GIANT BOARD GAME CHALLENGE!!! Winner gets $1000!!!!!!
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GIANT BOARD GAME CHALLENGE!!! Winner gets $1000!!!!!!

August 26, 2019

– Hey guys it’s Karina. – It’s Ronald from – [Both] Sis vs Bro. – And today we’re doing the – [Both] Giant – Board game. – [Both] Challenge! – And whoever finishes first gets $1000! (buzzer) – Whoa, I have to win this challenge. – Well too bad, ’cause I’m winning. In this board game we have four different kinds of squares. If you land on the light
gray one, then you are safe. – If you land on a blue square,
you have to do a challenge. – And if you land on the red square, you get to spin the Mystery Wheel. – And if you land on the black square, you are in big trouble because you have to do a punishment! – Now that we’ve explained all the rules, it’s time to do rock, paper, scissors who’s spinning the die first. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Yes, I won! You thought I was gonna
do scissors, not today. I won, let’s go. Okay guys, let’s roll the die. (thuds) – [Both] Three! – That’s okay, well let’s
see what I’m gonna get. One, two, three! I got the mystery wheel. – [Ronald] So you’re gonna get… – [Both] Go forward one space! – All right. – [Ronald] You’re safe. – [Karina] One, safe. (bell ringing) – Okay guys, now it’s time for actiones, three, two, one. (exploding booming) (beep) (thuds) – [Ronald] three! One, two, three. (gasps) I got the mystery wheel! Okay, let’s spin it, and
let’s hope for something good. Miss Next Turn! What does that mean? – Miss next turn Ronald. – Oh no guys! It looks like Karina’s winning so far, but not for long, you’ll see. – Okay guys, now it’s my
turn, let’s roll the die! (thuds) Two. One, two, guys, no! I got the punishment square! What am I gonna do? – Karina, your punishment
is to do a chicken dance. – What? Okay guys, this is so easy. All I have to do is the
chicken dance, let’s so this. All right. (singing tune) (claps) (singing tune) (claps) – Guys, now it’s my turn. – Nope! You’re missing your turn! – Oh yeah. – Aha! All right, I guess it’s my turn again. All right. (thuds) Two again! One, two. Oh yeah I got a safe spot! So guys, I am safe, woo. (lip bubbles) – Okay guys, Karina is
five spots ahead of me. I really need to step up
my game and roll a six to go past her. (thuds) Five! One, two, three, four… (record scratching) Five. So guys, I am safe. But I have to share a spot with Karina. Oh no. – Guys, I really need to
get a six cause Ronald is catching up really fast. So let’s do this. (thuds) (gasps) [Karina] No! I almost got a six! But I got a three. One, two, three! I got a safe spot! Ha ha ha. – Okay, let’s do it. (toy squeaking) (thuds) Six! No four. (Karina laughs) – [Ronald] One, two, three, four. I got a challenge ooh! – Ronald, your challenge is
to keep a balloon in the air without using your hands
for fifteen seconds. – Wait, so I have to use my feet? – Well you could use your head. So guys, if Ronald doesn’t
succeed this challenge, then he has to move one space back. (humming sadly) – Are you ready? – Yes. – All right, three, two, one, go! (circus themed music) (Karina laughs) – No! Ronald couldn’t do it. – No! Guys I have to go one space
back, but at least I’m safe. – Okay guys, now it’s my turn, let’s hope for a six once again. (thuds) No! Three! Oh, I got a three. All right, one, two, three! I’m on a safe! But now I’m sharing a
spot with Ronald again. (evil laughs) – Okay guys, now it’s my turn. (thuds) Are you kidding me! A two? Is that all you’ve got, game? One, two. I’m safe again! Oh, yeah. – Now it’s my turn. (thuds) Yes, yes! I got a six! [Ronald] No! – Yes, woo! – It’s not fair! – [Karina] Okay, one, two, three, four, five, six. Oh I have to spin the mystery wheel again. Let’s spin the wheel. (circus themed music) – [Both] Roll again! (claps)
– Yay I get to roll again! – That’s not fair! – Let’s roll again. (thuds) Four! Not bad, it’s really good actually. One, two, three, four, woo on safe again! – Guys, Karina just rolled
twice, and now she’s on a safe spot, I better step up my game. (thuds) Four! One, two, three. (gasps) Four, guys, I have to do a punishment! – Ha, ha, ha, that’s what you get. – No!
– For trying to beat me. Ronald, your punishment is
to sing what you have to say instead of talking. – I want to win this challenge, but you are giving me a punishment. (laughs) – Why, why? Oh, oh why? Why? Why? Oh oh why? Okay guys, I guess I did it,
let’s move on to the game! – So guys it’s my turn once again. (thuds) No, I got a one? One. Well, at least I’m safe. – Okay guys, it’s my turn. (thuds) Ow! Four! Ooh! One, two, three and four oh yes I am safe. How do you feel? (Ronald laughs) – Amazing! Guys, this challenge is
taking a really long time so I have to speed this
up by getting a six. (thuds) No! – [Ronald] Yes! – One, I have to do a challenge. – Karina, your challenge is
to make a perfect cart wheel. – That’s so easy! – Guys, if Karina doesn’t
make a perfect cart wheel, she has to move back one space. – Okay guys, let’s make
a perfect cart wheel. First I need to take my socks off. All right. – How perfect is this gonna get? (claps) – Super perfect. All right. (feet thudding) (victory sound effect) Guys, I think that was pretty
good so, let’s move on. – Let’s get a six. (thuds) (Karina laughs) Two! One and two. Ah, at least I am safe. – Guys, Ronald is right behind me. – Ha. – So I better start moving,
and not get any ones. Cause that’s not good. All right. – [Ronald] Please be a one. (thuds) – Ha, I got a four! That’s not the best, but it’s pretty good. One, two, three, four. Oh no I have to do another challenge! – Karina your challenge is
to do a water bottle flip, you have five tries. – A water bottle flip? Guys, if I can’t do this in five tries, I have to move back one space. I don’t think I can do this. All right, let’s try. (thuds) (thuds) (snorting) – That’s two shots are already gone. I have three more. (whistling background music) (thud) – Oh no. – One more try Karina. – Oh gosh! – [Ronald] Focus. (thud) – No! See, I got it. (Ronald laughs) Guys, I need to move back. At least I’m on a safe spot. – Guys, I really need this
1000 dollars please get a six! (thuds) Why? One, two. And to make matters worse,
I landed on a punishment. – Ronald, your punishment
is to drink pickle juice. – Pickle juice! (scary music) What? Hey guys, I have the pickle juice. Pray, okay? I’ll pray too, we can all pray. (Karina laughs) Oh it smells gross. Three, two, one. Ah! That tastes horrible! (laughs) – Ah! Ugh. So guys, at least I drank the whole thing and I don’t have too move
back and I’m one step closer to winning 1000 dollars. – Okay guys, my turn. (thuds) – Yes yes yes! – No! – Yes, I got a six, yay! (claps) – That’s not fair, I drink pickle juice, and Karina is still ahead of me. – [Karina] One, two, three, four, five, six. I have to do anther challenge? What? – Karina, your challenge is to
stop blinking for 15 seconds. – Oh no! One time I tried to do this challenge but I started blinking at five seconds, I don’t have a chance. – And if you blink before
15 seconds is over, you have to move back uno space. – I can’t move back one
space cause then you’re gonna catch up to me. – [Ronald] Okay Karina,
your time starts now. (scary themed music) (alarm ringing) – Your time is up! – I did it! Okay guys, I’m safe on my spot,
I do not need to move back. (sad piano music) – Why? Oh my goodness guys,
look at how far Karina is and I’m just over here like not relaxing. Okay anyways guys, it’s my turn. (slap) (thuds) – Three, oh, why? One, two, three, oh yeah I got the mystery wheel. Hopefully, me and Karina can swap spaces. – No! – This is what I need, swap places, I really need it right now. Okay, let’s hope that we land on it. – Go back one space! (laughs) – [Ronald] guys, if you
wanna see what space I’m gonna land on, there you go. It’s a punishment! – Ronald, your punishment
is to make a foot massage for the other opponent. – No! Guys, this what you do for a 1000 dollars. – Ronald can you do it
a little harder please? – Fine. – Guys, let’s carry on to
1000 dollars, all right. (thuds) – No, I got two! – [Ronald] Yes, yes! – [Karina] One, two. No, I have a punishment! Oh no! – Yay! – [Karina] Ronald, what
are you gonna pick for me? – Something good. – [Karina] Oh no, I don’t
like the sound of that. – You have to do ten pushups. – Oh, that’s easy. (laughs) I won the a lot harder. Guys, this is pretty easy, let’s do this. One, two, three, four, I’m tired already! Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Uh. (gasps) This is tiring. – Lucky bunny. Okay guys, hopefully I get
a six to step up my game. (thuds) Six! Let’s party! Oh yeah! Karina, get roasted, oh yeah! One, two, three, four, five, six! Oh yeah, oh yeah, Karina, how do you feel? – I prayed you’re gonna land on that one. (Ronald and Karina laugh) – [Ronald] well, I did not
land on five, I landed on six. – Okay, let’s roll the die. (thuds) – [Ronald] Three! – Oh, it’s not that bad I
guess, but I want it to be more. One, two, three, oh no I
have another punishment! (Ronald claps) Let’s throw up a party! Guys, it’s time for revenge. Karina, your punishment is
to make me a foot massage. – What? We already did this one! – Well, we can do it again. Oh yeah, oh yeah. – Guys, I’m always getting
punishments and challenges, I hope this is the last for me. (laughs) – All righty pe-oples, now, it’s my go. (thuds) – Cinco! Yay, oh yes! One, two, three, four, five. Ooh, I have to spin the mystery wheel. Guys, let’s spin something good. Go back two spaces! Guys, this was supposed
to be something good and now I have to go back two spaces! One, two. At least I am on a safe. – Okay guys, now it’s my turn. (thuds) – I got a six! Yes! – That’s not fair! – Ah yeah! One, two, three, four, five, six, not bad. All I have to do is
spin the mystery wheel. Guys, if we don’t get a “swap
places”, then I am gucci. All right, let’s do this. – [Ronald] No! – I get to go forward one space, oh yeah. Let’s see what I’m gonna get. – Did you see how close
that was to swap places? (screams) – [Karina] Guys, I have to
go to the challenge face. Another challenge. – Karina, your challenge
is to pop a balloon by sitting on it in ten seconds. – What? How am I supposed to do that? – [Ronald] Your time starts now! (ballon squeaking) (balloon pops) – I did it! – Wow! That was really loud, okay. You have done it. – I did it, I didn’t think
I would be able to do it but I did it. – All righty, three, duos, uno. (thuds) Six, six, six, six. – [Karina] One! You’ll have to do a punishment! – Guys, how many ones am I gonna get and how many punishments am I gonna get? – Ronald, your punishment
is to let someone tickle you for ten seconds. – And who is that someone? – Me obviously! – [Ronald] No! – [Karina] Okay Ronald,
10 seconds starts now! (both laughing) (alarm goes on) (Ronald laughs) – Guys, I did it I don’t have
to move back one space yay! – Guys, let’s hope for
six, I’m so close to finish and I wanna get that money, money, money! All right! (thuds) Five! Yes I got a five. One, two, three, four, five, yes I am safe! Yes, yes, yes! – Guys, look how far away
Karina is, if I need to win, I gotta step up my game. (thuds) Please six, please! Five! Yes! – Oh, I thought you were gonna get a one! – Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. One, two, three, four, five, ooh yeah, I am safe. – Guys I’m so close to the end, I can smell the money, money, money. But the very last space,
I have to step on lego. I really don’t wanna do that,
so let’s cross our fingers that I’m not gonna land
on that last space. (thuds) – One! Well, at least I’m still safe. (lip bubbles) – Let’s roll. (thuds) Three, I mean that’s okay
not too bad but not too good. [Ronald] One, two and
three no it’s a punishment! – Oh yeah, I’m gonna pick something juicy. Ronald, your punishment is to
put ice cubes down your shirt with your shirt tucked in. – No! – Are you ready? – No! Ah! (screaming) (Karina laughs) – Let’s get a six. (thuds) Three! Aw. Okay, one, two, three, oh no I have to spin the mystery wheel. – You’re gonna get swap places! – No I’m not, no I’m not. I won’t! – Move to the nearest challenge. That’s not that bad, because
the nearest challenge is two spaces in front of me. So that’s an extra two moves. One, two, guys I’m only five spaces away from the grand 1000. – But first, you need to do the challenge. Karina, your challenge is to take a selfie with toilet paper and
post it on Instagram. – I’m not doing that! – Yes you are. Or you can move back one space. – Guys, I’m not doing this
challenge, it’s just ridiculous so I’m just gonna move back one space. One, it’s fine, I’m only
six spaces away, it’s fine. – Yay, my challenge was
good she didn’t do it. (thuds) [Ronald] Six please! Three no, one no! Four! (slap) – [Karina] Ronald that was a one. – Yeah it was a one. One, oh la mystery wheel. I have a good feeling that
me and Karina are gonna swap places pretty soon. The feeling of swapness is in my veins. The swapness is in my veins. Oh! – [Karina] Move to the nearest challenge. – Oh, that’s just moving one space ahead. One. Oh yeah, I landed on a challenge. – It’s time for revenge,
Ronald, your challenge is to take a selfie with toilet
paper and post it on Instagram. (cries) – Okay, I’ll do it. Guys, it shouldn’t be that
bad, it’s just toilet paper. (camera clicks) Challenge complete. 100 xp. If you wanna go see it, go to my Instagram and comment on my post, “I saw the video”. – Guys, only six spaces away
to my money, money, money. Let’s hope I’m gonna roll a six with this. All right. (thuds) Yes I got a six! Oh my gosh I got a six Ronald! – [Ronald] So what does that mean? – I am the winner! But first I have to step on the legos. One, two, three, four, five, and the last one, the lego. Guys, I’m really nervous,
but let’s do this, okay. Three, two, one. (toy squeaking) [Karina] Ow! Oh ow! Oh that’s pinching me! Oh! I can get my money now. – Wait, wait Karina!
(record scratching) You have to wait till I do my turn and then you could go. You have to stand on that lego. – [Karina] No! This hurts so much! I don’t wanna stay here! – I’m gonna take extra long. Guys, I still have chance. If I get a one, and land
on the mystery wheel, and then get “swap places”,
then I will win this. But let’s see. Pray for me and I’ll pray for myself. (thuds) One. Yes! Yes I got a one! One, I get on the mystery
wheel, I have a chance to swap places with Karina. – Ronald, you can’t do that,
I’m too close to the money! – This is the final
spin, can I finish this? (crickets) – [Karina] What did you get Ronald? – [Ronald] Roll again. (laughs) – [Karina] Oh yeah! – Guys, believe it or
not, there is still hope, I can get a six and land
on the next mystery wheel and get swap places. Let’s see if it’s gonna hppen. (thuds) Yes! I got a six! – Ronald how long are you gonna take? I’m really in pain right now,
I just wanna get my money. – Karina, believe it or not,
there’s gonna be no money for you, I’m gonna snatch it all before you even have a chance. One, two, three, four, five and six! Oh yeah, mystery wheel! Final spin. Let’s do this (gasps) – I got roll again! That means I can get on another mystery wheel! Oh yeah oh yeah. – Guys, this is taking so
long, I just wanna finish this now and take my money. Why can’t Ronald just accept his defeat? – The only thing I’m
expecting is my victory. (thuds) Six. Check this out, one, two, three, four, five and a six! Mystery wheel! Oh yeah, oh yeah, I need to move. – How much longer are you gonna take? – Guys, now it’s time for
roll again and swap places. Dunno, whatever I can get. Two dice next turn! Oh no. Karina is just gonna win. (Karina laughs) – I’m the winner! Yes, I just need to roll the die! Woo! It doesn’t matter what I
get, cause I’m the winner. Oh yes! Finally! No more legos on my feet, and the money it’s mine! – That was so close! – Look at all this money, I am the winner! I think you should
leave a like for Ronald, because he’s feeling pretty
upset about his loss. (Ronald cries) – But we hope you liked this video. If you did, smash the like button. We’ll see you guys next time. Good bye! (upbeat music)

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