hear someone coming through
the drive-through we got a group ban from McDonald’s Logan when were you
gonna tell me we got this letter we have been banned from McDonald’s G
just calm down I knew about that letter I wasn’t you to
tell you because you’re gonna react like this react like this Logan this is the
biggest deal we’ve ever had we’re banned from McDonald’s Logan
we’re not banned from Wendy’s McDonald’s they banned us because of the pause
challenge geez buzz J don’t worry about you disorder from somewhere else it’s a
brilliant idea Logan you’re right we can make our own McDonald’s our own box for
McDonald’s and then we’ll have unlimited McDonald’s food and I think of this
myself that’s genius that’s not what I said at all
okay I’ll start gathering the supplies meet me downstairs we’re building a box
for McDonald’s you know what’s going on guys its pop and we’re back with another
video and today guys we are gonna be built in our very own box for McDonald’s
that’s right it’s gonna be box for McDonald’s with all of the stuff that
you would normally get at McDonald’s but in box for it for guys I’m talking
drive-thru I’m talking play place I want to have the Big Mac sauce inside our
very own McDonald’s and maybe we can open it up for some customers they can
come and enjoy some of our delicious burgers which might in fact be even
better than the McDonald’s burgers but first things first we need to grab our
cardboard and start building this Jake this seems like a lot of trouble just
for some McDonald’s Logan that’s not important right now what’s important
right now is this place it’s a mess all right so here’s what we’re gonna do guys
I’m gonna go upstairs and play for a night Logan you were gonna clean this
basement and then we’ll bake some McDonald’s Jake this whole thing was
your idea there’s no way I’m cleaning this mess I didn’t want to have to do it
but then we’re gonna have to activate mega Queen mode
before we are going to start cleaning in three two one
mega clean mode well we officially cleaned up the entire basement which
means it is now exactly careful I’m really busy all right look okay she gets
scared when Papa leaves all right well now what we need to do is grab all of
our cardboard and start laying out this box for McDonald’s design as well as
make sure we have all of the ingredients we need to start cooking our food we got
all of our cardboard here sandwich together like a good classic McDonald’s
sandwich so now that we’ve got our building materials I think it’s time we
lay this thing out and figure out the design because the most important part
of any McDonald’s Logan is the plate place the only thing we’re missing now
is the tape into the cheap room we go dunk a McDonald’s is red cheek we have
no yellow teeth oh dude I mean you know what the Logan that’s okay because Papa
Jake’s McDonald’s doesn’t use yellow tape we only use red tape and maybe blue
tape some little bit of green tape definitely some orange tape and 100%
pink tape it’s like all the colors you can’t lose also Logan I had an amazing
idea at first I saw the plane over there and I thought why don’t we make a planes
that could fly above houses and drop McDonald’s on people then I realized
that idea was bad so I came to my second idea we already have a toy store what if
we use this toy store and transform it ain’t you our box for blondes and you
want to fix it up a little bit but it could be perfect like a big home
makeover Papa Jake’s home makeover starting right now I think the plan is
to make it a two-story McDonald’s so I think the entrance will be here we’ll
add a second story here and have a plate also mean to drag through for people on
the little go-karts so drive-through could be potentially back here yeah all
right well we just need to move this place out and of course renovating cuz
as of right now it looks like a giant stepped on it but other than that I
think this is gonna work call me Bob the Builder cuz I think we’re about to start
building all right so this is stage one of our
McDonald’s box for it check out what we have so far as you can see the side of
the building we have our McDonald’s drive-through where you’ll drive around
the corner get your food in here and then when you come across here this is
the main entrance of the McDonald’s as you can see cash register there
restaurant right behind and then you come up through here into the south
what’s up guys the most important part of the entire McDonald’s place and it’s
on the second story that’s why I’m up here and we’re about to put all of our
ball pit balls into the ball pit over here so this actually the second story
and then you can slide down into the ball pit so check this out guys
up here you know you come up here you’re playing around and then there’s this
massive slide which is actually kind of scary when you look at it from all the
way up here oh maybe we’ll have to send Logan down this but let’s get our ball
pit balls ready and start filling this place up in three two all right guys we
got our next box full of our ball pit balls time to finalize this ball pit in
three two let’s go sleep in here Oh Jake we have so much building to him I’m gonna climb back up to the second
story well that is a lot of fun but you actually tried backflip into it that
might not be a guy maybe maybe backless okay okay well we we’ve still got a lot
more to build guys we still got to work on the kitchen and we still have to do
some final touches on this place but this McDonald’s is coming along so I’ll
see you guys in a little bit it is officially the day the time Papa Jake’s
McDonald’s is open for business as you know McDonald’s has banned me from all
of their restaurants but that does not mean I could not make my own McDonald’s
and that’s what I’ve done see I’m doing at the time look who’s laughing now pop
but Jake is hahaha but let’s go inside guys and check out our guys check it out
it’s Papa Jack’s McDonald’s box for at home or cakewalk ticket really really
smells like McDonald’s in here it does the only problem is the ice-cream
machine is broken that’s not my fault but we do have all of our stuff in fact
in the kitchen is where the secret magic happens this is where we cook all of our
food so we’ve got over here a little hot here let’s uh let’s flip these patties
and hear them sizzle guys that’s how you know they’re fresh and ready to be eaten
these are getting cooked up here we also have the window here for all the
drive-thru customers so we can easily serve them whenever they come by but I
think everything’s ready man we even have our play place all set up so are
you saying we’re opening this to the public we’re open for business
papa Jake’s McDonald’s is 100% open Jake I just realized do you even have
McDonald’s permission to open up your own McDonald’s Logan you don’t need
permission to open up a box for and I’ve already done all the health and safety
checks I mean this is clean and safe and healthy look at this
cardboard is one of the cleanest surfaces these things are sizzling up
these are ready to be eaten okay not our first customer
a customer getting position okay I’ll I’ll main the fries oh sweet oh I heard
you guys open the McDonald’s oh man this is tight yes we are officially open for
business how can I help you sir like a burger but I was thinking I could have
like a triple Big Mac with fries inside triple patty with fries Logan we need to
do a triple patty with fries right now stat this man is hungry oh you guys got
a plate place to that super time yeah we do have a play place you’re more than
welcome to go check out the ball pit while we make your burger gee we don’t
do them with fries Logan this man is hungry we need to do them Jake tell him
we can’t do that it’s not on the menu if you are doing fries inside maybe this
could change your mind whoa can put fries in the burger right
now okay Jake I’m on it I’m on it we’ll have your burger ready for you
very soon sir Logan you’re keeping it sanitary back there right yeah 100%
sanitary all right and that three patties with fries all done just the way
you want it all right sir here is your triple burger with fries just how you
like it oh thanks bro hey how about I go eat this in the play place oh yeah yeah
go go for it go go enjoy the play place while you eat Oh
oh dude sweet legit ball pit all right Birgit I’m in the ball pit for my burger
and fries two time Oh Jake Jake I hear someone coming through the drive-through
we got a customer at the drive-through all right let me get the headset on I
look him about Jason’s downs I’m a healthy I’m like a happy meal with extra
fries and a drink and don’t forget about the time a happy meal well we do just
happen to have a bunch of happy meal toys here uh well yeah one though well
one type of toy it’s Batman I want a Batman toy all right that’ll be
1497 Drive right ahead Logan he wants a double Big Mac burger with a side a
drink and a Happy Meal toy get it done stat okay Jake I’m on it one Happy Meals how’s it going in there Logan don’t we
get in the man’s happy already you’re next to me you can see all right
we’ll get the burger in there don’t forget the toys one happy meal coming right up use your
happy meal alright guys well I guess that wraps up our first day of operating
Pappa Jake’s McDonald’s and I have to say we had an amazing day I mean okay
yeah we only had two customers but we got like twenty dollars from the scoot
scoot guy and then the chika chika guy well he gave me $60,000 so I mean it all
it was a great day we’re up sixty thousand dollars twenty dollars so if
not bad for our first day at running our McDonald but anyway guys thank you so
very much for watching this video if you guys didn’t enjoy it do not forget to
hit that subscribe button as well as that like button and let us know in the
comment section down below what else in basketball we should make
next but this has been Papa J and Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for
another awesome video

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  1. two of my cats are dead ):

    i got really sick as a kid one time

    and can i pls get a like? ):):):):):

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  3. Jake and logan about to buy tape rolls at a random store: alright lets start logan

    Store manager: Were goin be rich

  4. Original McDonalds Menu:
    ?Chicken McNuggets
    ?Apple Pie
    ?Ice Cream + McFlurry
    Milkshakes too!

    Papa Jakes McDonalds:
    You know What that means? I would rather eat at Papa Jakes McDonalds! Cause i wont have so MANY options that i can never pick!

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