Ghost Hunters: Ghost Caught on Camera at Haunted Hospital (Season 1) | A&E
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Ghost Hunters: Ghost Caught on Camera at Haunted Hospital (Season 1) | A&E

December 15, 2019

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  1. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Its his THUMB!???. I think im going to go watch some cute puppy and kitten videos now. They NEVER disappoint. ???

  2. My husband and I loved living in this pretty little town in texas, but it was always a little eerie to drive past this place ?

  3. The construction worker had very clean hi viz jacket and hat , considering he had worked there , for three months , this pure BS .

  4. Do we have any reason to believe a "ghost" can emit a hot signature? The last time I watched these frauds, they tried to pass off cows walking through the woods as sprites.

  5. I recorded this last night and i watched it this morning and at the 12 minutes of the video when the guy asked “ is there someone hear with us” you can here a female voice saying “ Stop”

  6. Wait. why did this guy and the other guy start different shows? why is this show called ghost hunters and the 3 other guys show not? why is it now on A&E?

  7. Imagine looking for houses with your wife and she comes home one day like "hey babe I know you wanted that house but here's a haunted building. Oh an I'm broke"

  8. I cant believe that there are so many gullible people out there that ghost hunting has been able to become a legitimately paying job

  9. People always see the craziest things such as something crawling until you start filming; then it’s just a slight shadow blob thing.

  10. The show was the same. Entertaining and excitement leading up to the reveal. Oh sorry!! Instead of showing you the creepy crawly we'll tell you how exciting it was and lead you to believe we actually caught something.

  11. Poor darl, she's thrown her money away. It's an absolute bomb and it's haunted.

    Not with 10 million dollars you could fix that place up.

  12. I am 55 years old and i have a ghost in my home that gives me trouble sometimes like turning the tapes on in the night when my wife and i are sleeping

  13. Pay attention to this episode at minute 20:00 pay attention to the ground after they speak on the breaking of the walls shadow moves on the ground then sensor goes off its quick

  14. I grew up in Pampa and went into the World Hospital a couple of times. I graduated in the same class(2004) as Chelsea and was friends with Luke. Chelsea is just as gorgeous as she's ever been.

  15. I really thought they'd have the formula down by now, but they aren't even trying to hide the fact that they're faking evidence at this point. Watch episode 2 when the ghost drains the battery on the recorder (that just happens to be placed next to an industrial device that not only vibrates but also produces static electricity and some sort of electronic pulse, which is likely to cause the device to malfunction). Just because you started the show again doesn't mean we're going to forget that every season on your old show found/proved absolutely NOTHING. (Great show, though!)

  16. Nice joke I am a living human so ghost can't fear me no fear at all I do slept in the grave yard to see how strong the badass ghost its just an….

  17. That is total BS. First it’s clearly his finger just by the shape of it and second spirits don’t have heat when appearing on Thermal, they are as cold as ice.

  18. Sooo,,, she didn't know the place was haunted before she spent her entire life savings on the building??  I think you would visit the place a few times before making a purchase like that and say to yourself, yup maybe I shouldn't buy this scary ghost infected place after all..

  19. I don't believe in ghost but I love ghost hunters TV series but guys sometime
    u need to believe in ghost too just not much.

  20. I have told ( Ghost Hunters ) if they are ready to film about the unseen world , they should pay me and to the person who can talk to the unseen ,even my friend can tell the team what have they done for 3 weeks or what do they think ? are they ready to pay 600 000E , they will be the first people who film about the unseen creation ?

  21. What we're supposed to feel sorry for this girl cuz she sunk her life savings into a horrible haunted building sorry I don't feel bad for you

  22. Hey..Grant ..hi..i am a big fan of u guys.Can i pls tell me how u eere getting that thermal image on the i phone camera & pls tell can i get the night vision on my i phone.??

  23. The Ghost Hunters, Long Island Medium, and the Finding Bigfoot people should get together and get messages from the ghost of a dead Bigfoot. What was that? Did you see that? Did you hear that? Duh.

  24. Does anyone believe certain days and months (etymology) have any whatsoever correlation(s) in paranormal investigations?

    Enero Febrero Marzo Abril Mayo Junio Julio Agosto Septiembre Octubre Noviembre Deciembre

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