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Ghost Hunters is Back! Meet Grant’s New Team of Paranormal Experts | A&E

November 16, 2019

Paranormal investigation
is a passion of mine, will always be a
passion of mine. I decided to get back into the
field in a much more public way because there’s been
a rise in claims, and I think that’s due to
the popularity of the field right now. And so for me, there was
this onus on me to make sure it stayed on track. But in order to do
that, I need a team. What is that? So first off, we have
two team leaders under me. We have Daryl Marston
and Kristen Luman. They’re kind of like the
mom and dad of the team. Daryl really is
there for logistics– putting the plan together,
making sure everything’s covered, and we have
everything we need. We help every client,
and this is what we do. Kristen Luman is
patient with the client. She digs really deep into
what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, and how
that applies to the entities that may be in the house. Jacob Henry Hyde
was a devout Lutheran. He established the first
Lutheran Church in Ohio. Mustafa is an avid,
rabid researcher. You tell him to
look up something, and he’ll look it
up, and he’ll find six different things that
you weren’t even looking for. She was a German immigrant. And he connects the
dots right along the way, and that is so important. We’re here in the lighthouse. Brandon we nicknamed The Alien
because he’s so good with tech. So this is an
ambisonic microphone. This is used a lot with VR. GRANT: Above and beyond that,
he’s a great investigator. He knows what he’s doing. He’s run teams. He knows how to attack
a location efficiently. He’s not all robot and tech. He’s got a heart. Richel and Brian are
kind of a package deal. BRIAN: We don’t mean to
harm you or hurt you. Are you in here with us? GRANT: You can send Brian into
a house, and he’ll go anywhere. The dirtier, the grimier,
the more cobwebs, the better for him. I mean, he’s served overseas. He’s been through
the worst of it. The stuff that we go
through is nothing. BRIAN: Let’s do it. I’ll grab this
little battery pack. Yeah, you carry that
little battery pack. I got everything else. Don’t worry. GRANT: Richel is brutally
honest but also just wonderfully compassionate. RICHEL: Like, I’m about to cry. Like– But when it comes
to the paranormal, she’s a little bit
more sensitive. When she sees things,
she has reactions to it. For her, maybe the paranormal is
a little bit louder than maybe for the rest of us. So let’s learn all about you
guys and what got you into this all in the first place, yeah– Let’s do it. –and how the heck
you ended up here. Oh God. How about you, Kristen? I’ve been in love
with the paranormal since I was a little girl. You know, I had the ghost
club when I was 11, and– I loved that. It’s funny, I know, because my
friends from grade school write to me on Facebook and they’re
like, I cannot believe you’re still doing this. [LAUGHTER] Even when I was a
little girl, my mom jokes around that I
checked out every book in the library in my
grade school about ghosts. So I’ve always been a paranormal
investigator I feel like. I don’t feel like there is a
certain day that I became one. In my day job, I’m
a hypnotherapist. I work with the
brain, especially the subconscious mind. I went to school for
psychology, and I took paranormal psychology, and
that’s where I actually learned how the mind can manifest a
paranormal experience and also the difference between
a paranormal experience and what the mind manifests
as a paranormal experience. What is that? I don’t know. Daryl is one of the co-leaders
with myself and Grant, and he is intimidating
when you see him. You’re like, that’s somebody
I don’t want to make mad. He is one of the kindest
people I’ve ever been around. I feel like he is sort of
the protector of the group. Oh, heavy hits. Look at that. The reason I’m a believer
of the paranormal is I’ve seen it
with my own eyes. In 2016, I lost my son. When I was at the hospital a
couple hours after he passed away, I was walking
through a hallway, and I felt somebody
run up behind me and basically grab
me on my shoulder. I swung around. Nobody’s there. Well, there happened to be a
door to the right-hand side. Lo and behold, I walk
right into that same room. It’s where his body was. That really opened my eyes. I know my son is out
there waiting for me, and it made we
want to pursue this in a whole different direction. My name is Daryl. This is Kristen, and
we’re here to listen to whatever you have to say. I dissect my
investigations more now, and I think about
more of the heart and the soul of
the actual spirit or person we’re investigating. You don’t have to
be afraid of us. We’re not going to hurt you. We’re only here to talk. Daryl, of course part of why
we picked you was, you know, that you have this
construction experience. With me being a
contractor, knowing how, you know, housing
works and the sounds and the difference
between what’s paranormal and what’s not
paranormal in a property. Ooh, had a three and
a four down there. I mean, you bring that to the
table, you can rule out a lot. Our second team there is
Brandon Alvis, our tech manager slash alien. We got Mustafa Gatollari. He’s our researcher. What about you, Mustafa? Oh, the reason why I
got into the paranormal was because my father moved
us all into this really nice big house in
New City, New York, and we got a great deal on it. You know, it’s like the start
of every, like, horror movie, you know? And our first night
when we moved in, my older brother and
I were in our bedroom. We hear all these noises,
and we walk down the stairs, and we go into the
kitchen, and then all the cabinets and
drawers was just opening and closing by themselves. I’ve been there. And we were just like,
ooh, this is awesome. Like, this is so cool. And the way I took
it is that, like, there’s a communication
going on here and there’s something
that we can learn, and that, for me, was
why I got hooked into it. A lot of paranormal
investigators forget about the investigation
part of this whole gig, and it’s that it’s a mystery. It’s a mystery that
you’ve got to solve. It’s something that
you got to unravel. On the property,
there was a cemetery. It’s the stone of
Samantha Carnegie who died of typhoid fever. Her mother’s buried
right next to her. Samantha, if you’re
out here with us, can you say something
to us please? What I love about
Brandon is that he is so concerned with
methodology first. This guy understands
paranormal tech and has been dedicated
to the field for so long. Oh, we’re getting
a temperature spike, temperature spike. Look. I like to call
myself a ghost geek. What I do for my day job is I’m
a creative services producer for a local television station. Working in television
has really aided me in understanding how
to go out and document a paranormal investigation. 1.10. All these years I’ve
been doing this, 13 years now, it
really stems back to the death of my brothers. In 1995, my oldest brother
passed away of cancer, and in 2004 I had another
brother commit suicide, so that kind of sent me on my
journey into the unexplained and trying to possibly
prove the existence of a life after death. Hopefully throughout
all of this journey I’ll have a definite answer. Has she been in
this house before? I love chatting tech with you. I think we all do because
usually when you get a tech specialist on the team
they just know tech and they know where
to put the equipment, but they usually don’t
think bigger than that. And that’s what I
appreciate about you is you look at the
investigation as a whole and using the equipment
strategically. Absolutely, and it’s crucial. You know, we go in
to help a client. We have to make sure that
we’re documenting everything that we’re doing and
hopefully finding data that can support,
you know, what this client’s experiencing. And then we have
Adventure Team over there. We have Brian Murray,
ex-Marine, good debunker, and Richel Stratton. I mean you guys have
investigated together before. You’re best friends. Your families are friends. You guys have a lot of
history together, huh? Yeah, we do. Yeah. Do you think that helps in
the investigation or it hurts? Both. GRANT: Both. Depends on the mood. There’s a bug in my mouth. This is the [BLEEP]
I got to deal with. [LAUGHTER] Swallowing bugs over here. [INAUDIBLE] Brian, Brian, Brian. How can I describe him? He comes across
like a tough guy, but he is the
sweetest person ever. Get off me. [INAUDIBLE] Richel. She’s smart, funny, sassy. Our kids go to the same school. We live 3 miles apart. RICHEL: Brian actually talks
to my husband every single day. They get along great. Her husband, Chris, he
was in the Marine Corps just like I was. He’s a very protective guy. He feels very confident
when I’m with her. RICHEL: Oh God. BRIAN: Oh man. My military experience is
an everyday thing for me. I would go to any area of any
place if somebody was in danger and get them out. What was that? As soon as I got between
these two door frames got, like, a stabbing
pain in right here. If I get in over
my head, Brian’s going to be right there. He’s not going to leave me. He’s going to get me out
of there if I need him. It’s just great knowing that
someone has your back 100%. Are you in here with us?

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  1. I started ghost hunting because of this show! I'm so excited. I love Grant and his whole team. My favorite thing about this show is even if they don't catch anything, you get a cool history lesson.

  2. It's a real shame the old team couldn't do this back together but I guess whatever went on they have there reasons but obviously something did

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  4. it's not on the rise because of a popularity thing ,its because we're in the end times , the last generation, CERN is being opened and more demons are being released ! Look up CERN. I recorded a demon walking in the AM hour's in Madras Oregon a couple months ago ! Time to get right with God to be able to handle what is on its way !

  5. Happy they are back. But they do not measure up to the original crew. The original group had a great chemistry. This one falls short. I am happy to see Kirsten . I miss her and ghost mine. Otherwise. Cheers!

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  8. The real paranormal will be in awe. But you lack sensitivities. You lack elders. Love you anyway. Been your places. Virginia anywhere no.

  9. I was SO excited to see Grant come back-then I saw the new team ??‍♀️!
    I have watched 3 episodes now and ALL have been bad! I worry about Grants health-he looks REALLY bad! His eyes, color, and actions-just not the same. Completely disappointed in this A&E, not going to lie!

  10. The lighthouse they did hopefully the same one but that episode showed the best evidence that wasnt tampered with and the mind blowing curiosity that they showed id say showed the best evidence that meets my standard of reasonable yet credible enough evidence in ghost hunters series. Which makes sense why they would choose the lighthouse as their 1st episode of their comeback tour. Im the guy who would rather see 3 hours of 1-2 sounds of legit activity than tricks and add ins that "entertain" the ppl watching. I personally hate those who dont express their evidence as entertainment. This way the ppl that work hard 2get real evidence arent thrown under the bus for their efforts.

  11. Grant , Enjoy your honesty and your show. You probably have too much material already but if you read this could you please contact Patty Adams of the Gteam. You can find her on utube. She has stumbled across something in a country cemetery that I find intriguing and frightening. Thanks

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  14. Watched the lighthouse episode, I don't think the new team adds up. But I am looking forward to Ghost Nation. Something's are not better without the originals.

  15. I won't be watching it ! I haven't ! Grant left his original team no explanation. Now he's back without his original team ! Or Jason Hawes his Co founder of TAPS & who started Ghost Hunter's with Grant ! I see Grant as a Judas! However I saw today that Jason Hawes, Tango, and the other guys name I can't pronounce or spell has their own show GHOST NATION starting on October 11 now that one I will watch ! No Judas in that bunch !!!

  16. Ach, Welcome Back to ghost hunting, Grant, it is good to see you again. I was a great fan of Ghost Hunters. I look forward to seeing your new explorations. Slàinte

  17. Great job and I love your show! I am the author of Speaking to the Dead
    with Radios. If you ever come to Cary, NC let me know, and I will meet
    and teach you a process Water Instrumental Trans-Communication also
    known as Water Reflection Photography. It is another way to capture
    images of spirits in the location. email me at [email protected]@t

  18. Great job and I love your show! I am the author of Speaking to the Dead
    with Radios. If you ever come to Cary, NC let me know, and I will meet
    and teach you a process Water Instrumental Trans-Communication also
    known as Water Reflection Photography. It is another way to capture
    images of spirits in the location. email me at [email protected]@t

  19. Love ur show. I been dealing with ghost all my life i can see them when other ppl cant. I started ghost huntimg because of u.

  20. My son Andy died aged thirty six from a brain tumour. He left three children two of which we look after 24/7 . They have the two front rooms my wife has the back room I have to sleep downstairs because I snore. One night everyone was settling down my wife pecks me on the cheek and goes upstairs. Seconds after she put the light off and went upstairs. I heard Hello (I don’t drink or smoke) I opened my eyes and saw a pair of legs grey trousers nothing above. I sprang up and lashed out thinking it was a burglar the bed bounced (it was a fold up bed). I was shocked and froze eventually I must have gone asleep. The next day I was just telling my wife she said she heard the bang and thought I had just moved the bed. As we spoke the kids walked in one said my dad always wore grey track suit bottoms. I was stunned it was Andy I had lashed out. I cried for days. He asked two things look after the kids and don’t lose your Faith. We will always look after the kids till the daylight we die. I did lose faith at first and hit the bottle. For the kids sake I got my act together. I regained my Faith by stumbling across Kate & Mikes Catholic Crusade on You Tube and the Rosary. They save my Soul. God Bless you always Billy from Liverpool UK

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    Guy not feeling it: omg yes!
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    Cameraman: naw, we were told to always point away from anything you guys catch.

    What a show!!!!?????

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