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Get Steam Games For Cheap/Free!

October 12, 2019

Today I’m going to show you how to get games
if you have no money or a little money to afford these games. So first I’m going to
show you how to get games if you have a little bit of money but not enough to get your AAA
title that costs 50 dollars. This is G2A. It gives you games for up to 80% off… so
I’ll show you deals that… See, 88%off mortal kombat premium edition. Anyway, so… I’m
going to be showing you some deals that you can get here and if you want to buy from here
click the link in the description to get a small discount off of your first game. I think
all of your games… So rocket league, 17.21 becomes 19.99. 29.99 for ark survival evolved
becomes 23. 3.69 for gary’s mod and it’s 9.99 on the steam store. 1.19 to get a COMPLETELY
RANDOM game on steam. It’s a bit of a gamble but… you can get something really good like
GTAV or something like that for only a dollar! Counter strike global offensive is 8.72 and
it’s 14.99 [on the steam store]. Minecraft is 3.96 and is 26.95 on, if you buy it from
mojang.The way this works… if you’re a bit skeptical is it’s like eBay. So people buy
games when they’re cheap and resell them for a bit more but still less than the price you
would pay if you were to buy directly from the store at full price. As you can see here,
they have an 8.8 on TrustPilot and because it’s like ebay, you have a possibility you
can get scammed, but… if you buy with g2a shield which is an extra ten cents or so on
your order… uh… then even if you do get scammed they will send you a new key for free!
Which is completely amazing, and awesome, and fine. So, now what if you have no money?
Then what you need to do is you need to check out my link in the description to the other
video that I have that details on how to get money… in visa gift cards that and… uh…
you can use on G2A to get your games.Like and subscribe if you enjoyed. If you have
any questions I’ll be happy to help you in the comments.

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