Get More Confident And Comfortable On Your Mountain Bike
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Get More Confident And Comfortable On Your Mountain Bike

November 4, 2019

– Feeling good on your bike and feeling comfortable often
comes down to confidence. – Yeah, and if you’ve lost your mojo, you’ve had a massive crash, or you’re just not that
confident on the trail, these four tips are definitely gonna help you get that all back. (gritty rock music) Being relaxed on your bike and out on the trail is crucial when it comes to being that little bit more confident. On a trail like this, it’s super easy to just
manipulate your bike, let the bike talk to you, you talk to the bike. Smile, be relaxed, enjoy it, ’cause you get confident with
throwing your bike around. It’s all well and good me saying, “Be relaxed, be confident on
a trail just like that one” but when a trail gets that
little bit more steeper just like this, confidence gets pulled out your head, thrown out the window, and you start to stiffen up and you’re not relaxed one bit. So a little tip, get off your bike, put it to the side of the trail, and walk the trail. Just walk it through. Then you’re not gonna be scared, you’re gonna be comfortable, and nothing’s gonna jump out and bite you. ♫ Bring on the darkness ♫ It’s all around you. – Personally, I find that the grip levels on the trail make a big difference
to how confident I feel. And don’t underestimate
how big a difference getting the right tyre will make to how much grip you’ve got. You’ll never find one tyre
that works in every condition, but today, it’s quite soft. It’s quite wet. I find this aggressive tyre really digs in and I know, or I have a pretty good guess, of when I’m going to slip on this tyre. Also, make sure your tyre
pressure is set about right and there are other bike
set-up things you can look at to try and give you a bit more confidence and a bit more grip on the trail. Your bike’s geometry will make a big difference
to how that rides. So bikes with low bottom brackets will be really good at the
corners for getting grip. Steeper head angles will
feel great in tight turns, but a bit more twitchy on fast sections. A really nice feature of this
bike is I’ve got the option to move the bottom bracket up or down. Going up, the BB height’s
gonna steepen my head angle and that’s really good
for cross-country rides if I want to get my pedals out of the way of rocks a little bit more. Flipping it back the other way to low is going to get my centre of
gravity a little bit lower, give me a little bit more grip, and therefore, confidence. Also, brake levers for me
are very important component. Making sure they’re in
that really nice spot so I can grab hold of them really easily ’cause I need them to slow me down. (gritty rock music) Seeing yourself on video is a great way of assessing your skills. So if you can, get a friend to video you. – Right. I’ve watched it back. A little bit disappointed there wasn’t that much roost. – Right, one more go. – Yeah, go. Get another one. (bike slides) (both laugh loudly) – I didn’t do it.
(laughs) – I didn’t do it. So you’re coming in with good speed, yeah. – Maybe a touch too fast. – Is that not right? – No. You’re not meant to roost
with your body on the floor. – Oh.
– Yeah. (gritty rock music) – Practising your skills
is definitely going to help you improve your confidence. So think about sessioning
things like corners, jumps, technical sections, doing them over and over again until you start to feel better. (gritty rock music) – Now that’s a pretty big drop. – Yeah. What do you think about it? – Uh, I’m not 100% confident on it. Can I follow you in? – Yeah. I’ve done it a few times. You can. – What I’ll do is I’ll match your speed. – Yeah, yeah. – See what you do off the lip. If you pop around thin. – Yep. – Hopefully, that should work. – You’ll get it. You’ll get it. Come on. Actually a really good tip. Following a friend that’s done it before. This can work on anything
out on the trail: a drop, a jump line, and if they can do it, they’ve got the knowledge, the speed, the know, and they can teach you and they can pull you in, so you train them in. You can get the right speed. Hey, Neil. – Yep. – Little tips, right? When doing this, basically,
you super chill here. – Yeah. – Just like little gradual pedals, and when you go around that turn, give it a few confident pedals. – Yeah. – And then just cruise off. – Alright. – Yeah yeah. – I’ll see what pop you do off the lip. – Yes, yeah, yeah, watch, yeah. Ready? – I’m ready. – Let’s do it. You’ve got it. (gritty rock music) – Right, I’m no psychologist, but thinking confident is key
when it comes to all this. – Yeah, I definitely think there is a lot of psychology involved in confidence. It’s dead easy to get nervous and think, “Oh, I don’t want to fall off. “I don’t want to do this or that.” Whereas you never walk
in supermarket thinking, “Oh, I don’t want bread. “I don’t want milk.” Think about what you do want. So, you do want to nail that corner. You do want to hit that jump. Whatever, think positively.
– Exactly. When it comes to big jumps, like when I’m hitting this
big jump for the first time. I’m confident in my mind before going to this jump that I am going to clear it, and I am going to jump it. – And I guess you’ve made you
mind up before it as well. – Exactly, you’ve made your mind up. – You don’t think. You get there and think, “Oh, no no no.” – Yeah, you want to make
sure you’re on the ball and you know what you’re going to do and not chicken out right at the end. – Makes perfect sense. – It does, doesn’t it? Like what? Like this jump here? I’m confident. – I’m not, but I’ll follow you. – Go on. – He’s confident. (leaves rustling) – Whoa. Mate, you look super relaxed. – Yeah, you looked
really confident as well. Click on this GMBN logo to subscribe. It’s totally free. – Yeah, do it. Click over here when tyre
pressure is explained. – Click just down here for
another video on confidence. – Oh, and don’t forget, give us a thumbs up, like.

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  1. hi your shop website is not allowing me to log in to my account it's not recognising my email address as a valid email. anyone else having this issue?

  2. This couldn't have came at a better time I went down hard monday on a drop I was making I rushed it because it was getting dark so I didn't iron it out all the way and landed nose heavy in a hole and went otb

  3. i broke my knee back in august at whistler during krankworx. im basically healed up n ready to ride again, but my confidence is shot. what have u guys done to gain back ur confidence after an bad injure

  4. This totally effects me. I ride like crap for the first k or two, it just takes that long to get comfortable. But once one there, I surprise myself sometimes.

  5. Would you rather use a new tyre perfectly matched to the conditions or a tyre you've used a lot that isn't quite right? #AskGMBN

  6. I recently went OTB when riding a drop. There was a big root on the landing area and my front wheel hit it. I landed hands and head first and when i turn my head from side to side, there is still a silent crack at a certain point. Sound worse than it actually was tho. After that crash a sorta forced myself to do more drops so i won't start to dread them. And that helped. Got my confidence back in no time.

  7. The supermarket analogy is the best way I've ever heard positive thinking explained. Neil could have a job as a councilor when he is done with bikes

  8. Is it only me who thinks those POC helmets are so mainstream they even look like cheap chinese helmets you buy on department stores?

  9. Nothing gets to me more than bottling out of doing something I know I've done before, and as I'm getting older this seems to happen more often! It's been a while since I've ridden but after watching this I left for a ride at my local spot telling myself I'd ride everything I've ridden before as well as one new jump. And I did!! thanks guys!

  10. Good video… Headed out for first ride in 3months after OTB and splitting my old man collar bone, plates and screws…  A little nervous….

  11. can anyone tell me, is it safe to use wd40 spray on disk brakes ? Say if I am spraying chain / cassette and get some wd40 on brakes. And how long do I need to wait before I can apply lube to the chain after spraying it?

  12. sometimes if I follow someone in a group, the moment when I realize there is a steep section, I am already on the tip of it and its too late to even worry. that way I conquer it, if I am alone and I stop and think about it, the harder I can actually have the confidence to ride it. so I soemtimes like just to follow, leave no chance for me to think coz its too late.

  13. Am looking to get started in mountain biking and have been watching a lot of GMBN videos (awesome btw) and have recently started to pick up some equipment. Was wondering if anyone has any advice on whether to go with knee pads or knee/shin guard combo? I remember slipping off my pedals as a kid and having them slap my shin so I'm leaning towards the shin guards, but any advice is welcomed! Thanks in advance!

  14. I see most of your videos now have an annoying advert….. pity… just un-subscribed there are plenty more channels out there. BYE

  15. hello sir im new at mountain biking here in the Philippines may i ask is atomic brand a comfortable bike for newbies like me thank you sir.

  16. Im a bit nervous before doing new jumps. but wen i made them then im thinking: Oh so Fun! Keep up the good work

  17. I can't say how much I appreciate these videos I've been watching as many as I can over the past month and has brought me to save for my first hard tail and really hit the trails instead of a twenty dollar garage sale bike

  18. theres this one drop at my local trails that id love to do i have a look and go down but put the brakes on. I really want to do it but how can i avoid stuffing it up if i decide last minute to put the brakes on

  19. Super video! Will try to work on these as I'm just starting out. But see, I already learned not to roost with your body. 😉

  20. I jumped over a gap that is pretty big, I live in the mid-west of the united states and the jump isnt that big like 21 foot gap but on one side is a 20 foot drop with sharp rocks at the bottom and in the middle of the jump is a fallen tree in the gap and I jumped that gap and I made my mind up to do it before the season ends

  21. seeing you guys do that huge jump made me feel like 'I AM gonna loose it and hit a tree at full speed and break lots of bones if i try that' :/ how does one overcome that fear of the mind that says 'anything that can go wrong will go wrong' 🙁

  22. I purposefully avoid videotaping my friends because they don't ever return the favor. To hell with that, I'm not your personal cameraman.

  23. once i faced a big leap down two trees i must go between i choice my line to ride get on my bike and go for it the adrenaline when you get down in one piece the best drug on the planet

  24. On the opposite end of the scale , its best to be careful and think things through , rather than over confident,, that can cause serious injury or broken bones ,, ! Cheers Shane uk ??

  25. Crashed last year at Glentress. My right Rota cuff ligament was severely ripped. Had surgery to repair it. It's took a year's recovery and physio but I'm back on my bike. Confidence is pish at mo so building up slowly. Great vid.

  26. More of the same !
    I'm recovering from my second big slam in two weeks, would be good to see someone with you who wasn't a pro rider, just your average clumsy talentless numpty like me!!!!

  27. I'm rehabbing through an AC joint separation now and was already thinking about tearing it up again the day the injury happened. I'm gonna own that trail I crashed on!! Keep looking forward and your confidence high!

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